NeW HouSe...!!!

Owh my goodness...!!! I just noticed it's been quite some time since the last time I updated my blog. I'm hoping that I can find more time to write about my life. Sometimes I wonder if there are people really interested in reading about my life. Guess what? They are! Well, I'm not sure if it's true but I've come to a discovery that even people from outer space (that's an exaggeration!) do read my blog. Maybe they stumbled upon my blog randomly when they were Google-ing about TESL. Who knows, right?

My busy university life has been made more hectic because of the house thingy. Yeah, I'm now living in a 3 roomed apartment. It's at the 1st floor of the building, and it's near to the block of stores at Section 17. The reason why we chose Section 17 is because it's near to our faculty. I don't want to upload any pictures of any parts of the house yet because things are still everywhere and haven't been tidied yet but I promise I'll show every part of the house once we have finished touching it up. For the time being, only Amir and I have completely moved in to the house. We're still waiting for Anas, Pokjak, Ijat, Kerey, Menyor and my brother.

Tomorrow, we'll be submitting out linguistics assignment. I had finished the assignmenst last week. I used the "be quiet!" poster posted in the INTEC library. Found 3 mistakes altogether and I hope they are enough to make Madam Roslinda give me flying colors. Adam had the sudden great idea of using my mistakes in my previous posts. I know I made a lot of grammatical errors in my previous posts and I think I still do, but not as much as before I get into ASASI TESL. Reading all those entries made me reminisced about all the bitter and sweet moment I had spent here in Shah Alam. It also made me realize that I have improved a lot since then. I used to think that my English was extraordinarily superb, but once I get myself into the program I felt so small, because I met a lot more people who have really great English proficiency. They helped me went through the resistances and suspicions of learning the language I love so much. Loving English doesn't mean that I love Malay less, so you can just save you breath from telling me how much "kacang lupakan kulit" I am for learning English. We are in the 21st Century for crying out loud, so suck it up and move on with your life.

Somehow I comprehended that every time I have a best friend in my life, it will backfire. I think I better off without any best friends at all. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not the one who's got the problem here because other friends are okay being friends with me. I think from now on I'm gonna mingle with more and more people.

I have registered my courses for the 2nd semester, which will start in December 2010. I'll be seeing some old faces, some new faces and some not-so-old-but-not-so-new faces as well. I think this is a great opportunity to mingle with more people. The final exam is rapidly approaching and I don't even know if I'm ready for it yet.

I think I better get some sleep now because I need it so badly, even though I can get extra sleep in TITAS class...Huhuhuh XD

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