LiTeRaTuRe iN eNGLiSH...!!!

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It's a wrap...!!! That's the end of Part 1 of B.Ed TESL. We closed the curtain by finishing our very last paper, TSL420 a.k.a Literature in English. The paper was not that bad after all as this was the only course where I saw a lot of people finished their paper early, maybe because the paper was easy...???

Well, I don't think I can say the same about me. It was easier compared to other papers but nothing was easy as you go towards the end of Part 1. Yeah, I think we were spoiled by the circumstances. The circumstance where we honeymooned too much this semester.

So this is it. The holiday has already started and I postponed posting this entry because a really close friend of mine had just lost his beloved sister due to breast cancer. Our condolences is for him and his family. May Allah bless the soul of his sister and place her with those who are in the virtue. Amiin. Al-fatihah.

LiNGuiSTiCS iN LaNGuaGe TeaCHiNG...!!!

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Owh my...!!! I finally finished 4 out of 5 papers for my exam this semester. After 2 disastrous papers back-to-back which made me feel like dying, linguistics paper turned it all around and I'm really grateful for that...!!!

The night before the exam, I downloaded the previous semester's question paper. I felt like stabbing myself with a knife when I discovered the format of the question, and what kind of questions will be asked. I started to get a little paranoid. I was afraid that my fate will end up the same just like GnC and HDoE. I was thinking that I will fail this semester. I just didn't have the confidence anymore.

Well, it all turned around when I opened the question booklet during the exam. Apparently, there was a lot of questions that I could answer. Some question I couldn't recall in Part B, and I chose to answer 3 questions that I can remember. Till I was in Part C, 2 questions that must be answered and I didn't have a clue what were the questions asked. The terms in the question were alien to me. But I answered them anyway, hope Madam Rose won't be crying blood when she sees my answers.

Okay, here's the best part. My stomach got upset in the 10th minute of the exam. I couldn't get out of the hall because rule has it I can only get out of the exam hall only after 30 minutes after the exam starts. I have finished all my multiple choice questions by then. I looked at the clock hanged on the wall, it was 9.15am. So, I started writing my answer for Part B.

I kept on writing when the next time I looked at the time it was already 9.35am. Yeay...!!! I took my saline solution, the contact lens liquid and wrote my name in the temporary exit form. I went out and noticed that the female lecturer followed me from behind.I knew that every time a student goes out of the exam hall, the invigilating lecturer must follow them to wherever he/she goes. So, I didn't really mind she following me.

I went into the toilet and chose the "sitting" kind of cubicle. So, I got down to business answering the nature's call. Suddenly, I heard a female voice from outside of the toilet. "Are you okay in there?" she said, half shouting. I was stunned. Numbed. Flabbergasted. Perplexed. No...!!! There is no adjective that can describe what I felt back then. I was so shocked that the lecturer would even ask me whether I was okay or not. A FEMALE LECTURER. What was she thinking? What would I be doing in the toilet, in the cubicle? Owh my...!!! I didn't know what to do but my mouth just utter the word "YES" loudly, so she could hear me. 

As I got out from the cubicle, I saw her waiting outside of the toilet. She didn't see me, so I went to the sink and washed my hands. I put a few drops of saline solution into both of my eyes, reconditioning it to avoid my eyes became dry. I got out of the toilet and she asked me, "Are you okay?" I said "Yes, I just had to re-wet my eyes." while showing her the saline solution in my hand. I saw her went into the toilet as I climbed the stairs. Maybe she suspected me copying notes in the toilet while I was actually SHITTING. Well, that's me. I always spend a lot of time if I were to be in the toilet. I entered the hall, signed my name on the form and continued answering the paper.

Frankly speaking, this is one hell of an experience. I wouldn't feel anything if it was a male lecturer who followed me and asked me that question, but it became really odd, weird and awkward because it was a female lecturer who did that. Luckily, I didn't really know who she was and I rarely see her at the faculty. Phew!

I'm currently reading Black Beauty written by the poor Anna Sewell. I've just read 4 chapters and it has been really getting on my nerves because it's so boring. I can't do anything because it's in the syllabus. I can't wait to finish reading the novel so I can start reading the book that I bought weeks ago, Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero which is still unwrapped because I don't want to lose focus during my exam.

Better get going now, the green book of Black Beauty is waiting for me. Until next time...!!!


HiSToRY & DeVeLoPMeNT oF eDuCaTioN...!!!

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Another paper has been taken care of...!!! I'm currently waiting for somebody to get out of the batroom because I'm waiting for my turn to take my shower.

Well, I can say that this paper was freaking hard as well, but not as disastrous as GnC. This paper required me to write a lot, I mean, A LOT of essays. I must tell you, I answered this paper without much enthusiasm. I don't know is it just me or both EDU courses, GnC and HDoE are effing hard as hell...!!! I mean, I did my revision but nothing seem to come to avail from my mind. I didn't managed to pour my idea right. (T__T)

Again I hope Mr. Rizal would be merciful enough to mark our paper with patience and virtue. I'm so stressed out right, it's the aftermath of both papers. I think I sucked, big time...!!!

Click to enlarge

By the way, we have gotten our carry marks. I got 34 out of 50 marks. means that I only have to score 6 more marks to at least pass. Well, obviously I don't just want to pass the paper with the minimum marks, I would love to score Linguistics. That is the reason why this entry is a short one because I have to get back to my book and squeeze my brain for linguistics skills.

So, I have to go now. Wish me luck for tomorrow's Linguistics paper. Talk (write?) to you later...!!!

aNTS, Go aWaY...!!!

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Owh my goodness...!!! I've been bitten by ants...!!! I can't stand it...!!! It makes my body itchy...!!!

Since I moved in to this house, I've never been bitten by ants before but not today. They attacked me like I was a feast. Hello little ants, don't you realize it takes more than just your little mandibles to take me down...??? (-___-)"

I can assure you, compared to mosquito bites, ant bites are more exasperating. Well, I'm not saying I'd rather been bitten by mosquitoes but I prefer to be bitten by NONE...!!! I'm scratching my whole body as I write this entry. I hope I can find the source of the ants and destroy them. I don't think I need to plant insecticide whatsoever.

I hope I can have a good sleep tonight. I will kill you soon, you little ants...!!!


iNTRoDuCTioN To GuiDaNCe & CouNSeLiNG...!!!

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See this picture above? This is how I felt when I got out from Cendana hall, where the exam for GnC took place. Instead of feeling good after finished answering the paper, I think I'm the one who needs the counseling now. (-___-)"

I would say, I underestimated this course. What we have learned in the book was nothing like it was questioned in the exam earlier today. I just didn't get what the question actually wanted. Things like I have never learned before. Seeing a past year question the night before the exam made me feel like I have learned nothing while I was in the first semester of B.Ed TESL.

Most of the questions were application base question. Given the circumstances, I have never prepared myself from that kind of question before. I mean, for this course only. Frankly speaking, I felt stupid when I was writing down my answers on the paper. I slept a few times wishing miracles to happen, like some sort of "hidayah" would come and give me answers but to no avail. I looked at everyone around me, they seemed to have no problem writing answers. I even saw somebody asked for extra answer booklet, Motif...???

So, it turned out that most of us didn't really know what we were writing. I couldn't even explain what was Eclecticism. I wrote this on my paper, "Eclecticism is ...", literally. It reached to the extent where I couldn't even "goreng" anything because I was so fucked up. Yeah, I never use cursing words in my daily life but this affected my mind now. (-___-)"

So, I'm shutting myself down for today. Tomorrow, I'll be working hard revising HDoE and Linguistics (I hope...!!!). I wish Mdm Sharifah will have LOADS of mercy when she marks our paper later...