MueT - SPeaKiNG...!!!

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Hi guys...!!!

Yesterday, I went to SM All Saints, Likas to have my MUET Speaking examination. I was wearing light green stripy long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black slack pants and a lime green neck tie. I arrived there by 9.15 a.m. as I was a little bit late because I dropped my mom at her office earlier and Ethel arrived at the mamak restaurant that we've planned earlier than she supposed to so I don't want to keep her waiting.

After I parked my car, I went to look for Ethel. I just keep walking to the block of stores and suddenly I heard somebody called me out from behind. It was Ethel. She was wearing this white kebaya which has blue flowers on it. She looked pretty in it.

Then, she accompanied me to a restaurant there where I had Mihun Goreng Ayam and Teh Tarik. She told me that she had her breakfast earlier with her dad in another restaurant nearby. We were talking like crazy, talked about Larry's bad behavior. I can see that Ethel has this big fat vengeance on him. Well, he had been a really lousy leader, so to speak. Not that I'm trying to make him look bad but words spread around TESL ASASIans. Things have been bad with College Study Skills, the IJN thingy that they did wrong. I feel sorry for Ethel, Haziq, Ainin and their team mates because lots of mark had been deducted because of what had happened. No marks for their presentation and 15% had been deducted from their report mark. If I were Ethel, I would be furious myself.

Erica showed up when we were talking about our upcoming 2nd semester in ASASI TESL. Everybody is eager to go to Language and Drama class next semester. So do I because I am really ready to take away the Best Actor award from everybody. I know I have the talent to be a good performer. It's just that my time has not come yet. Erica was wearing this gray baju kurung with brown flowers on it. She was wearing a pair of hazel colored contact lenses. Few minutes later, Aaron arrived at the scene and he was wearing dark brown shirt, a pair of black slack pants and light brown neck tie.

When we finished our breakfast, it was almost to 11 a.m. and we decided to go into the school and we were told to go to the school library. We were quarantined in the room next to the library. There was this guy, who was looking at me like he wants to eat me. I just couldn't get it. If he was angry with me because I was chatting with the rest and I was using my high-volume-normal voice, he supposed to be doing the same with others because I was not the only one talking. I don't know what seemed to be his problem. He was this geeky Chinese guy who I really love to hate in real life. Let's just say, he was intimidated by my speaking skills. I just don't get him. (>_<)

We were grouped in 4. I was grouped with Aaron, Erica and one girl from ASASI LAW. I feel sorry for Ethel because she couldn't join us as she was group with another group. The waiting was hell, luckily the geeky Chinese guy was not around anymore so I could chat with my group mates with ease. It was annoying to see people keep on staring at you for no reason.

So, Ethel's group was done with their speaking. I saw them shaking their heads and they were making fake smiles. I began to feel nervous, because I assumed that they must have faced a very bad speaking session. I entered the room and I saw a middle-aged Chinese lady was sitting at the center of the room. She was wearing rounded shape pair of spectacles and was wearing dark purple Punjabi attire. She asked us to take our respective seats.

There had been some problems with Aaron's status of being there because he didn't print out the paper that he was supposed to bring together. So, I told the invigilator that it was not Aaron's fault that he didn't bring the paper together because according to Mr. Shah our name wasn't suppose to be in the MPM system. But it did and yes Aaron was suppose to bring the paper just in case.

Then, another invigilator entered the room. She is an Indian lady who was wearing dark purple Punjabi outfit as well. Is it the wearing-dark-purple-Punjabi-outfit day or what? Then, she began checking my IC. She suddenly went to see the other invigilator and murmured something to her. Then the Chinese lady told her:
"There's our candidate. Nobody left his IC here."
"Is something wrong?" I asked, curious.
"Nothing. I thought somebody left his IC here, because you don't look like in the IC here. You look different." she explained.
"Really? I must look better now compared to the picture in there." I replied with a small chuckle.
"Maybe you should get a new one, since this IC looks old." the Chinese lady spoke.
"Yup. I actually went to update my IC last week. So I'm practically waiting for it to be done then I'll get it."I said, with my cute smile.

I look at the question paper. The topic that I got for the our speaking session was Developing Responsibility. My point was through family. For Task A, I think I did great. I keep my eye contact with the invigilators and I always look them in the eye and convince them that what I said is the most true. I didn't know how did I pull it out but I managed to present my points within the very 2 minutes. Just my luck, I guess.

Then for Task B, I was the one who started the discussion and it was like a debate as Erica was agreeing with my point and supported it, while the girl from ASASI LAW was agreeing with Aaron and supported his point instead, which is developing responsibility through individual level. It was fun, because I didn't try to conquer the whole discussion to myself because everybody has everything to say. The time ended, and we were given 1 minute to make a conclusion. We were looking at each other, and then I opened my mouth and present my conclusion which I still stand on my point that family is the most important aspect in developing one's sense of responsibility.

After we got out, we didn't see Ethel anywhere. So I called her and she told me that she was already home. So Erica, Aaron and I went to another restaurant to have our lunch. We talked about our previous MUET Speaking session and laugh our asses off about the whole thing. I guess all of us were satisfied with the whole incident. What a relief! (^_^)

So, we're just gonna wait until 7th November. That's when we will be having our Listening, Writing and Reading Comprehension. I just hope everything will be going smoothly as our Speaking. There's nothing to do at home actually, since I have finished all 3 books of Percy Jackson that Azhann lend me.

I'm going to download lots and lots of movies so that my friends and I will be able to have some entertainment when we're back for our 2nd semester.

Until then, chiao...!!!

JouRNeY To THe WeST...!!!

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Hi guys...!!!

Finally, I'm here at my house, my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!!! It's been almost 5 months since I was here.

I didn't get much sleep when I was still in Shah Alam. I was awaken by James' noise of showering in the bathroom. Imagine, I slept around 5 am and woke up again at 8.30 am. I realized that Hafiz was still sleeping soundly next to me. We were sleeping at the living room of room D208 the night before that. I felt groggy still, and realize I was in the one of the most messiest room in Meranti (no hard feelings guys, it's the fact). (^_^)

So, my friends (Hafiz, James, and Bombay) and I went to Gerai Baha  and had our breakfast there. After we told the waiter our order, everybody got their meal 5 minutes later, except for me. I don't know why, but it seemed like the "penebar roti" didn't make my order. So, I went to see him and place my order once again. I got my meal after everybody had finished eating. (>_<)

Basically, the taxi arrived 5 minutes early than we told him to come. It was okay though as we quickly return to D208 and packed those little things that we didn't pack, like towels and toiletries that we used for our shower that morning. Unfortunately, the security guard didn't allow the taxi to go in, so we had to bring every single thing from room D208 to the taxi, which happened to be at the entrance of Meranti. (>_<)

I was sweating so much, as my stuffs were too much for a small guy like me. I sat at the front seat, which leaves Hafiz and James to sit at the back, together with all the stuffs that didn't fit in the trunk of the taxi. I was asleep when we were on our way to LCCT, Sepang. As I regained my consciousness, I realized that we had arrived at the airport.

We paid the taxi driver RM75, each of us contributed RM25. As we got our things on the trolley, we went to the counter and checked-in our baggage. Next, James wanted to eat KFC for his lunch, while Hafiz and I were still full from our breakfast just then.

We sat at the waiting hall after everything settled. I bid farewell to Hafiz and James. I queued up and I was on the plane. Once I got into the plane, I was so surprise to see my pet brother in the very same plane...!!! He was there, standing in front of me with his steward uniform on. I never saw him in his uniform before, and he looked so good in it.  He was surprised as I was right there and then.

Well, I don't know what I saw but he wasn't on board. I tried to look for him, but there were just 4 stewardesses on board. It confused me a bit to saw him earlier in the plane but he wasn't there for the whole flight. It was irritating for me because sitting right next to me was a very old Chinese couple who were very "jakun". As if they never got on a plane before. Seeing the land from 30 thousand feet above the sky, made them go crazy. I was annoyed by them even when I put on my mp4 player on. I couldn't even concentrate reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Once I reached the KK airport, I turned on my phone and started to type something on the phone. I sent the text to him, asking him why didn't I see him during the whole flight. But too bad until now I still don't get any feedback from him. (T_T)

I went out and saw Abel and Itah outside. I don't know why, but they acted really awkward. As if they don't really know who I am. I asked them where was Dad, and they told me he was in the car waiting. When I got to the car, he asked me:
"Iz, can you drive? I'm so sleepy right now."
"Sure, why not?" I replied.
Frankly speaking, I was really happy since driving my Myvi was one of the things I really wanted to do when I reached KK.

Since I reached here, I don't feel that well. I mean, literally. I sneeze all the time, non-stop. Some times, I sneeze too much until it hurts my nasal cavity and my throat. I think maybe I'm gonna see a doctor tomorrow. By the way, I'm going to Jabatan Pendaftaran and update my IC photo. You guys will see me with new IC.

Well, it's already late and I need to get up early tomorrow. Let's hope everything will go as planned. Until then...


SaD BuT SaTiSFieD...!!!

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Hi guys...!!!

I am practically lying on my stomach together with James beside me. He is reading Doraemon comic book right now. Somehow, the three of us (Hafiz, James and me), are too excited to go to sleep as tomorrow we will be going back to our hometown...!!! (Bombay is sleeping soundly on his bed. LOL)

Me & James

They both are going back to Kuching, Sarawak, or should I say only James alone is going back to Kuching because Hafiz will go back to a place he called as Bintangor. According to Hafiz, it'll take him a total of 5 hours of journey from Kuching to Bintangor, and there's no such thing as highway road throughout the whole journey.

Hafiz & Me

As everybody know it, we had come to an end of the 1st semester of Foundation of Teaching English as a Second Language, or should I say, ASASI TESL. I'm kind of sad but I'm satisfied as the same time. Things have been great so far. (^_^)

I mean, all these while things weren't going smoothly as they were planned but I'm happy because from my point of view I ended my 1st semester in a very good way. I thought I'd be all miserable and make all those long-faces again when people I care started to go back to their home but to no avail.

I am pretty sad because I will leave all those joyful moments I had with my room mates, class mates and my course mates. But it doesn't mean that I'll forget everything that we had gone through together. All those memories, regardless of being good or bad, will remain in my mind, my heart.

I'll miss what I had with the most exhilarating class of ASASI TESL batch of 2009, Group 1C. I think it was an fortunate event we were put together as class mates. Things we shared and gone through together can't be explained by word because it is beyond that. You can just tell how great we were from those pictures taken all the way through 1st semester. I'll miss them so much.

I just want to give my highest gratitude to fellow 1C class mates for being such supportive and cooperative class mates which made my work as class representative much more easier than other class reps. Thanks for all the respect you have given to me as I did my responsibilities.


Special thanks to my sweet and compassionate assistant, Hazreen (or the rest would call her Mommy), for being a really great help to me. I appreciate those deeds you did for me, taking keys every morning classes, taking care of the class when I was lying on hospital bed due to dengue fever, when I was lying on my green-sheeted  bed due to high-temperate fever. Thank you...!!!

Hazreen & Me

Thanks to the members of The Lucky 10 (Azhann, Yen, Fayfay, Megat, Anas, Bombay, Lee, James, Abe and Adam) for being able to accept me for who I am. You guys always make me feel comfortable and appreciated even I am different.

I was spending my precious time with my two best buddies, Azhann and Yen. We went to Domino's Pizza  to redeem one free regular-sized Aloha Chicken pizza. Right after that, we went to McDonald's at Section 3 to enjoy our pizza together with burgers and fries. Yen had Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Azhann had Quarter Pounder, and I had Big Mac.

While having our meal, we reminisced some memories since the first day we were here, in UiTM Shah Alam. Where we first met and everybody was annoyed and disgusted by me doing Beyonce dance moves which now turned into something that people can laugh off about. We still remember what was our so-wrong first impression toward each other. Azhann being viewed as rich spoiled  brat  and Yen being viewed as the guy who has the same height as mine.

Azhann & Me

Me & Yen

Those crisis we gone through together. Larry incident and Sasha incident. All of them still fresh in our mind, or at least my mind. Guys, thanks for making my day today. I want to thank the both of you for being such good friends. Thank you for always bearing with my flamboyant attitude, be good listeners, good story-tellers, good story-sharers, and for always be there when I needed you guys.

When we were back from McDonald's, I saw everybody was beginning to pack their things. Each and every one of us just can't seem to wait to go back to our hometown. When Mama arrived, she told me some tips on MUET Speaking test. Just don't try so hard to tell the invigilators that you are superb. If you are truly great, you don't have to show it as those experienced examiner can tell if you are good.

Before Azhann and Mama depart from Meranti, she asked Azhann to triple check and make sure everything have been in the Naza Ria MPV. He assured her that everything was in. I bid farewell to them. I hugged Azhann tightly and closely as we won't be seeing each other for a month and a week. I waved as Mama drove off.

I went upstairs to my room and I saw everybody was beginning to finished packing their things. I was startled as I haven't even packed anything yet. So I quickly went to my room, unzipped my luggage bag and starting to put my stuffs into it. I also put some of my stuff into a big box which I sent to my brother's house because there are too much for me to bring home along.

After I finished folding my clothes and putting them into my luggage bag, I checked around the room to make sure than everything is already packed. When I looked at the back of our door, I laughed my ass heart off to see Azhann left 2 pairs of stripy slack pants, a pair of LEE black jeans with a stylish belt around the belt hanger. Then, I texted Azhann and told him that he was being typical again, which to leave things behind when he goes back home. (^_^)

Azhann asked me to hold on to his stuffs until the 2nd semester starts. Means that I'll be bringing his stuffs all the way to Sabah. His pants will be somekind of tourist to Sabah. LOL

When I got out, I saw everyone had finished packing. Everybody has too many things with them. It's like they are going to move out from a house to another house or something. It occurred to me that seeing these were so interesting which made me grabbed my Sony Ericsson G705 and take pictures of packed things.







I just can' wait to reach KK do everything that I've been missing since I've been in Shah Alam.

I'm sad but I'm satisfied. Thanks for caring everyone...!!!



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Hi guys...!!!

Now I can actually breathe easy...As for the last two weeks I've been in my final exam week...It was exhausting, mentally and physically...

I would like to give my reviews on the courses that I've gone through for the whole of last week...

It was not as hard as I thought it would be...The Multiple Choice Question was okay, and the essay question was not that difficult...But the way I answered the paper was not factual, but in more general way...Yeah, when it comes to history, I suck...!!!

This one was really tough...Luckily there was no such question that required me to define what kind of grammar that was used in a particular sentence...If it were like that, I think I would die due to lots of mistakes in answering the paper...

Same goes with this course...It was way easier than those tests that we had during our whole semester...Same here, I didn't really answer it with using the actual definition...What I did was answer all of the essay question with a more general way...

This was kind of easy paper, though most of us were shocked because there was some rules that we didn;t know added up to the instruction...We were told to write not more that 450 words...How can you do that with writing an essay less than 450 words when you have so much thing in your head to be written in black and white??? Those who wrote more than 450 words will be penalized...I think I wrote more than that even though I didn't have much time to count the words...

It was such a waste of time for this paper to be answered in 3 hours whereas we managed to finish this within one hour only...We started off with a little bit of difficulty since the conversation that we had to listen was happening really fast...I don't think real human being would converse like that...The phonetic section was really easy...

This paper was not that hard, but due to lots of 'reading' needed for this paper, so people tend to be sleepy and lazy and answer this paper hastily...Easiest course but yet a boring paper to answer...People who takes for granted on this paper won't get a good result...

Yesterday, I went to INTEC to accompany Azhann to get his MUET letter from Mr Shah and then we went to see some result for carry marks...

I got 39.6% for my Grammar out of 60%...Not that good I would say...Then I took a picture of the whole namelist so that my class mates can check their marks...

Click to enlarge

So, that was it...Right now I'm just sitting in front of my lappy and bore the hell out of me...By the way, Idzni is coming to Meranti tonight...We won't be that bored after all...I'm going back to KK this Saturday afternoon...I just can't wait to go back home and see my cat, Harry and my car Myvi...