iSLaM & aSiaN CiViLiZaTioNS...!!!

Here we go again. Just like last semester, I posted an entry for every paper taken for the final exam. I should be revising my GnC but I just can't get my mind off of this entry that has been postponed a few days now.

So, our first paper was Islam & Asian Civilizations or usually called as TITAS. This paper is taught and examined by using our mother tongue, Bahasa Malaysia. I was pretty anxious about this paper because everybody knows that things that have something to do with history are not my forte, so let alone TITAS. I had problems with memorizing history facts, even thought I have the ability of remembrance. I just can't because history facts are boring. Given the circumstance, answering this paper on last Thursday was not that bad after all.

The paper consists of 40 multiple choice questions and 3 essays which only 2 needed to be answered. Practically, the paper was all about Islamic Civilization with 2 to 3 questions ONLY about Chinese and Indian Civilizations. I think they should just change the course name into something else because they're not doing these 2 civilizations any justice for doing that. Having said that, I actually felt grateful because 95% of the questions in the paper was all about Islamic Civilization which what I've known since I was able to differentiate between the dos and don'ts.

After finished with this paper, I had a little more faith in me about passing this paper, I seriously thought that I would fail this paper but not anymore. If I'm not getting an A, I know that I'll pass.

So, I'll be sitting for EDU430, Introduction to Guidance & Counseling or people usually called as GnC. I don't know why all EDU courses aren't my friend this semester. Well, I better get going now. GnC notes, here I come...!!!

Astalavista baby...!!!

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