JouRNeY To THe WeST...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

Finally, I'm here at my house, my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!!! It's been almost 5 months since I was here.

I didn't get much sleep when I was still in Shah Alam. I was awaken by James' noise of showering in the bathroom. Imagine, I slept around 5 am and woke up again at 8.30 am. I realized that Hafiz was still sleeping soundly next to me. We were sleeping at the living room of room D208 the night before that. I felt groggy still, and realize I was in the one of the most messiest room in Meranti (no hard feelings guys, it's the fact). (^_^)

So, my friends (Hafiz, James, and Bombay) and I went to Gerai Baha  and had our breakfast there. After we told the waiter our order, everybody got their meal 5 minutes later, except for me. I don't know why, but it seemed like the "penebar roti" didn't make my order. So, I went to see him and place my order once again. I got my meal after everybody had finished eating. (>_<)

Basically, the taxi arrived 5 minutes early than we told him to come. It was okay though as we quickly return to D208 and packed those little things that we didn't pack, like towels and toiletries that we used for our shower that morning. Unfortunately, the security guard didn't allow the taxi to go in, so we had to bring every single thing from room D208 to the taxi, which happened to be at the entrance of Meranti. (>_<)

I was sweating so much, as my stuffs were too much for a small guy like me. I sat at the front seat, which leaves Hafiz and James to sit at the back, together with all the stuffs that didn't fit in the trunk of the taxi. I was asleep when we were on our way to LCCT, Sepang. As I regained my consciousness, I realized that we had arrived at the airport.

We paid the taxi driver RM75, each of us contributed RM25. As we got our things on the trolley, we went to the counter and checked-in our baggage. Next, James wanted to eat KFC for his lunch, while Hafiz and I were still full from our breakfast just then.

We sat at the waiting hall after everything settled. I bid farewell to Hafiz and James. I queued up and I was on the plane. Once I got into the plane, I was so surprise to see my pet brother in the very same plane...!!! He was there, standing in front of me with his steward uniform on. I never saw him in his uniform before, and he looked so good in it.  He was surprised as I was right there and then.

Well, I don't know what I saw but he wasn't on board. I tried to look for him, but there were just 4 stewardesses on board. It confused me a bit to saw him earlier in the plane but he wasn't there for the whole flight. It was irritating for me because sitting right next to me was a very old Chinese couple who were very "jakun". As if they never got on a plane before. Seeing the land from 30 thousand feet above the sky, made them go crazy. I was annoyed by them even when I put on my mp4 player on. I couldn't even concentrate reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Once I reached the KK airport, I turned on my phone and started to type something on the phone. I sent the text to him, asking him why didn't I see him during the whole flight. But too bad until now I still don't get any feedback from him. (T_T)

I went out and saw Abel and Itah outside. I don't know why, but they acted really awkward. As if they don't really know who I am. I asked them where was Dad, and they told me he was in the car waiting. When I got to the car, he asked me:
"Iz, can you drive? I'm so sleepy right now."
"Sure, why not?" I replied.
Frankly speaking, I was really happy since driving my Myvi was one of the things I really wanted to do when I reached KK.

Since I reached here, I don't feel that well. I mean, literally. I sneeze all the time, non-stop. Some times, I sneeze too much until it hurts my nasal cavity and my throat. I think maybe I'm gonna see a doctor tomorrow. By the way, I'm going to Jabatan Pendaftaran and update my IC photo. You guys will see me with new IC.

Well, it's already late and I need to get up early tomorrow. Let's hope everything will go as planned. Until then...


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ezzabella. said...

welcome back to KK!
i hope u enjoy ur hols.
take care!

Iz said...

my holiday is boring....(T_T)

ZaCkG fRiDzHa said...

thanks iz for being concern about us...frankly, i already stop talking about that matter...let bygone be bygone...hahaha...btw, do u have ethel's pic in her kebaya? corious to see her image! hahaha