BaCK-2-BaCK MoVieS...!!!

OMG...!!! I can't believe I just did that...!!! I have just watched 2 movies back to back yesterday,

Yes, I did that. Actually, I never did that before because basically I think that people who go out alone is pathetic, and I officially am.ivanjaya.netThis is the price I have to pay as an ASASIan. Others are still studying or even preparing for their final exam, but here I am boring myself out by just doing nothing at

Before I went to watch the 2 movies, I called KFC Putatan and asked them about my application. I went there and they told me that they really need more people to be crews because the people who used to be crews are now no longer there simply because most of them quit to continue their I was just being frank with the supervisor, saying that I only have 3 months before I continue my study in the degree level. She asked me why do I want to work in KFC because I'm such an intelligent person (not so sure about that). I told her that I've never worked before so this would be an opportunity for me to grab more

She said that she'll call me again on Thursday or Friday because they currently don't have the uniform in their stock, so they'll practically hire me as one of the crews once they have the uniform. She said that they'll help me apply for a Public Bank account for monthly salary and EPF as Hopefully the uniform will arrive as soon as possible so I can get to work immediately. I'm so happy...!!! This time, for real...!!!

Once I settled my errands at KFC, I quickly went to the city. I arrived at the Center Point and the first thing that came up to my mind once I stepped at the entrance door was finding YoYo cafe and get its one of a kind Pearl Got it for RM3.30. While waiting for my tea to be prepared, I enjoy the sight of all the hot people who work there. They're all Chinese, and I seldom find Chinese attractive (even though I went through primary school hanging around Chinese people)

I went to the Palm Square, sit at the nearest seat available to Starbucks. I turn my WiFi on in my SE G705, and stumbled upon a status update by Iman saying that we need to check for the interview thingy. This is actually the non-academic interview, if we applied for the course that needed the candidates to be interviewed. All my UPU applications only revolve around TESL and linguistics courses, which means no non-academic interview By the way, good luck for those who's going for the interview.

I quickly went to Cathay Cinneplex, the best quality cinema in Kota Kinabalu, but too bad people don't come here so often during the day. There were only 4 people in the cinema including

The first movie I watched was "How to Train Your Dragon". I find it enjoying and I somehow touched by the story. Well, this is me. I often and easily get touched by any movie that I watched now. Okay, I hate to admit this but my tears fell down from my cheeks when I watched Transformers 2 last I like this movie very much, I just love the bond between Hiccup and

The next movie I watched was "Clash of the Titans". I know this is quite weird, but I find this movie less entertaining than "How to Train Your Dragon". Even though the CGI effect was superb, the surround sound effect was also amazing, but it was not as good as I thought it would be. The only thing that I love about this movie was the way they portrayed Medusa. It was fantastic. Though I would appreciate more if the Olympian gods to have less facial hair. For instance, the Olympian gods in "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". They portrayed the gods way much better. We can barely confuse which god is which because of the portrayal they showed. Gods, lose the facial hair please so we can recognize you

Once I finished watching these movies, I went out. Then suddenly there was a stranger called be from behind. I stopped and looked at him, He told me that he lost his car key and he needed to get home to get the spare key. He was embarrassingly asked me if I could give him some cash because he has no money left. At first I didn't believe him but I thought that what if that thing happened to me instead, where I don't have anymore money and nowhere to go. I felt pity for him, so I gave him RM7 so he can go wherever he needed to get his spare key. I got rid of him, good riddance...!!! He gave me his phone number so he can pay me back by topping up my phone later. I don't really mind if he doesn't pay back anyway. I'm just glad that I could help

Okay. I'm so exhausted from my day out and I feel a little bit fatigue because I had to walk all the way from Cathay Cinneplex to the bus terminal which was like walking from Section 2 to Plaza Alam Sentral. So, I need to get some


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ezzasygs said...

i nk tgk clash if the titans tu
tp ramai kate x best sngt.
so, x jd nk tgk. ahah.

rajin u kuar jln2,
i ddk ruma je.
x pegi mane2.

Iz said...

i kuar ni sekali je ezza...mane ade kuar sebelum ni...sekali ni je kuar...lepas ni dah nak keje...huhuhuhu XD