BoReDoM STRiKeS...!!!

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Omigod...!!! I am damn bored at home...!!!

It's been exactly one week since I first arrived in Sabah but I begin to feel damn bored My daily activities are eating, watching TV, Facebooking and sleeping. These are the activity that I've been doing since the holiday. Luckily, Abe always texts me because he's damn bored at his home as

It's been almost a week I applied a job at the nearest McDonald's. I'm beginning to wonder why haven't they contacted me. They really need new staffs immediately but I just can't figure out why they haven't called me for the

Do you think I should try the nearest KFC and Pizza Hut instead, just in case???

i'M LoViN' iT...!!!

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It's been awhile since I updated my blog. I've been busy with myself at home, But trust me, it only took me a day to relax and rest because the next day I already felt bored to death! When I heard the phrase "I'm Lovin' It!" it reminds with the Grammar class I had with Mr. UD where he explained that this phrase is grammatically Gosh! How I miss my ASASI time in UiTM.

Well, life must go on. I just hope that I will pass my CGPA and MEdSI. Those are the only obstacles that keeping me away from taking degree in TESL. By the way, I bought MEdSI preparatory book today and it costs me RM22.90. Quite costly but I'm willing to spend my money because I don't want what happened in MUET repeat

So, I went out with Quioum today. We hang out at Center Point and I hate seeing all the people there because they were trying so hard to look like "something" but they turned out so Actually, I asked Quioum to keep me company and to help me to get a job because I'm so newbie about this and he has experience working part time before this. At first we went to Le Meridien hotel where we planned to ask if they have vacancy there. Too bad the office was closed because it was operating for half day only.ivanjaya.netSo, Quioum told me that he really would love to recommend me another place where he used to work at, and the pay is much higher than working in a hotel like Le

So, he suggested for me to work at McDonald's. At first I felt reluctant, but when I think about the people I will meet at the airport, I feel excited. I like Caucasian people and I surely will meet a lot of their kind at the Plus, he said that people who has more good proficiency in more languages will get higher salary. I think I have the advantage because I know 3 languages really well and I can speak them fluently. Those are Malay, English and Mandarin.ivanjaya.netAnother advantage of working at McD in airport is because the distance from my house to the airport is just like between Section 2 and the main campus. So if I walk to work everyday, I will lose weight! I fill out the form, submitted my IC and photo right there and then. I will just have to wait for them to look at my application and they'll call

Owh McD people, please take me. I just don't wanna stay at home

LoVeBiRDS LoVeSToRY...!!!

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As requested by the owner of the body (dared actually by Ezza), I hereby dedicate this very special entry to these two lovebirds, Megat and Ezza...!!!

In the previous few posts, I had mentioned about people name M and E. Well, they were actually Megat and Ezza. I couldn't be happier when I see these two protege of mine finally found their way to each other. Although maybe there are people who are jealous, but let's just give this so in love couple a chance...!!!

It all started during the drama practices we had for our final drama entitled Tun Teja. At first, I never thought that there would be any sparks between the two of them because they barely talk to each other, in class and anywhere. Being their class rep for 2 whole semesters made me understand and realize that there must have been something going on with these two because everything

The one thing that made me realize about them werw their blogs. When I read Ezza's blog, I could see that she found Megat so cute by doing this and that. At first there was Bombay's name along any other entries, my name was there too. But our name began to gradually fade away and only Megat's name stayed in her blog. And finally his name was changed into some symbols like "^^".

Same goes to Megat. Since he's a newbie in blogging world, there was not much he could write about except what had been happening with his daily life. He wrote about how great it was chatting with Ezza. At first he included Ainin's name in his post as well (to cover up maybe), but her name began to fade away as well and left only Ezza's name which afterward been replaced with the word "someone"

I can say, these two were pretty good at hiding things from people. Nobody knows about them until they declare that they are now a sweet loving lovey dovey Most of our friends didn't realize there had been things going on between them because they have been texting non-stop, who will know if they ever text to each other, right? I also thought that Ezza already had someone special which made me think that they were just "teman tapi mesra", but it was more than that. It would be ashamed of me as the loyal die-hard-follower of both of their blogs if I couldn't put the pieces together and solve the puzzle they made in their So, I went straight to their faces and asked if they have something going on. Megat said 'You can ask her if you want answer' and also kept on saying 'I don't know anything' with his face all blushed! So, I went to Ezza and asked her for confirmation. She was the one who helped me by saying that 'We know how we feel about each other but we haven't declared anything YET' at that time. I was so happy to find out about it, like I've just solved a mystery

So, this is it. They have finally declared about their feelings toward each other. I wish that the two of them will always find the joy and happiness in the world of being in a relationship plus all the fights you're gonna

They both have to thank me because if it were not because of me, they wouldn't have anything now. I was the one who chose Megat to be in class 2B when Abe had to be transferred to 2A because of the clash of the schedule and I was also the one who chose Megat to be in my drama group. So guys, give me some credit here...!!!

Well, I hope both of you won't be mad at me for writing this entry. It's a contribution for both of you actually. I promise you I will never stop tease the both of you until I get bored...!!!

iSLaMiC eDuCaTioN STuDieS...!!!

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I know I should have updated my blog from the past few days, but I haven't gotten a chance till now. Many things have happened since the past few days. Some are saddening and some are

As we finished the Islamic Education Studies (IES) paper, it was also the end of my time in ASASI TESL. I put down my holy fire of being the ASASIans President for 2 whole semesters. I would like to thank everybody who has been my backbone, supporting me all this while. I would also like to thank those who were not happy and those who didn't support and didn't like me being the President because facing people like you has made my leadership skills to be more better than ever. Thank you so much...!!!

Ok, since I put the title IES let's talk a little bit about IES paper I had on the final day of our final exam. The paper was indeed the hardest, most difficult, most intricate paper I had to answer during the whole 2 weeks of exam. I thought IL was the most difficult paper but heck, it was IES. I don't know about the rest, but it attacked me at my most vulnerable spot. Well, I can say that I am pretty good at any subject except those subjects that are somehow related to HISTORY...!!! I don't even know why but even being the remembrance couldn't help me with remembering history facts, and this time IES was all about the history of Islamic Education, 'pondok' school etc. I was a doom. I felt like I'm gonna fail this paper, but I'm still hoping that my carry marks for this

As I stepped out of the hall, I saw some people started to hug each other and crying here and there but it wasn't as emotional as I thought. Maybe deep down we all know that we're still gonna see each other again. Later that night, I went to Ole-ole Bowling with the crew and management of Whoa! Willow!! theater production. This was in fact the last time I'll be seeing our Part 8 seniors because even if I come back to UiTM to continue my study in TESL, they would have been graduated from the faculty. I find it a little bit sad to say goodbye but I believe that everything has its end and an end is the start of something new. Goodbye fellow

I went to Sunway Lagoon with Lee, Abe and Alem. Thanks Lee for inviting me as he got 4 free tickets to Sunway Lagoon and he chose to bring me along because Adam refused to join them. I had a really great time with them. Playing all the dangerous yet fun rides in the Dry Park was mere

I'll start to pack my things tomorrow. Heck, I'm gonna go back to Sabah in a few days.

CoLLeGe ReaDiNG...!!!

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Just finished College Reading paper. There's one more paper left which is TPI082 - Islamic Education Studies. But I'm thinking where would I find its reading material to skim and note to scan because the only note we have for IES is from the Power Point slides that we have from lectures, which we didn't pay much attention to and I don't think that's enough.

Well, let's worry about that later. I just wanted to express what I felt about College Reading paper that we had earlier. The paper, of course, needed a lot of reading. I didn't have a rough time answering it, thank goodness...!!! Luckily I read about writing pattern the night before the exam and I also read about distinguishing facts from opinion. Answering the paper was rather boring because I wrote the answers roughly in the question paper, and I had to transfer all answers in the answer booklet. I know when we underestimate an exam paper, saying it was easy, it will turn out otherwise. I just hope that the marking will be easier on us, I know Mdm Nazeera is a nice

Once we had finished our exam, I saw a bunch of 1C fellas stacking gathering outside of the Old Library. We went for a reunion at Section 3 McDonald's. I know it's quite early to call for a reunion but we've been missing each other and we haven't been hanging out with each other for a long time

When we arrived, half of 1C fellas were already there. Izzaty, Syafiqah, Hazreen, Nani, Lee, Tigha, James, Anas & I were the late comers. But Bombay & Megat were later because Megat needed to meet with a senior who's organizing an event in INTEC and he's inviting him to be a guest performer. We had much fun during our get-together. Eja & Hanis with their non-stop craziness, the rest with their own craziness as well. I mentioned about 1C would be a sweet memory especially to Lee & Tigha because they found each other there. I also teased Ezza non-stop today. It was fun to see her all blushing and everybody noticed she was like that till she was asked why did her face went all red like Hazreen's red baju kurung. Don't get mad Ezza, I just couldn't help it...!!!!

Right after the gathering, James, Megat, Anas and I went to PAS to jam! James had this crazy idea of wanting me to sing an altered version of the song Sempurna, specially dedicated to our fellow 1C. We had recorded the whole thing and I'm uploading it to Facebook as we

Okay, now let's worry about IES. Where to start???

CoLLeGe WRiTiNG...!!!

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I woke up at 6.54am on the day I had College Writing 2 paper. This time, I had a good night sleep the night before even though I only slept at 3.00am. I slept well even though it was not as long as I wanted it to be. This was the first time I ever get enough after a long time during the whole 2nd semester of

I got ready and I went to the bus stop together with Acap, Hakim, Yen and Arshad. Acap, Hakim & Yen decided to have breakfast at Section 2 food court while Arshad & I decided to go wait for the bus. Waiting for the bus was painful because I had nothing to do to spare the time. Everybody was beginning to get crowded at the bus stop and when the bus arrived we got on the bus and it was so full like a can of

Arrived at INTEC at 8.24am, I quickly went to Cafe Gagak to get my light breakfast. Are 3 pieces of curry puff considered as light? I got full by just eating them, plus a cup of Iced

The exam started at 9.00am sharp this time. I looked at the question and I was like I know everybody seemed to like the final examination question so much, but I couldn't just pay much attention to it. I spent 30 minutes just to decide which question I should answer. This time, I had to be thorough because there was only 1 question needed to be answered it will cost me 30% of my marks. I just don't want to rush and be hasty about it because we had 3 whole hours to answer the paper. I found it really amazing where some people managed to finish the paper within 1 hour. I hope they weren't hastily wanted to finish the paper out of

I answered the 1st question, which required me to write about the responsibilities present in a movie. I somehow didn't have any idea on what should I write, so I just pick the only boring movie ever (and Inglorious Basterds is also a boring one) which was the movie "Did You Hear about the Morgans?". I just wrote about the responsibilities were shown through safety, relationship and parenthood. Cheesy, isn't it?

Something funny happened today. I went to the toilet and Mr.UD followed me because the previous person went to the toilet spent so much time out of the exam hall so he wanted to check the toilet if there was any notes whatsoever. He waited for me to finish my "business". I was I didn't know that he would wait for me till I got

I finished answering the paper at 11.50am. I went out and found Anas, Acap, Megat, Akmal, James, Arshad & Hafiz. I accompanied them to Mr.UD's office so they can check their carry marks. Most of them weren't happy with their marks, but I think they have improved compared with the previous semester. I'm happy for them.

There's one thing I'm pissed about after I had my lunch, but let's just keep it under the surface because a friend of a friend will surely read my blog entry and I just don't want any problems anymore, at least until I finish my ASASI.

There 2 more papers to go, I'll have to open my College Reading book as I still need to understand a few terms. I'm tired of anger today, so I'll pass.

See ya...!!!