eYe DeFeCTs...!!!

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if I have eyes like the picture above? I couldn't remember when was the last time I updated my blog. Well, with the Internet connection like hell I don't think I can update my blog as frequent as I used to.

Since I bought BlackBerry Storm2, I've been updating my status on Facebook non-stop till sometimes it's frustrating not being able to update my status using that device because Celcom has such a crappy service. Even I heard people are annoyed because I updated my status all the time. Well, I paid for the service baby so it would be such a waste if I don't use it. I don't even understand why do I still hold on to Celcom, still subscribing to its broadband service and everything.

I've disabled my emoticons. I haven't uninstalled the software yet, just in case if I want to use it again in the future. I don't know, maybe I'll be a boring blogger from now on. It's a handful to use that emoticon. Sometimes I would get my idea faded away while choosing for the right emoticon to use.

I actually wanted to write about my eye defects. Yes, plural people. Defects. Just so you know, I wear spectacles. I've been wearing glasses since I was 10. Since I finished high school, I've started to wear contact lenses.

I went to Giant in Section 13, the biggest Giant in Shah Alam. I went there with Anas and Pokjak right after we had lunch at Anjung Melur. My initial intention was to find an appropriate size of bag so that I can put my dirty laundry in it because I have to send them to the launders as all washing machines in Meranti broke down. I ended up buying a wire extension, a green mug and a green shopping bag which I used for putting my dirty laundry.

While I was walking around, I saw this one small corner where they set up an optical store. It says "free check-ups". I went there asking for the optician to check on my eyes. She said that my dazzle-sightedness (I'm not sure if this term exists) has increased tremendously to 150+. That explains why these past few days I've been feeling like all cars were giving me high beams whenever I drive at night. She also said my dazzle-sightedness may have increased because I wear contact lenses that only cater to my short-sightedness. She said that if I want to use contact lenses that cater to all my eye defects, I have to buy them for a price of RM100+ per pair and they only can be worn for only a month. Obviously, I don't have that kind of budget so I might as well just wear the current contact lens. She advised me to change to a new pair of glasses soon, because if I don't then my eye powers will continue to increase.

And just found that my blog is being viewed by Americans...!!! Owh my, I have never imagined this...!!! I found out about this through the new function in Blogger, where they help us to get viewers statistics. I wanna thank all of you who's been reading my blog till now. This gives me a new motivation to write more about my life as a TESL student...!!!

I'll write more, this I promise you...(^__^)

eMeRGeNCY SHoPPiNG...!!!

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I am currently at Sepang, as we speak (or as I write and as you read). Finally, after a few days of single-handedness in the room B208 of Meranti college. What interests me the most was I've finally used GPS for the first time! Yeay! Well, what do you expect? I didn't have a car before this and using a GPS application was never a necessity. I used GPS to get me to Sepang, where my cousin house is situated. Well, Fafay and my cousin actually told me which route to use but it was my first time driving to Sepang so it wouldn't hurt with the help of GPS, right?

Before I departed from Shah Alam, I went to the nearest Bank Islam ATM machine. I was thinking of withdrawing some cash because I need to fill out the gas but I didn't have much with me. I slipped the card into the slot, keyed in my PIN number and opted to check on my balance. To my revelation, my account balanced had been increased to RM3k+, means that my PTPTN loan has been banked in. I was so excited, I squeaked like I always do when I get too thrilled. I'm happy...!!!

So, when I reached Sepang I suddenly had the urged to buy a baju melayu for myself. I haven't gotten myself a baju melayu so I figured since I've got the money now it wouldn't hurt to pamper myself a bit. I asked my family at home about our theme this year, and I was told that it was turquoise. Today, I went to Nilai Square with Sis Anie to look for it. When I got there, I was baffled to see 2 kinds of turquoise. One looked like blueish turquoise, and another looked like greenish turquoise. I took a picture of it and sent it to my elder sister, which turquoise should I buy because I didn't wanna get the wrong one.

So, I finally bought the greenish turquoise, the one on the left in the picture above. After looking around for quite some time, I finally chose to buy that. It cost me RM70, a discount price after RM99.90. I also bought golden diamond button to be paired with that newly baju melayu. The pants was quite long though, well I have never bought a pair of pants that really suit me in terms of length because I have a pair of short legs. The pants have to be altered but I don't know if I have the time because once I arrive at KK I'll immediately drive everybody to Mom's hometown in Papar. Since everybody can't drive (more like have the license but never drives), it all end up to me. Sometimes I just can't think how someone who has a driving license, who never drives thinks that she can tell me how to be a competent driver, literally. I'm way competent than anybody in the house who had been competent drivers (Dad excluded) because I never quit driving, even for one second. So, stop telling me how should I drive because you're no driver and I know you can't even move the car if it's in the 1st shift of a manual gear. Can't you see that your attitude has been the reason why people are staying away from you...???

Okay, there I go again, being emotional. Fine, I'm gonna stop these bad emotion and respire calmly because I don't wanna ruin the Eid mood. I think I'm gonna stop here and update another entry with loads of felicity of Eid Mubarak.

SeCReT ReCiPe, PLaZa MaSaLaM & i-CiTY...!!!

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Since yesterday was the last day I was in Shah Alam in Ramadhan, I felt like taking a vengeance on my boredom that I've been through since everybody went home. See, I've been alone in the room B208 since a few days ago and I only watched As The World Turns, a lot...!!!

So I went to Secret Recipe and there I was sitting alone, wretched. While waiting for the waiter to get my order, I pulled out my Blueberry and logged on to Facebook reading people's status updates. When he came, I ordered Prawn Macaroni and Cheese, Shepherd's Pie and Iced Lemon Tea. Then suddenly the waiter asked me if I wanted to order for the other patron or I'll wait for him/her to arrive. I felt like I was struck by a lightning. I felt pathetic for going there breaking fast alone, but breaking fast alone in my room in Meranti was not an option. The waiter apologized for his mistake when I told him that I'll be having my meal alone.

So I quickly finished my meal, and get my hot ass out of there. I didn't know what to do so I went up and stepped inside MPH Bookstore. Found some new books but unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy them so I just went out of there. I paid my parking and in the spur of the moment, I suddenly wanted to go to Plaza Masalam. I remembered Niessa told me to look for Blackberry Storm2 there. Instead, I found iPhone 4 there...!!! The price was almost to RM4k and I think that I should just forget on getting that phone for myself. So, I'm sticking with Blackberry Storm2, which is more cheap than iPhone 4.

I left Plaza Masalam with nowhere to go. I arrived at Meranti with no parking available at that moment. I couldn't park at the parking box because I'll get summon ticket after 8 am the next day. So to kill the time, I suddenly have the urge to go to i-City. I was surprised to find out that I need to pay RM10 to enter. I was reluctant to pay for it but I paid it anyway. It was kind of creepy at the parking lot but I managed to find the entrance anyway. It was nice to be there, but I don't think it worth my Rm10 for going there because there was nothing special. So, here are the pictures.

I immediately went back to Meranti and this time I've gotten a parking in front of there. So tomorrow I'll be going to Sepang sending my brother for his flight to go back to Sabah. I'll stay there for a couple of days and then it'll be my time to fly back to Sabah. Can't wait to go back and celebrate Raya there. Hope it'll be different this time.