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It's close to the end of my semester break. I remember in my previous entry I talk about my trying to find a part time job to fill my boredom of staying in the house doing nothing but eating and sleeping. Well, add watching TV to that. That was before I learned the fact that my buddy back from primary and lower secondary school turned into a mini Hulk.

That's an exaggeration. He's no Hulk. He just has this buff, ripped-off body to die for. So I asked him what he did because he told me that he used to be fat all those years we hadn't seen each other. Gym. That's all it took to convince me that it's time for me to turn my life around. Well, not necessarily my life. My physique it is.

I've been going to the gym these couple of months and I must say I feel a lot different from before. Well, if you saw me I didn't think you would notice any bizarre changes took place because there was none. Truth is, working out and seeing the result are two things that don't go together very well. Of course, you have to work very hard to gain that body-to-die-for type of body.

I went to Herbalife to measure my fat content. Turned out that most of my fat had been burned to my going to the gym and muscles have been building up since then. So I vow to myself that once I arrive in Shah Alam I won't abandon this routine. This needs to go on if I really to prove to the world out there that I indeed can change the way I look, the way I want it to be. Speaking of which, I'll be going to the gym in 30 minutes from now so I need to get ready.

Before I end this, I just wanted to say the reason I came back here because of one thing and one thing only. I want to write. Continue writing things as it used to be. And this blog's being my online journal is so yesterday. So thanks to a good friend of mine who is also a grammar nazi, Nad Penguin, I'm going to start writing stories in this blog. Yes, you read it right. I know it's kinda off from my style but I want to try something new. You know, make full use of this blog that I have since 2006. How long has it been? 6 years? Almost.

So, that's it. The next time to come here it'll be a story. I have so many things in my mind right now it's so exasperating to them to words. Think I'll just draft them out first.

p/s: I don't understand why this computer thinks I typed "online" wrongly.