Skim Latihan Tenaga Pengajar, what's the deal?

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I don't know what's the deal. I don't know whether I should keep on hoping that I'm gonna get it or just accept the fact that I've already failed the interview 90%. Apparently, "selling" myself during the interview didn't help me much. To tell you the truth, I'm extremely sad for not getting this scholarship. People around me keep on saying that I shouldn't stop hoping for it even though I'm just a "calon simpanan", it doesn't mean that I don't have the chance to get it.
Click to enlarge
Well, that's not all. FYI, I'm also appealing for JPA Sabah's scholarship, also known as Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah (BKNS). Why I used the word "appealing"? Yes, because I failed to get the scholarship either. How pathetic my life can be? I thought I was such a talented person that no one would think twice to let me get a scholarship. Well, apparently not. I'm starting to doubt myself. I'm starting to think that I'm just not good enough to get a scholarship. Yes, I'm currently under PTPTN but who wants to stay indebted to the government when they are tons of scholarship opportunities out there?

I called BKNS and they said that the result would be out around November. When? They weren't sure themselves. I've always contemplated between these 2 scholarships. Yeah, I might not get them both considering the circumstances now, but let's join me make a comparison between these 2 scholarships.

  • RM3500 (or less) per semester for pocket money
  • Fee automatically paid to UiTM (I guess?)
  • Thesis allowance RM150
  • Flight tickets back and forth to East Malaysia
  • Usually no contract as there's no vacancy available
  • RM4200 per semester for pocket money
  • Fee automatically paid to UiTM
  • Book allowance RM500
  • Stationary allowance RM100
  • Thesis allowance RM300 
  • Practicum RM10 per day, max 90 days = RM900
  • Flight tickets back and forth to East Malaysia
  • To be posted to any Politeknik or Kolej Komuniti nationwide for 4 years as a contract  

From what I've been told by my friends who has gotten SLTP scholarship and they've understood the T&C, if they want to further their study to Master level, all they have to do is apply for it and they will be sponsored to further their study but as a return they have to add another 2 years of service under the Ministry of Higher Education.

I guess, I'm gonna take which one comes first. Haha, I might not even get both. If that happens, then PTPTN is my solution. If I may, I would like to try again next year. Maybe this is why the interviewer who interviewed me said "Never stop applying for scholarships." before I went out from the interview room. Just not my luck. :'(

that awkward moment...

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That awkward moment when...

I found out that over the period where I don't update my blog any longer, people from the USA go to my blog more often. Guess what is the most read entry? My entry on Structure of English, the course where I learned Syntax.
Am I a qualified linguist now? Nah, me don't think so. I mean, I don't think so. (it's supposed to be funny but if you don't laugh I don't blame you hehe) Still got a lot to learn, especially when it comes to Applied Phonetics and Phonology. Speaking of which, I have just finished APP's first test. Come to think of it, I kind of regret for not doing my revision way earlier than, say, last night? :O

The questions wasn't that hard, I could answer them but not with confidence that I needed. By the way, as I was giving my test paper to Mr. UD, my APP lecturer, he went flipping my test paper and stopped at the Phonemic Transcription section and said "You're the first person to get the transcriptions all correct." I was stunned. I hope he was right because I did seriously bad in other sections of the test.
I need to go now, I'll update my blog again later. It's gonna be on SLTP Scholarship.



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I have a confession to make. I'm guilty of abandoning my blog for quite a long time already.

Life has been really busy. I don't know why can't I find the time sit down and update my blog. Is it because I already have a Twitter account? Is it the one that's making me forget about my dearest blog here?

I actually don't know what's the motive of having a blog anymore. Twitter has been the place where I express myself. It used to be you, my dear blog.

It's okay. I won't close this blog down. None of you have to worry about this. This blog has been a part of my life since I started being a university student.

Maybe after this I should update my blog like I update my Twitter?

What say you?

DiGi Rivises New Unlimited BIS Plan...!!!

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Okay now. I'm sorry I couldn't update my blog much. I've been extremely busy with my work as a waiter at a restaurant in Section 3, Shah Alam.

I wanna talk about what other BlackBerry prepaid users would really love to talk about. BlackBerry Internet Service which also known as BIS. As you know since Maxis decided to so-called revise its BIS Bonus, other telecommunication service provider took this chance revise their BIS plans. Celcom and DiGi turned their unlimited all access plans to RM25 per month.

The reason I'm posting this entry is to actually tell you that according to my experience so far, I think in terms of speed, I would give it to DiGi. Yes! I'm using DiGi as my BIS provider right now. I still don't know much about its coverage because I've never been out of Shah Alam since the first day I use this BIS.

If you're a BlackBerry newbie, I wouldn't suggest you to subscribe to Celcom. Despite the fact that I'm an extremely loyal user of Celcom, but they're giving a very crappy BIS. According to my experience, you only have 2 choices. It's either Maxis or DiGi. The difference is the price and coverage. Speed, they're pretty much the same.I can't wait to go back to Sabah and try out the coverage and BIS service there. 

I would like to take this chance to wish you a very good Ramadan. May ALLAH bless us with joy in this productive month. Amin.

Celcom New Monthly BIS only RM25...!!!

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This is it...!!! The answer to our prayers...!!! In my previous post I was really devastated by Maxis' decision to reshuffle its BIS package. The cheapest one, RM20/month full access with limitation to 100MB usage but starting from next month users wouldn't be able to enjoy the same old package anymore. But fret no more!

I've just discovered that Celcom had recently created a brand new package for its users.

Click to enlarge
According to Celcom, the 2 new packages are not promotional. So, it's a relief. Those who are not Celcom users, you can always choose to port to Celcom via Mobile Number Portability but it's not gonna be a problem for me because I have a Celcom number and I've always been a loyal Celcom user.

Click to enlarge
So, you can always make a comparison up there. As you know, why Celcom is a little bit more expensive (RM5 more) is because it gives you streaming ability and 250MB per month unlike Maxis that used to give you no streaming ability and only 100MB per month.

It's your right, you decide!

Maxis BIS Bonus - The End of Cheap BIS

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This is it! This is the point where we (Maxis BlackBerry users) have been afraid of. It's finally happening! Maxis has finally decided to put an end to Maxis BIS Bonus, after the extension that they have made since January 2011.

The old BIS Bonus had 2 packages. Monthly RM20 and weekly RM7. I am still currently using monthly RM20, but this is gonna be the end of it. Starting from next month, I'll have to use RM30 a month with limited access.

Monthly BIS Bonus enables me to use foursquare. Maybe I can't use it after this. This is a devastating news for my friends and I who have been a loyal user of this package. Whether we like it or not, we have to change plan starting from next month.

I've decided. Once my BIS Bonus expires, I'll be using Monthly BIS Social. It gives you the access to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace), BBM and other IMs. I won't be able to use Push Email anymore but I'm not really using it anyway. More expensive, I hope Maxis realizes that how much they have crushed our soul by doing this to their customers.

Tutorial - Nuffnang Registration

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This is my first time doing a tutorial entry. I wanna talk about Nuffnang. Some of you might ask, what is nuffnang? Nuffnang is an online blog advertising community, claiming 118,817 bloggers spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. (, 2011) So, as you can see I've put 2 ads on my blog and I've been only active for a few months and I got RM3.75. I'm gonna keep on climbing!

Nuffnang Registration

1) First, you have to sign up on Nuffnang
2) Then, fill out the form with your exact details. No playing around.

3) Click Blog Manager like down here.

.click to enlarge.

4) Put your blog. If you have more than 1 blog, just put them. The more the merrier.

.click to enlarge.

5) After completing this step, you need to answer a very simple survey to proceed.

Steps to include ads on your blog

1) Click Add Ad as shown below.

.click to enlarge.
2) Then, open Dashboard-Layout-Edit HTML. Then check the box "Expand Widget Templates"

3) To put the first code on the header of your blog, copy the code "To put on header". Then paste the code shown below. To find the code as shown below, press and hold CTRL+F.

<div id='outer-wrapper'><div id='wrap2'>

<!-- skip links for text browsers -->
<span id='skiplinks' style='display:none;'>
<a href='#main'>skip to main </a> |
<a href='#sidebar'>skip to sidebar </a>
.click to enlarge.

Black Box - What you need to find.
Red Box - Nuffnang.

4) After you have finished, click on Save Template. Try click on "Preview" first, to see if your ads appear on your blog or not.

5) To put the code on the side bar, just put it basically like putting a new widget on "Add Gadget". Open Dashboard-Layout-Page Elements, then "Add a Gadjet" and choose "HTML/Javascript" and directly copy the code "To put on sidebar" and paste into the gadget that you have chosen. Preview it again to see whether it works or not.

6) Reopen Dashboard-Layout-Edit HTML. Find the code as shown below by pressing CTRL+F

<b:include data='post' name='post'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:include data='post' name='comments'/>

7) Copy the code "To put between contents" below the code you have found in step 6. Then click on Save Template. Done!
.click to enlarge.
Black Box - What you need to find.
Red Box - Nuffnang.

To get more earnings fast, get the "Glitterati" status and try to avoid putting a lot of ads from different companies. Have fun and all the best!!!

*taken and translated from Intan Nurul Fateha.*

FieLD eXPeRieNCe FiNaLe...!!!

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Today is the final day I'm here. St. John's Institution. I'm seriously gonna miss you after this despite the fact that coming here back and forth is not the most wonderful thing to go through. If I need to come here much longer I think I'm gonna turn into a GREEN monster at the bottom. It's not that I don't like the school, I love the school actually. It's just that I hate the hustle and bustle that I had to go through everyday coming to this school, traffic jams especially.

Well, this is goodbye I guess. I got a present from the school for my last day today, a Bahasa Malaysia relief class in 3H, the 3rd class out of 6 classes. I guess I need to get a few things ready before going there. Till next time. (^^,)

FieLD eXPeRieNCe & WHaTNoT...!!!

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Ok, I have been very busy with a lot of stuff. I can’t even have time for myself. I just wish that everything will be over and we can get on with our lives.

Since last Monday, Emma, Azia and I have been in this school. What school? Which school? It’s St. John’s Institution at Bukit Nanas. This school is located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, like seriously. We have to wake up extremely early and depart from Shah Alam to Kuala Lumpur every single day going back and forth.

It’s not like we want to come to this school so badly but it’s because it’s already been assigned to us and there’s nothing we can do about it. Having said that, I love it here even though our time here almost comes to an end. This is our 2nd week here, 2nd last day before we bid farewell to the school and its people. Teachers are nice, the admin staffs are friendly, the food is great and cheap, the staff room is cold, and the Internet access is marvelous. There’s nothing that I don’t like about this school.

While I’m here, I have done 4 classroom observations and 2 classroom lessons. Well, the 2 classroom lessons weren’t compulsory but I requested to do them from my mentor, Madam Gokilavani. She’s a nice mentor, by the way. She supports me and tells me what should I do and don’t do. She even gave me a good feedback for my teaching. I’ve taught form 1N and form 4O.

Tomorrow is my final day here and I’ve nothing to doo today. Maybe, I’ll just finish my ROS report before going back continuing the semester break. These photos below show some of my outfit during my 2 whole weeks here.

Azia and I
Azia and Emma
Owh yeah, during this Field Experience I went to Sepang on last Sunday, July 10th. It was Ainin's wedding day. Bombay, Alyaa, Anas, Idzni and I went there for her big day. Though I think she's married at a very young age, I wish her all the best for her marriage and happiness. Right after the wedding, we decided to go for a movie (Mr. Popper's Penguins) and hung out at Big Apple at Jusco Bukit Tinggi. It's Idzni's treat and he's been away for 8 months on a cruise. Not a holiday cruise but shipping cadet cruise.

Me, Idzni and Anas
Fahrol and Ainin
We had a "mini reunion"
Yummy Big Apple donuts
Alyaa with the big black tumbler
Happy faces

WoRLD SCHoLaR'S CuP...!!!

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Okay guys. So this is the only chance I’ve got after going away for a few days. And after this, I’ll be going away to my friend’s house again. So here goes.

I was away for a big event organized by my beloved faculty, the Faculty of Education. It was World Scholar’s Cup. WSC is a big event encompasses 4 main competitions in a group of 3 people. They are persuasive writing, debate, multiple choice questions and scholar’s bowl.

I was one of the liaison officers and I was supposed to chaperone a school from Singapore, but apparently they didn’t turn up. I was frustrated at first for not getting any team from United States of America, but it all turned around when I handled the Bolivia team for the Scholar’s Scavenge. My scavenge team is a combination of students from Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Korea. Why didn’t I feel frustrated anymore? Easy, because almost all of them spoke in American accent except for Zara from Repton Academy who came from the UK.

It was a 4-day event. All I can say is, the event was fun but stressful. The stress comes from the disorganization of the management. Having said that, I’m glad that the event is over at the same time it’s kind of overwhelming because leaving those guys and continue with normal life is somehow saddening. Well, life has to go on, right?

Well, this is the news from Buletin Utama. I was interviewed in the news, the one wearing the green t-shirt or you can go here for a better quality video. Before you leave my blog, please help me abuse the ads ok. Until next time! (^^,)


PeoPLe aRe CoMiNG..!!!

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As I’m writing this, I’m lying on my stomach in front of my laptop. I’m not sitting at my usual spot because of my backache. I know what you’re thinking now, how come someone as young as me (which some people say I’ve the face of a 25-year-old) can experience such thing? To tell you the truth, I don’t even know, but this backache has been going on for months already. If I sit for a period of time, my back will start to feel the pain. I went to see a doctor about this and she said that what I’m experiencing is muscle pain. Maybe I should go find a massage house or something like that to ease this pain.
Actually, I just got back from Jusco Bukit Tinggi. I’m still unsure why I went there. This is one of the one-thing-led-to-another-and-I-don’t-know-what-happened incidents. Wanie actually called me because she needed a ride to the nearest KTM so she could change the date of her tickets back to Kelantan. Eija is staying with Wanie for the night so she tagged along. Once we settled the ticket thingy, we didn’t know what to do and where to go. Eija truly wanted to go watch a movie, but Amir didn’t want to while Wanie and I could go both ways (that might sound wrong).

While we were on the road, we decided to explore Klang and went straight to Bukit Tinggi. When we were there, I accompanied them to window-shop. Well, if you go out with girls who claim that they’re gonna just window-shop; you have to know that is a total bull! Both Eija and Wanie brought home a shopping bag. Amir, Eija and I didn’t feel hungry, unlike Wanie who bought a large McDonald’s fries before we go back, so we hung out at Starbucks. This is the first time I check-in to Starbucks, foursquare of course. I had a grande Java Chip frappucino and a blueberry scorne, while Amir and Wanie had something chocolaty which left Eija having espresso.

So, that’s all we did before we get busy starting from tomorrow. With what? World Scholar’s Cup. Some kind of an international debate competition. But before that I need to do 3 things tomorrow. First, bring my car to EON service to get it, well, serviced at 8.00am. Second, attend the WSC briefing at 10.30am. Lastly, have lunch after the briefing at Subway! I’m so looking forward for tomorrow.

I’m signing off, thanks for reading! But before u click the “X” button at the top right of your Mozilla/Chrome, please abuse the ads on my blog ok. See ya! (^^,)


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Okay. So, here I am. Sitting in front of my laptop, writing. Well, not literally writing though because I’m not holding any pen, pencil or even any stationary that could actually enable me to write. What I’m doing in front of my laptop? Typing. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, literally. Wait…!!! What the hell am I doing here arguing semantics with myself? I’m supposedly writing an update for my readers. Duh~!

Okay, scratch that. Now, let’s talk about something else. If you notice, I’ve put some ads on my blog. Yeah, I’ve been active with nuffnang for quite some time. I didn’t think this would work in the first place but apparently it did, and it still does. Even though it’s just a teeny tiny bit of money, but the amount I get from posting ads on my blog is increasing day by day. Of course, I have to thank my fellow loyal readers for being, well, loyal reader. I wouldn’t have succeeded without your help, clicking those ads every day. And now, I need your help to click them again, every time you get the chance, every time you visit my blog.

What’s in it for you? Well, since you’ve been reading my blog since day one, I promise you more updates about my life here. I have tons of things ahead of me and they sure are worth to be put on my blog. (^^,)

Well, I just wanted to show you that since I finished this semester exam I’ve been doing nothing but restoring my fat. Well, I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping and eating. Hey, I did something else today. I cut my hair! And I’m going to show you what I have done with it!

There’s no other reason why I did this to my hair, because I was bored and I needed something new in my life. Hence, the hair is born.

Well, it’s really late and I think I should get some sleep. I’ll give you more updates later ok! (^__^)

LiTeRaTuRe iN MaLaYSiaN SCHooLS...!!!

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So, LiMS was done. I opened the paper which made me fell into an exasperating shock! The format had changed! Like we weren’t even told about it before and suddenly everything on the paper was about comparing and contrasting.

The first question was asking us to state the metaphor in either the poem “Leisure” or “Nature”. When I saw that question, I began to wonder. Did I even know the real meaning behind the word metaphor? I mean, I knew it before but at that moment in the exam, I was puzzled. I wondered if my understanding of metaphor is the same with the real meaning of metaphor. I ended up describing the whole poem instead. (-___-)”

The second and third question was about comparing and contrasting between 2 poems but somehow I couldn’t recall what the questions asked. Well, I don’t think it matters anymore. Then I went to Part B which had 2 questions. The first question was about comparing and contrasting (again!) the conflict between 2 short stories while the second question was relating the given theme in the question to either a novel or the 2 dramas. I chose to answer question 1 as I know short stories better than the novel and dramas. I wrote about the conflict in the stories “One is One and All Alone” and “The Fruitcake Special”.

Stay tuned if you wanna know what happened in the second last paper, Sociology of Education. While waiting for me to create another entry, please help me “abuse” the ads in my blog, the one on the top and the one at the right above the chatting section. Help me pretty please okay. (^__^)

PRiNCiPLeS & PRaCTiCeS in eNGLiSH LaNGuaGe TeaCHiNG...!!!

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Okay! I’ve just had the time to update this blog. Despite the fact that I’m freaking busy this exam week, I just feel like I need to update on all exam immediately because my mind would still be fresh.

Yeah, it happened yesterday. Once again, I didn’t know what to feel right after the exam has finished. Have u ever felt when you know you have read about something and sure about something but when it came out in exam your mind just couldn’t process the right thing to write. I couldn’t dig the information out of me. How frustrating is that?

I remember the questions that are still haunting me. One of them is defining the term Strategic Investment. I seriously read about it many times but at the time that I needed the information the most, it just didn’t come out! Of all terms, why did I have to forget that particular term?! Well, it already happened. There’s no use regretting now.

We also got our carry marks for Instructional Technology and I only got 40.5% out of 60%. I’m somehow disappointed with the marks because there was an assessment where we had to create an edublog and I followed each and every requirement instructed by the lecturer. I put every kind of multimedia in it, because it appealed to him. But apparently despite all the praises that he gave me in class, I only got 6.5% out of 10%.

It’s okay. I’m gonna keep on putting my effort in it and I still have a lot of time because IT’s paper is the final paper in this exam season. Hope that I can pull my pointer up with the assistance of this course. Okay, I better go. I need to finish revise all poems, short stories, plays and novels.

Astalavista baby! (^__^)

STRuCTuRe oF eNGLiSH...!!!

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So we finished with Syntax today. I don’t know if I can say it as relief or not because I did it badly. Maybe I should start to be a little bit more diligent after this. Want to know how bad I did my Syntax? Well, here goes.

I went into Cendana Hall fully prepared. The lecturers who were invigilating were Miss Fatin, Madam Sharifah and a male Master student. I sat at the back. I like seeing everybody while doing my exam, seeing who comes out first and who comes out last, so on and so forth. After I took a seat, I filled up my attendance form.

The course’s name is actually Structure of English coded TSL476. There were 5 parts, and everything was extremely difficult. I took a lot of time trying to answer the questions right in the first 4 parts till I didn’t have enough time to finish all 10 tree diagrams. Sadly, I only managed to finish 5 out of 10 tree diagrams. I was so sad that I didn’t even know how to be upset anymore. I guess other people would be crying in the toilet or something for not completing their tree diagrams, but instead I went to the TESL Square and sit there looking into the blue sky stare at nothing. Considering that we haven’t gotten our carry marks yet and that’s making it even more unbearable. The fact that I might have to repeat this course in the next semester just creeps the hell out of me.

The next paper is the hardest, PELT. I don’t know what I’m gonna with this. I’m trying really hard forcing myself to read the notes but the laziness just keeps on bugging me. Hope I’m not gonna regret this. I surely don’t want to repeat any papers.

Wanna know what happened with PELT? Stay tuned. ☺

HaPPY BiRTHDaY To Me...!!!

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Happy birthday to me! Okay I forgot to put this update. I went to Secret Recipe with Eija & Amir because they were the only ones who were willing to join me celebrating my birthday. Let the pictures tell all the stories.

 I'm old now...

eTHNiC ReLaTioNS...!!!

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Hey guys! Here we meet again. As I told you in my previous entry, we’re having our final examination right now. Despite the fact that I’m freaking busy right now but I spare some of my time just to entertain my fellow readers, which some of them are my friends. (^__^)

Okay, so we had our first paper which was Ethnic Relations coded as CTU553. The paper started at 9.00am and ended at 11.00am. It basically took 2 hours because the credit hour for this course is also 2.

I wasn’t that worried about this paper because last semester I had CTU551 and it turned not as difficult as I thought it would be. It was the same with this course. Basically it was about different ethnics, how to live in harmony and peace in a multiracial country, Malaysia’s Constitution, why people shouldn’t question about Malay’s special rights and so on.

I’m hopeful that I can get an A again for this course because last semester I got an A- for similar course. I’m gonna write about Structure of English coded TSL476 in the next entry. Stay tuned! (^__^)

a SHoRT uPDaTe...!!!

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Hi fellow readers. It was a really long time ago since the last I updated. I'm sorry as I didn't have the time to pour my thoughts and write them on this blog. I may have made my readers feel bored by old updates. 

This semester has been really tough on me. We had done fundraising, co-drama, and a whole lot more. I'm having my study week as we speak and I'll be having my final examination starting from the 28th of April. If you look closely to the date, the next day to our first paper is my birthday. I'm so looking forward to celebrating my birthday this year as this will be the year where I'll leave my teen year. Yeah, no more "teen" as a suffix every time I tell people how old I am in the future.

I don't know what to feel or how to feel about my age now. Am I supposed to feel happy because I'm getting close to maturity or should I feel unenlightened because I'm getting old? Haha. I think it's the matter of seeing it from your own perspective, whether to see a glass half full or a glass half empty. Usually, I see everything half full, and this will be the same, I guess.

I better get going now. I need to stick the Ethnic Relations facts into this thick skull of mine. As usual, I'll update on every paper that we have. See you on the next entry.

Best wishes. (^__^)

DieT MuCH...!!!

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Hi there…!!! I know, I’m sorry for making all of my fellow readers, you, waiting all this while. I’ve been really busy. Not with my life, but with tons and tons of freaking assignments! I’ve just got out from a busy and hectic plus chaotic week of my life! If I’m not mistaken, I’ve finished 3 assignments in this week. Well, I blame myself for procrastinating. Hehe

Before I go any further, I would like to thank my lecturer, Madam Roslinda, for indirectly helping me promoting my blog. Yes ma’am, I know you’re reading my blog now so you can stop laughing now. Haha. :P

It all happened when I went to Madam Marina’s office to submit my classroom observation written assignment. As I walked in to her room, the first thing she said to me was “Iz, I just found out yesterday that you have a blog!” I didn’t really know how to react to that actually. Knowing that my lecturers have been reading my blog somehow gave me this tingling feeling. I never thought that a lecturer would spend some time reading my overly long entry every time I post an update on this blog.

I’m not that worried after finding out about this. I rarely, if not never, post things that are controversial. This also reminds me that people are reading my blog. So I must be extra careful every time I write things on this precious blog of mine.

Well, actually I wanted to talk about diet. Well, I’m not gonna talk about balanced diet whatsoever because I’m not practicing one. My diet is the diet that’s not according to the food pyramid. Or maybe it was? I’m happy to tell you that after cutting down on rice consumption for 2 weeks, I had lost 2 kg. Yeah, I know it’s not that much but I rarely lose weight, ever. So I think my diet plan is working. Yeay! \(^__^)/

You must be wondering now what I did to lose 2 kg in 2 weeks right? Well, all I did was cutting down rice consumption completely! Yes, I repeat, COMPLETELY! People said that I need to take rice on daily basis if not I wouldn’t have enough energy to go through my day. Well, they were wrong! I’ve been cutting down on rice for 2 weeks now and I’m still standing like always. I know that I need carbohydrates every day, but it’s not necessarily had to come from rice. I took carbohydrates every day from buns, bread et cetera. I’m actually cutting on excessive carbohydrates consumption, which unfortunately, comes from rice.

We Malaysian (or Asian?) have been relying too much on rice. We can actually dismiss rice in our daily life. We can still live without having to consume rice. Haven’t you notice why Malaysia is at the top when it comes to obesity statistic in Asian countries? It’s not the main cause, but it contributes as one of the factors.

So yeah, I guess if you wanna lose weight fast, don’t take rice or at least if you really really wanna eat rice, eat them during the weekends. I’m losing weight now, so when are you?

CLaSSRooM oBSeRVaTioN & WHaTNoT...!!!

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Have u ever read the poem Swift Things are Beautiful by Elizabeth Coatsworth? I did something swift today and that's going back and forth from Shah Alam to Teluk Intan just to complete a classroom observation for PELT. Well, basically I want to talk about what happened today. Let me tell you the story from the very beginning. Warning: this might get really long.

I was coming out from the very best toilet u could ever find in Section 17, the INTEC Library’s. I saw Tebes, Frankie, Subo, Kerey and Ijat were talking at the hallway. I joined them and talked about cars and stuff. By the way, Tebes got a new car. Well, it’s not literally new as it is a second-hand car but it’s his second car so it’s basically new to him right? Okay, cut the crap.

So when I was talking to them I was informed that Tebes & Daus were gonna go for their classroom observation (an assignment we need to write a report on) at Tebes’ former school, SMK Seri Perak. At first, I thought that going there was such an outlandish idea but considering Tebes knew the teacher that was gonna be observed I guess it made sense.

I didn’t plan to go with them till I got out of my nap later that evening. I was thinking that I didn’t have any plans for the assignment. I thought maybe they wouldn’t mind me tagging along with them. After finished with our futsal game later that night (which I was really suck on), I asked Tebes if I could join them. Fortunately, he agreed! Just my luck, I guess.

So I was awaken by Tebes this morning. He stayed for the night, by the way. I was so excited I got into the bathroom and take my shower. Tebes went back to Meranti to get ready and came back to get Daus & I. Before we started our journey, we went to the gas station to fill up the gas and top-up the Touch ‘N Go. While we were in the Guthrie highway, Daus found out that Tebes owned a SmartTAG and we were gonna use that all the way. It was really funny how Daus was all clumsy and awkward with that device. We had a pretty good laugh about it.

We arrived at Teluk Intan at approximately 1.30pm and we went straight to the school. Ran into few of Tebes’ former teachers and then we went instantly to the school main office. We got everything done within minutes. We set up 3 desks and chair at the back of the class before the students got in to the class.

The observation went pretty smoothly. I recorded the whole session while Tebes wrote everything in his notebook. Daus was getting pictures, I guess. After the whole thing was done, we thanked the teacher for letting us observe her. It was such a great experience seeing the teacher taught the students. I mean, I used to be a high school student but it wasn’t the same. i thought the way the teacher taught the students was good as she maintained a good information transference between the students and her. She told us that what she did was all because she wanted the students to nurture the confidence to voice out as students are usually good in writing and reading but not in listening and speaking. it was such a great experience.

Then, Tebes brought us to the place where they have the finest Nasi Briyani in Teluk Intan. Considering that I was on diet I just took a slice of mutton meat. Boy, even I was on diet I could still enjoy that scrumptious dish which I could never get anywhere else. Once we had our lunch, we went to the place where Tebes used to work, then go see the leaning tower of Teluk Intan and finally went to his house. I saw he fell asleep at his couch and I got the opportunity to charge my BlackBerry.

After meeting with Tebes’ parents, we departed from his house approximately at 6.20pm. After entering the entrance toll at Guthrie highway, something happened. Because the road was too slippery, our car almost crashed into left and right divider. Thanks to Tebes’ driving skills, we didn’t crash into anything. My heart stopped for a second. Well, it was somewhat an extremely cool experience as I was in the car when the car drifted but I was so grateful that it didn’t cost us our lives. Phew!

Well, I think I got everything covered. We got to Shah Alam safely. I’m so tired for sitting in the car for the whole journey and I think I better head to bed now. Thanks for reading this long entry. By the way, I’ve just updated my edublog and it was about ADHD children. Feel free to drop by here.

Until next time, good night everybody! \(^__^)/

MiD SeM BReaK iS HeRe...!!!

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This is a short one. I just feel the need to update my blog. This is actually my 100th post. Yeay me…!!! I’ve been blogging since 2006 but only today I reach the 100th post. Come to think of it, I’m somehow slow in updating my blog. Well, I only write about things that matter to me and I usually write really, really long.

So, the mid semester break is here. I think UiTM is the only university that’s having a mid semester break at the moment. Only a month of class and we already reached the mid semester? Now after this the semester continues consecutively without any long holidays.

Well, a few days ago I went to KDU College to watch a charity theater show entitled O.M.G. It was co-directed by AD, Whoa!! Willow! Director and my current drama coach. It was an okay show, it’s just that it was too long and I fell asleep for a couple of minutes. Sorry…!!!

Since the holiday is around, I was hoping I can go for a vacation like the photo above but considering my financial stipulation, I can’t go anywhere. Here I am, staying at this apartment with Anas and my elder brother. Bombay is here as we speak (as I write) playing Winning Eleven on PS2. He came here because he’ll go back home tomorrow but he arrived late in Shah Alam so he’s staying for the night.

Bombay told me that a few friends asked him to hang out tomorrow. Of course, I was invited as well. I think I’m going to go even though I’m kind of short in money. But hey, it’s not like I always go out and I’ll really limit my expenditure when I go out tomorrow.

I think that’s about it. Saying this would be a short entry from the beginning of it would now be a bluff, because I ended up writing 6 paragraphs. Tetz~!

iT's FoR ReaL...!!!

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Okay, I haven’t been doing any justice to my blog. As I type this entry to my blog, my mind is slowly decoding everything into pieces. What I’m trying to say is that since I take up the course Structure of English which mainly about the syntax of English, my brain would always break sentences into words then words into the type of words because I’m so afraid of making grammatical mistakes. But I think I’m allowed to make mistakes, as I’m still in my learning process.

I shouldn’t be blogging right now because I have tons of workload that need to be completed but here I am ranting and yapping about my life. Not that I’m unappreciative with my life, but I just want to share stories with my fellow readers.

As shown in the photo above, it is showing a locked door. This is what I want to tell you today. Well, the gist of the story is, I left the car key inside the car then locked it. So, we were locked out of the car. Yes, WE. Pokjak, Eija, Amir and I were locked outside the car. Adam, Eta, Kerey and Menyor were in the other car, Adam’s car. Before I get to the story, let me flashback what had happened earlier today.

Once we finished our first class for the day, PELT class with Madam Marina, I told Pokjak that I wanted to borrow his car to get to Section 7 to deliver the documents needed for my new car. Pokjak said that he wanted to join me because he wanted to go to the optical shop in Section 2 to get optician’s consultant regarding his visual aid, which he had broken few days ago, his pair of glasses of course. So, Pokjak and I walked back to our house, which was only 10 minutes away. I had been informed that Eija and Amir wanted to follow us, because they wanted to have lunch at Pizza Hut at Section 7.

Right after we arrived back at the bus stop near INTEC, there were Eija, Amir and the rest waiting for us. Eija and Amir got into our car, and the rest got into Adam’s. I was the one driving by the way, considering Pokjak was somewhat blind, without his visual aid. We arrived at Section 7, parked our car side by side in front of Pizza Hut. So I went out of the car and I had my house key in my left hand and car key in my right hand. I usually put my house key in my bag, so I opened the trunk of the car and reached for my bag. Without even looking which key I put in the bag I zipped it and closed the trunk then hand the other key in my hand to Pokjak because I wanted him to keep his car key. Pokjak suddenly asked me, “Why are you giving me your house key?” I was like “Oh my goodness…!!!” I had just realized that I accidentally left the key in the trunk. Silly me…!!!

We decided not to think about it and went to have our lunch instead. We had a great time at the place. Ate a lot of scrumptious food and laughed our asses off about “Ding Dong” onomatopoeic word. So once we had finished having our lunch, we were thinking hard how to get the key back. Adam had this wonderful idea to break the window. LOL. But of course we didn’t do that. Kerey said if we had a steel hanger, he could do the macho breaking-into-the-car act but I had another idea. Considering I was the reason why we were there in the first place so I had to come up with the idea that really worked.

Despite the fact that Adam tried to persuade Pokjak into breaking his window, he helped me find the car accessory shop to find the experts (Thanks Adam!), to help us open the locked door. To make things short, the expert managed to unlock the door within 10 minutes, he was having a hard time trying to unlock it.

So, once the door was unlocked I quickly get the key back and gave it to Pokjak. I was charged RM20 for that. We managed to deliver the documents at Proton, went to the optical shop in Section 2 and get back to iNTEC before the class started. Despite all the hustle and bustle we’s been through for the day, we still managed to pay full attention in Madam Noraini’s class. It was the most silent class I have ever been into.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I should be doing my Educational blog later and I need to start thinking of what I’m going to write in the next entry, See you guys later okay…!!! (^__^)