MY SuPeR SWeeT 19...!!!

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Happy 19th birthday to me, myself and I, the hottest, cutest and most bootylicious guy...!!! Okay, it's just way overrated...Hahahhahah...!!!

My birthday this year rather different from the past years. I can't believe that a lot of birthday wishes from Facebook alone can make me smile all day. I thought that wishing birthdays through Facebook would bring no effect to me, but it was different indeed.

Another reason why it's rather weird birthday because I have just started my 1st day of working in a gas station, Petronas. I was called this morning just to be told by my supervisor, Kak Bunga that's I've been hired to be a pump boy. I was happy that I finally got a job, but I was not so thrill with the job scope. When I arrived at the station, Kak Bunga told me about what should I do every morning I go there. To my surprise, I had to climb the big lorry that carried the oil to be filled into the underground tank. OMG...!!! That was not the job I've been dying to do...!!! Moreover, these things need to be done under the hot noon sun...!!!

Kak Bunga told me to help Teng, a girl who was rearranging all the stuff at the shelves afterward. I had rather fun doing all the job inside the Mesra shop in an air-conditioned room. Maybe she noticed that I didn't really enjoy doing all the things under the hot sun, she then asked me to come at 8am tomorrow instead of 6am because she transferred me to work in the Mesra shop with the same salary as a pump boy. I was thinking, hell yeah...!!! I wouldn't mind having the same salary, as long as I don't have to climb onto a big lorry and 'sunbathing' under the sun.

So, starting from tomorrow I'll be the Mesra shop assistant instead of the pump boy. I am really grateful that my job scope and my position has been changed because there were 2 other guys applied the job as pump boys today. Luckily for me, as they applied for the job they enabled me to be transferred into the Mesra shop. Besides, all the workers in the Mesra shop asked Kak Bunga to transfer me and work inside with them in the shop. I guess they already like me, huh! What a fortunate event on my birthday...!!!

So, my working hour is at 8am - 5pm everyday, just like working at the office except for the fact that I need to come on Saturday and Sunday as well. I don't really mind because I rather be in the Mesra shop arranging groceries than staying at home alone like crazy...!!!

I hope working at Petronas will be a wonderful experience for me...!!! Wish me luck, guys...!!! Though I still haven't got anything for my so called brthday...

GReeN iPHoNE...!!!

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I googled around the net few days back and I suddenly found this Green iPhone...!!! It looks so cool. I found out from the article that in the United States, you can get a custom made iPhone for just $100 extra payment.

I don't know why, but I suddenly fall in love with iPhone now. It's not because of this Green iPhone, but since I came back to Sabah I suddenly have the urge to own this cute little gadget.

I was hoping that someone would get me this for my upcoming birthday. But considering my never ending family crisis right now and nobody ever cared about my birthday, it's just gonna be a dream that will never come true.


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I'm so angry right now! I feel like I want to burn down the KFC in Putatan. It's been almost a month now since my holiday started. I've been trying to find a job at every nearest fast food restaurants but to no avail.

I don't know, maybe they just don't want to hire a student who is having his semester break. Some say I should have not been fully honest to the manager and told them that I'm in my holiday and I'll be continuing my study in July but I only told KFC about it while I didn't tell so to Burger King and McDonald's.

It began when I called KFC earlier today. I called and someone picked up the phone. It was a guy and I asked him if there are still any vacancies there. To my surprise, he said that they are already full! I was speechless. I didn't know what to say I just hung up the phone just like that. The supervisor named Vivian, a fat-bespectacled-overly-done-make-up woman interviewed me on 14th April, together with another guy who seemed like just an ordinary crew. I've already prepared all the things needed to apply for the job there because I called the place earlier and I wanted to look good so I prepared everything as soon as possible. When I got there, she said she would love to have me as one of the crews because they really needed more new crews immediately. She also mentioned about helping me to open an account at Public Bank and EPF. I asked her if I should fill out any form. She said she would call me on 15th or 16th April to settle everything on that day. The only reason she was unable to make me her so called crew immediately because they ran out of uniform. How naive I was to believe that. I waited and waited and waited till I got bored today so I called the KFC again. Such a disappointment when I was told they are full. Full my ass...!!!

I was such a fool to believe what they said, saying that they would hire me as soon as the uniform arrived. I hate KFC Putatan...!!!

Now, I only have 2 months to go before my holiday ends. I don't even know if I still have time to work anymore.

I don't even know if I used proper grammar, I'm so emotional right now I can't even think straight

aS iZ'S WoRLD TuRNS To a ToTaL BoReDoM...!!!

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I feel a tad guilty towards my blog because it has been left out a couple of weeks now. Yeah, there has been nothing going on with my life since the end of ASASI and now I'm in my semester break. How do you expect for me to write about myself when there's not even a speck of interesting event that happened in my life right now?

Well, I have sat for the MEdSI written test. Actually, it was not as similar to the questions in the book, but I'm so relieved that I bought the book in the first place as I've prepared for the things that I need to answer in the test. Well, I'm just gonna pray and keep my fingers cross to hope for the best of my luck.

I'm started to wonder myself, am I fit to be a teacher? I know I've been telling people around me that I want to be a lecturer, but they all are just labels. Let it be teachers, lecturers, tutors, professors and so forth but in the end they all fall in the same category, educators. This MEdSI written test is the only thing that's making me one step away from my dream of pursuing my studies in Degree in TESL.

Basically, I've been told by too many people since I was in high school that I have what it takes to be an educator. Frankly speaking, being an educator was not even in my ambition list since I was small. As time goes by, I used to ask people what I should be when I grow up. Most of them said that I should be a teacher. I didn't really believe them in the first place, but day by day I can see that people won't say things that aren't true. Maybe I couldn't see it myself at that moment, but I think people around me would know and see my true potentials.

Now, I just hope that everything will turn out fine. I have really put everything in this course, I just hope things will get better in

BaCK-2-BaCK MoVieS...!!!

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OMG...!!! I can't believe I just did that...!!! I have just watched 2 movies back to back yesterday,

Yes, I did that. Actually, I never did that before because basically I think that people who go out alone is pathetic, and I officially am.ivanjaya.netThis is the price I have to pay as an ASASIan. Others are still studying or even preparing for their final exam, but here I am boring myself out by just doing nothing at

Before I went to watch the 2 movies, I called KFC Putatan and asked them about my application. I went there and they told me that they really need more people to be crews because the people who used to be crews are now no longer there simply because most of them quit to continue their I was just being frank with the supervisor, saying that I only have 3 months before I continue my study in the degree level. She asked me why do I want to work in KFC because I'm such an intelligent person (not so sure about that). I told her that I've never worked before so this would be an opportunity for me to grab more

She said that she'll call me again on Thursday or Friday because they currently don't have the uniform in their stock, so they'll practically hire me as one of the crews once they have the uniform. She said that they'll help me apply for a Public Bank account for monthly salary and EPF as Hopefully the uniform will arrive as soon as possible so I can get to work immediately. I'm so happy...!!! This time, for real...!!!

Once I settled my errands at KFC, I quickly went to the city. I arrived at the Center Point and the first thing that came up to my mind once I stepped at the entrance door was finding YoYo cafe and get its one of a kind Pearl Got it for RM3.30. While waiting for my tea to be prepared, I enjoy the sight of all the hot people who work there. They're all Chinese, and I seldom find Chinese attractive (even though I went through primary school hanging around Chinese people)

I went to the Palm Square, sit at the nearest seat available to Starbucks. I turn my WiFi on in my SE G705, and stumbled upon a status update by Iman saying that we need to check for the interview thingy. This is actually the non-academic interview, if we applied for the course that needed the candidates to be interviewed. All my UPU applications only revolve around TESL and linguistics courses, which means no non-academic interview By the way, good luck for those who's going for the interview.

I quickly went to Cathay Cinneplex, the best quality cinema in Kota Kinabalu, but too bad people don't come here so often during the day. There were only 4 people in the cinema including

The first movie I watched was "How to Train Your Dragon". I find it enjoying and I somehow touched by the story. Well, this is me. I often and easily get touched by any movie that I watched now. Okay, I hate to admit this but my tears fell down from my cheeks when I watched Transformers 2 last I like this movie very much, I just love the bond between Hiccup and

The next movie I watched was "Clash of the Titans". I know this is quite weird, but I find this movie less entertaining than "How to Train Your Dragon". Even though the CGI effect was superb, the surround sound effect was also amazing, but it was not as good as I thought it would be. The only thing that I love about this movie was the way they portrayed Medusa. It was fantastic. Though I would appreciate more if the Olympian gods to have less facial hair. For instance, the Olympian gods in "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". They portrayed the gods way much better. We can barely confuse which god is which because of the portrayal they showed. Gods, lose the facial hair please so we can recognize you

Once I finished watching these movies, I went out. Then suddenly there was a stranger called be from behind. I stopped and looked at him, He told me that he lost his car key and he needed to get home to get the spare key. He was embarrassingly asked me if I could give him some cash because he has no money left. At first I didn't believe him but I thought that what if that thing happened to me instead, where I don't have anymore money and nowhere to go. I felt pity for him, so I gave him RM7 so he can go wherever he needed to get his spare key. I got rid of him, good riddance...!!! He gave me his phone number so he can pay me back by topping up my phone later. I don't really mind if he doesn't pay back anyway. I'm just glad that I could help

Okay. I'm so exhausted from my day out and I feel a little bit fatigue because I had to walk all the way from Cathay Cinneplex to the bus terminal which was like walking from Section 2 to Plaza Alam Sentral. So, I need to get some