DieT MuCH...!!!

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Hi there…!!! I know, I’m sorry for making all of my fellow readers, you, waiting all this while. I’ve been really busy. Not with my life, but with tons and tons of freaking assignments! I’ve just got out from a busy and hectic plus chaotic week of my life! If I’m not mistaken, I’ve finished 3 assignments in this week. Well, I blame myself for procrastinating. Hehe

Before I go any further, I would like to thank my lecturer, Madam Roslinda, for indirectly helping me promoting my blog. Yes ma’am, I know you’re reading my blog now so you can stop laughing now. Haha. :P

It all happened when I went to Madam Marina’s office to submit my classroom observation written assignment. As I walked in to her room, the first thing she said to me was “Iz, I just found out yesterday that you have a blog!” I didn’t really know how to react to that actually. Knowing that my lecturers have been reading my blog somehow gave me this tingling feeling. I never thought that a lecturer would spend some time reading my overly long entry every time I post an update on this blog.

I’m not that worried after finding out about this. I rarely, if not never, post things that are controversial. This also reminds me that people are reading my blog. So I must be extra careful every time I write things on this precious blog of mine.

Well, actually I wanted to talk about diet. Well, I’m not gonna talk about balanced diet whatsoever because I’m not practicing one. My diet is the diet that’s not according to the food pyramid. Or maybe it was? I’m happy to tell you that after cutting down on rice consumption for 2 weeks, I had lost 2 kg. Yeah, I know it’s not that much but I rarely lose weight, ever. So I think my diet plan is working. Yeay! \(^__^)/

You must be wondering now what I did to lose 2 kg in 2 weeks right? Well, all I did was cutting down rice consumption completely! Yes, I repeat, COMPLETELY! People said that I need to take rice on daily basis if not I wouldn’t have enough energy to go through my day. Well, they were wrong! I’ve been cutting down on rice for 2 weeks now and I’m still standing like always. I know that I need carbohydrates every day, but it’s not necessarily had to come from rice. I took carbohydrates every day from buns, bread et cetera. I’m actually cutting on excessive carbohydrates consumption, which unfortunately, comes from rice.

We Malaysian (or Asian?) have been relying too much on rice. We can actually dismiss rice in our daily life. We can still live without having to consume rice. Haven’t you notice why Malaysia is at the top when it comes to obesity statistic in Asian countries? It’s not the main cause, but it contributes as one of the factors.

So yeah, I guess if you wanna lose weight fast, don’t take rice or at least if you really really wanna eat rice, eat them during the weekends. I’m losing weight now, so when are you?