WoRLD SCHoLaR'S CuP...!!!

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Okay guys. So this is the only chance I’ve got after going away for a few days. And after this, I’ll be going away to my friend’s house again. So here goes.

I was away for a big event organized by my beloved faculty, the Faculty of Education. It was World Scholar’s Cup. WSC is a big event encompasses 4 main competitions in a group of 3 people. They are persuasive writing, debate, multiple choice questions and scholar’s bowl.

I was one of the liaison officers and I was supposed to chaperone a school from Singapore, but apparently they didn’t turn up. I was frustrated at first for not getting any team from United States of America, but it all turned around when I handled the Bolivia team for the Scholar’s Scavenge. My scavenge team is a combination of students from Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Korea. Why didn’t I feel frustrated anymore? Easy, because almost all of them spoke in American accent except for Zara from Repton Academy who came from the UK.

It was a 4-day event. All I can say is, the event was fun but stressful. The stress comes from the disorganization of the management. Having said that, I’m glad that the event is over at the same time it’s kind of overwhelming because leaving those guys and continue with normal life is somehow saddening. Well, life has to go on, right?

Well, this is the news from Buletin Utama. I was interviewed in the news, the one wearing the green t-shirt or you can go here for a better quality video. Before you leave my blog, please help me abuse the ads ok. Until next time! (^^,)


PeoPLe aRe CoMiNG..!!!

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As I’m writing this, I’m lying on my stomach in front of my laptop. I’m not sitting at my usual spot because of my backache. I know what you’re thinking now, how come someone as young as me (which some people say I’ve the face of a 25-year-old) can experience such thing? To tell you the truth, I don’t even know, but this backache has been going on for months already. If I sit for a period of time, my back will start to feel the pain. I went to see a doctor about this and she said that what I’m experiencing is muscle pain. Maybe I should go find a massage house or something like that to ease this pain.
Actually, I just got back from Jusco Bukit Tinggi. I’m still unsure why I went there. This is one of the one-thing-led-to-another-and-I-don’t-know-what-happened incidents. Wanie actually called me because she needed a ride to the nearest KTM so she could change the date of her tickets back to Kelantan. Eija is staying with Wanie for the night so she tagged along. Once we settled the ticket thingy, we didn’t know what to do and where to go. Eija truly wanted to go watch a movie, but Amir didn’t want to while Wanie and I could go both ways (that might sound wrong).

While we were on the road, we decided to explore Klang and went straight to Bukit Tinggi. When we were there, I accompanied them to window-shop. Well, if you go out with girls who claim that they’re gonna just window-shop; you have to know that is a total bull! Both Eija and Wanie brought home a shopping bag. Amir, Eija and I didn’t feel hungry, unlike Wanie who bought a large McDonald’s fries before we go back, so we hung out at Starbucks. This is the first time I check-in to Starbucks, foursquare of course. I had a grande Java Chip frappucino and a blueberry scorne, while Amir and Wanie had something chocolaty which left Eija having espresso.

So, that’s all we did before we get busy starting from tomorrow. With what? World Scholar’s Cup. Some kind of an international debate competition. But before that I need to do 3 things tomorrow. First, bring my car to EON service to get it, well, serviced at 8.00am. Second, attend the WSC briefing at 10.30am. Lastly, have lunch after the briefing at Subway! I’m so looking forward for tomorrow.

I’m signing off, thanks for reading! But before u click the “X” button at the top right of your Mozilla/Chrome, please abuse the ads on my blog ok. See ya! (^^,)


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Okay. So, here I am. Sitting in front of my laptop, writing. Well, not literally writing though because I’m not holding any pen, pencil or even any stationary that could actually enable me to write. What I’m doing in front of my laptop? Typing. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, literally. Wait…!!! What the hell am I doing here arguing semantics with myself? I’m supposedly writing an update for my readers. Duh~!

Okay, scratch that. Now, let’s talk about something else. If you notice, I’ve put some ads on my blog. Yeah, I’ve been active with nuffnang for quite some time. I didn’t think this would work in the first place but apparently it did, and it still does. Even though it’s just a teeny tiny bit of money, but the amount I get from posting ads on my blog is increasing day by day. Of course, I have to thank my fellow loyal readers for being, well, loyal reader. I wouldn’t have succeeded without your help, clicking those ads every day. And now, I need your help to click them again, every time you get the chance, every time you visit my blog.

What’s in it for you? Well, since you’ve been reading my blog since day one, I promise you more updates about my life here. I have tons of things ahead of me and they sure are worth to be put on my blog. (^^,)

Well, I just wanted to show you that since I finished this semester exam I’ve been doing nothing but restoring my fat. Well, I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping and eating. Hey, I did something else today. I cut my hair! And I’m going to show you what I have done with it!

There’s no other reason why I did this to my hair, because I was bored and I needed something new in my life. Hence, the hair is born.

Well, it’s really late and I think I should get some sleep. I’ll give you more updates later ok! (^__^)