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Hi guys...!!!

A lot had happened and it's really been awhile since my last update...I think next time I should organize my time a little bit more so that I can write more, right? You know, I even find hard time to spend for watching my favorite TV show that I download everyday because this show is not available in Malaysia's TV network which is As The World Turns.

I'm currently working on my CSS journal which the date line was yesterday. Hah! I've just started doing my journal at this hour, a little bit crazy huh? Well, I am crazy and that is why I think people around me got comfortable around me. Lately, people around me saying that they like to be around me because I'm Iz. They can't actually describe why they like to be around me so much, but they think that I am being adaptive to different people that I hang out with. I'll take this as a compliment and I feel really good about myself when people around me can accept me for who I am, though I am not 100% showing my craziness yet...!!!

Last 2 weeks ago during our mid sem break, I went to Azhann's home at Rawang. Staying there for 1 whole week was really nice. It is so nice till I can't describe them in words. One thing that had touched my heart is that Aunt Zehan (Azhann's mom) said that they are my family. I mean, we just met for the first time and I am treated like I'm one of them, the family. I don't know if I was giving bad or right impression because people tend to misunderstand me. But I think even if I was giving them a bad impression, they are accepting me for who I am.

When I was there, it was so much fun than my own home back at Sabah. I just don't understand why the real and biological family that I have can never be like the other family that I always see around me. I don't think anyone should blame me for not wanting to always hang out the problematic family that I have. That's why there are some people in my so called family doesn't like the principle that I am having right now which is I tend to prioritize friends than family.

Well, if you ask me who would want to hang out with family whereas they are so overprotective and annoying? And keep on telling you what you can or can't like you don't have a brain whereby you are already 18 years old? I am grateful that my parents are giving me the right that I supposedly own, but there are people in my family that is trying to overpower my parents position. Come on, even my parents don't tell me what I can or can't do because they trust me and I appreciate that, than who are you to tell me things that you think is right but I still have my own way of thinking what you want me to do is wrong...

Sorry for being a little bit emotional but I'm so depressed by "those" who think they have control over my life...

Ok guys, better get going...Lots of assignment not yet done...Due date tomorrow...Hahaha..