iSLaM & aSiaN CiViLiZaTioNS...!!!

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Here we go again. Just like last semester, I posted an entry for every paper taken for the final exam. I should be revising my GnC but I just can't get my mind off of this entry that has been postponed a few days now.

So, our first paper was Islam & Asian Civilizations or usually called as TITAS. This paper is taught and examined by using our mother tongue, Bahasa Malaysia. I was pretty anxious about this paper because everybody knows that things that have something to do with history are not my forte, so let alone TITAS. I had problems with memorizing history facts, even thought I have the ability of remembrance. I just can't because history facts are boring. Given the circumstance, answering this paper on last Thursday was not that bad after all.

The paper consists of 40 multiple choice questions and 3 essays which only 2 needed to be answered. Practically, the paper was all about Islamic Civilization with 2 to 3 questions ONLY about Chinese and Indian Civilizations. I think they should just change the course name into something else because they're not doing these 2 civilizations any justice for doing that. Having said that, I actually felt grateful because 95% of the questions in the paper was all about Islamic Civilization which what I've known since I was able to differentiate between the dos and don'ts.

After finished with this paper, I had a little more faith in me about passing this paper, I seriously thought that I would fail this paper but not anymore. If I'm not getting an A, I know that I'll pass.

So, I'll be sitting for EDU430, Introduction to Guidance & Counseling or people usually called as GnC. I don't know why all EDU courses aren't my friend this semester. Well, I better get going now. GnC notes, here I come...!!!

Astalavista baby...!!!

DeNGue STRiKeS aGaiN...!!!

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Chill peeps...!!! Don't be scared. I know how much all of you care for Iz Rijap, but he doesn't have dengue fever for the 2nd time. No, not this time. 

As a matter of fact, it was my elder brother who got suspected for dengue fever. Yes, past tense everyone. He has been cleared from the disease hence made him a free man now. 

It all happened when I was writing (more like TYPING) my previous entry. While I was working on the thing, my brother got home from work and looked like he was just hit by a truck or something. He approached me and suddenly asked me about the symptoms of dengue. So, I told him what I've been through. First off I had a fever, a really high temperate one. Then, when I felt like I was okay I begin to lose my appetite, towards rice exactly. I could consume anything (forcibly) except for rice. I guess my body was telling me how much American I'd become. Okay, cut the crap! I also told him that before I was diagnosed with dengue, the last thing to show up was rashes-like redness. It was not a rash, more like the blood started to surface up to my skin.

So, I took a look at his skin and I saw some rashes-like redness on his thigh, close to his knee. The moment I saw it I could tell that it was dengue symptom. The fact that he has been having a fever for 6 days now made me more sure of it. So, I ended up bringing him to his panel clinic. So, I followed him into the consultation room where I met a weird-accented female doctor. I couldn't make out what she was actually saying and where is she coming from but I figured she is a Chinese, but I have never encountered Chinese people like her.

I can say that the doctor somehow incompetent, because she had to stick the needle to 3 places on my brother to get enough blood sample to make the blood test for platelet counts. I pitied my brother for having to experience that, considering his skinny build which didn't help when the doctor stuck the needles into his right arm, the back of his right palm and left arm.

So, we waited for the result for the whole day today. He got a call at 2pm and the nurse on the line told him that his platelet counts was at 152 and as far as I can remember I was hospitalized because my platelet counts was below 90. So, he's a free man now. He has MC for today, but he's gotta pull himself together today because he needs to go back to work tomorrow.

Owh my, I'm so starving. Hah, so much for not having dinner. I guess I can't do that for the time being. The starvation is killing me. I'm off for now. Catch all of you fellow readers later okay...!!!

MaJoR uPGRaDeS...!!!

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Hey there fellow readers...!!! Long time haven't read my entry I guess.Yeah, life has been never better. There's no superlative word can describe how happy I am with my life right now. If you see me around, you'll catch me smiling alone. Well, I don't think I really have to put what actually happens right now into words because I know anyone who's reading this entry could possibly guess right now. Wanting to know the identity of the person who manages to brighten my day? Well, let's keep it anonymous for now okay?

I'm now enjoying my study leave. I think the week is literally to leave your study before going for the final exam. NOT...!!! I really need to get going and read my TITAS textbook, because that's the first paper. Luckily there are gaps between papers, except for HDoE and Linguistics because they are back to back paper for 2 consecutive days. So, I'll be studying more and more after this.

So, talking about major upgrades (as stated in the title above), I had finally terminated my Celcom Broadband which used to cost me RM98 and I have resubscribed to another Celcom Broadband which now cost me RM68. The reason of this sudden change is because I've been feeling quite burdened by the cost of paying the bills as I'm also using BlackBerry right now which cost me more and more. So, I've come up to a solution where I decreased the speed of my broadband which also decrease the monthly bills that I've had to pay so I can use the extra money which I saved from paying the bills to buy food, or even topup for my BB.

Since I'll not be using any cars for the next few months, I think I can use that time to save up. Yeah, I've returned the kancil back to my cousin because it was such a problematic car and the only car that I have right now is Proton Saga, which belongs to my brother (note that the car was bought under his name but using my COMPETENT DRIVING LICENSE) will be lent to his BELOVED girlfriend since she doesn't have a transportation to go work, so I'm told.

Now, I still don't know what to do during my semester break. I'll have one months plus and I'm not sure if I want to use that period of time to work or just enjoy the holiday. Money is always the issue for me, for my lifestyle to be exact.

I guess I better go because my tummy has played Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Gotta go and buy Nasi Lemak Jati. Gonna make full use of the Proton Saga, while I still have it.


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Sweet anticipation
It's giving me the butterflies
And my heartbeat's racing
Because loving you is beautiful
When you're so irresistible

So don't stop
What you're doing baby
So good
And it drives me crazy
One touch
I'm in heaven
Because loving you is so beautiful baby

You are all I need to get me through
Like a falling star I fell for you
You have taught me how to love
An angel sent from high above
Now I know that all I need is you

Before I knew what love was
I always ended up in tears
It's just the way my world was
Until you walked into my life
It's something that I just can't hide

Real love
Has come my way
And I know
That it's here to stay
And it feels
Like never before
Because loving you is so beautiful baby

You're my inspiration
My world just seems a brighter place
I just wanna tell you
I've never ever felt this way
I've never thought I'd see the day

You are all I need to get me through
Like a falling star I fell for you
You have taught me how to love
An angel sent from high above
Now I know that all I need is you

I specially dedicate this to YOU, you know who you are...I love you...!!!

GoSSiP TiMe...!!!

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I'm currently listening to Alicia Keys featuring Beyonce song, Put It in a Love Song. I think this is a great song, a type of song that I would love to dance to. The beat is just so tempting. Feel like I wanna get up from the chair that I'm sitting on right now and pull out all those daring and sexy dance moves. Hah! I just can't wait to find the opportunity to do that someday, on stage preferably.

From the past few days, I've been hearing a lot of rumors. Rumors about people used to be in a relationship, rumors about how people aren't as innocent as they seem, rumors about how the people have changed 360 degrees, and so much more. Last week, I thought my gossiping skills have degraded but apparently my skills have never been better. I'm back people! The Iz you've known all this while has come back with brand new techniques to gossip, ethically.

I have a different way of gossiping, that's why I'm an expert in it. I only gossip about things that are 100% confirmed true. I won't be going around spreading rumors if it's not true because I would hate that very much if that were to happen to me. So, golden rule people. Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you. I love gossiping, I hate being in the realm of not knowing what's happening around me. That's why I would do anything to investigate about the truthfulness of the story that I've been told.

I heard that the people from the other campus (I don't wanna mention which one, but obviously not Shah Alam) have been pulling some extreme stunts. They always skip classes, asked people to cover for them, breaking in to people's room, going through people's stuffs without the owner's permission and apparently some of them don't seem to care what are others perspectives about them because they thought that it's not really vital.

I still don't know if any of these are true, but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. I don't want to judge them based on others' story about them. It's the matter of "he said, she said" actually. So, being the great gossiper as I am I won't report things that aren't true. I know some things are better left unsaid, but heck let's just do it shall we?

Somehow I miss Bombay when it comes to gossiping. He sure knows how to gossip well. There were loads of gossip we shared together during ASASI TESL. How I wish he would be here right now. I can just imagine his reaction about the whole thing.

Okay, I'm off for now. I have linguistics class with Madam Roslinda at 2.10pm. Gonna get the key, open the class and cool it off. Later...!!! (^__^)

NeW HouSe...!!!

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Owh my goodness...!!! I just noticed it's been quite some time since the last time I updated my blog. I'm hoping that I can find more time to write about my life. Sometimes I wonder if there are people really interested in reading about my life. Guess what? They are! Well, I'm not sure if it's true but I've come to a discovery that even people from outer space (that's an exaggeration!) do read my blog. Maybe they stumbled upon my blog randomly when they were Google-ing about TESL. Who knows, right?

My busy university life has been made more hectic because of the house thingy. Yeah, I'm now living in a 3 roomed apartment. It's at the 1st floor of the building, and it's near to the block of stores at Section 17. The reason why we chose Section 17 is because it's near to our faculty. I don't want to upload any pictures of any parts of the house yet because things are still everywhere and haven't been tidied yet but I promise I'll show every part of the house once we have finished touching it up. For the time being, only Amir and I have completely moved in to the house. We're still waiting for Anas, Pokjak, Ijat, Kerey, Menyor and my brother.

Tomorrow, we'll be submitting out linguistics assignment. I had finished the assignmenst last week. I used the "be quiet!" poster posted in the INTEC library. Found 3 mistakes altogether and I hope they are enough to make Madam Roslinda give me flying colors. Adam had the sudden great idea of using my mistakes in my previous posts. I know I made a lot of grammatical errors in my previous posts and I think I still do, but not as much as before I get into ASASI TESL. Reading all those entries made me reminisced about all the bitter and sweet moment I had spent here in Shah Alam. It also made me realize that I have improved a lot since then. I used to think that my English was extraordinarily superb, but once I get myself into the program I felt so small, because I met a lot more people who have really great English proficiency. They helped me went through the resistances and suspicions of learning the language I love so much. Loving English doesn't mean that I love Malay less, so you can just save you breath from telling me how much "kacang lupakan kulit" I am for learning English. We are in the 21st Century for crying out loud, so suck it up and move on with your life.

Somehow I comprehended that every time I have a best friend in my life, it will backfire. I think I better off without any best friends at all. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not the one who's got the problem here because other friends are okay being friends with me. I think from now on I'm gonna mingle with more and more people.

I have registered my courses for the 2nd semester, which will start in December 2010. I'll be seeing some old faces, some new faces and some not-so-old-but-not-so-new faces as well. I think this is a great opportunity to mingle with more people. The final exam is rapidly approaching and I don't even know if I'm ready for it yet.

I think I better get some sleep now because I need it so badly, even though I can get extra sleep in TITAS class...Huhuhuh XD