DeNGue STRiKeS aGaiN...!!!

Chill peeps...!!! Don't be scared. I know how much all of you care for Iz Rijap, but he doesn't have dengue fever for the 2nd time. No, not this time. 

As a matter of fact, it was my elder brother who got suspected for dengue fever. Yes, past tense everyone. He has been cleared from the disease hence made him a free man now. 

It all happened when I was writing (more like TYPING) my previous entry. While I was working on the thing, my brother got home from work and looked like he was just hit by a truck or something. He approached me and suddenly asked me about the symptoms of dengue. So, I told him what I've been through. First off I had a fever, a really high temperate one. Then, when I felt like I was okay I begin to lose my appetite, towards rice exactly. I could consume anything (forcibly) except for rice. I guess my body was telling me how much American I'd become. Okay, cut the crap! I also told him that before I was diagnosed with dengue, the last thing to show up was rashes-like redness. It was not a rash, more like the blood started to surface up to my skin.

So, I took a look at his skin and I saw some rashes-like redness on his thigh, close to his knee. The moment I saw it I could tell that it was dengue symptom. The fact that he has been having a fever for 6 days now made me more sure of it. So, I ended up bringing him to his panel clinic. So, I followed him into the consultation room where I met a weird-accented female doctor. I couldn't make out what she was actually saying and where is she coming from but I figured she is a Chinese, but I have never encountered Chinese people like her.

I can say that the doctor somehow incompetent, because she had to stick the needle to 3 places on my brother to get enough blood sample to make the blood test for platelet counts. I pitied my brother for having to experience that, considering his skinny build which didn't help when the doctor stuck the needles into his right arm, the back of his right palm and left arm.

So, we waited for the result for the whole day today. He got a call at 2pm and the nurse on the line told him that his platelet counts was at 152 and as far as I can remember I was hospitalized because my platelet counts was below 90. So, he's a free man now. He has MC for today, but he's gotta pull himself together today because he needs to go back to work tomorrow.

Owh my, I'm so starving. Hah, so much for not having dinner. I guess I can't do that for the time being. The starvation is killing me. I'm off for now. Catch all of you fellow readers later okay...!!!

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