BeD ReST...!!!

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I didn't really know what happened actually. Yesterday, while I was working I felt a sudden pain in my chest, the left side.

I didn't really know what to do at the time. I was arranging the big bottle mineral water when the pain first occurred. I quickly finish what I was doing, and I when to the counter where the cashiers were sitting. I sat there and buried my face into my arms. Each breath I took made another pain in my chest. It felt like my heart was gonna fall from where it was.

After sitting for awhile, the pain went away. I feel better for some more hours when the pain came again. This time it was not as bad as the first one. The pain went away again for good this time and I've made up my mind I was gonna see a doctor right after I finished working.

I went to see the doctor at 8pm. The doctor said that at the age of 19, it's not likely for someone so young to experience heart attack but he doesn't want to eliminate the possibility of it neither. So, he concluded that maybe I was never this tired and did such a hard work physically before which made my heart a tad fatigue and made my heart muscle sprained itself.

Today, all I did was bed resting just like the picture above minus the doctor. Other than bed resting, I went online and watch a little bit of TV programs. Nothing appealled to me much.

Now, I'm feeling fine but I still have this funny feeling at my heart. Seems like the effect is still there. The doctor suggests me to undergo the ECG test if it occurs again.

I hope it's not a real cardiac disease, because I don't want to die yet as I'm still single. I don't want to die alone.

7 DaYS LaTeR...!!!

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This is the place where I work, Petronas Gas Station. Well, the picture is actually taken from Google Images, but all Petronas gas station look the same so I might as well just take this photo.

After been working for several days now, I somehow know the reality of the working world. Being dishonest is like the norm here, especially when it comes to money and financial issue. Call me old-fashioned but as much as being open-minded, I still value the importance of being honest.

I try so hard not to be judgmental, but I just couldn't. Apparently, people around here think that it's okay for you to take things in the Mesra shop without even paying for them. They will go berserk when the bosses (we have a lot of bosses till I don't know which one is which) deduct the losses of item from their salary. I mean, the bosses have every right to do that as the staffs are the one who steal from the Mesra shop.

I am anticipating that when I get my first paycheck, my salary will be deducted as well even though I'm the only 99.99% honest employee around here. They will deduct all employees equally for the loss. Don't get me wrong, working here is such a great experience for me. Working with Kak Bunga (the supervisor), Eiqien (Mesra Shop Keeper), Teng (the friendly sweet cashier), Hadaha (the unhygienic cashier), Rafee (the always happy pump boy) and Ibarahim (the silent one) is fun, but honesty is always the issue here. Even the supervisor herself is not honest.

So far, Teng is the only person who is honest other than myself. She is the most friendly person at work. We always talk about things and I told her alone about the fact that I'm currently on my holidays and I won't be working here for long. She told me that it was a wise move not to tell about it Kak Bunga in the first place as they wouldn't hire me if they knew about it. She also told me not to tell Eiqien about it because she's close with Kak Bunga.

The only thing that I can't stand here is the fact that Hadaha is working as the same shift as I am. Okay, I didn't really want to look down on him but he was the one who wanted to mess with me. One things this green Earth know is, you don't mess with Iz Rijap...!!! You don't know what is he capable of. (This is just an irritated expression.) Since the first day I started working here, he's the only one who frankly shows the world how much he hates me. He even criticized me for being hygienic. Where the hell does that come from, huh...???

I might not as "kampung" as he is, it's because we all are living in a freaking civilized city...!!! Even the real kampung people take good care of their hygiene. I just don't understand what kind of mindset does he possess. He always asks for my help, borrow my phone charger and everything I just couldn't list out but he never stops criticizing me for being myself. I wouldn't mind if he wants to correct me if I did anything wrong, and I barely speak with him now. He's new as I am, only he started working there 2 days earlier than I was and he's freaking younger than me...!!!

I thought the bosses had changed him to the night shift but he requested them not to do that because he just doesn't want to work at night. Maybe he has transportation problem. Seems that I need to be extra patient with this filthy guy in order to earn money at Petronas because I'm stuck with him.

Luckily, I will quit right after I get my 2nd paycheck on 15th June 2010...!!!