MiD SeM BReaK iS HeRe...!!!

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This is a short one. I just feel the need to update my blog. This is actually my 100th post. Yeay me…!!! I’ve been blogging since 2006 but only today I reach the 100th post. Come to think of it, I’m somehow slow in updating my blog. Well, I only write about things that matter to me and I usually write really, really long.

So, the mid semester break is here. I think UiTM is the only university that’s having a mid semester break at the moment. Only a month of class and we already reached the mid semester? Now after this the semester continues consecutively without any long holidays.

Well, a few days ago I went to KDU College to watch a charity theater show entitled O.M.G. It was co-directed by AD, Whoa!! Willow! Director and my current drama coach. It was an okay show, it’s just that it was too long and I fell asleep for a couple of minutes. Sorry…!!!

Since the holiday is around, I was hoping I can go for a vacation like the photo above but considering my financial stipulation, I can’t go anywhere. Here I am, staying at this apartment with Anas and my elder brother. Bombay is here as we speak (as I write) playing Winning Eleven on PS2. He came here because he’ll go back home tomorrow but he arrived late in Shah Alam so he’s staying for the night.

Bombay told me that a few friends asked him to hang out tomorrow. Of course, I was invited as well. I think I’m going to go even though I’m kind of short in money. But hey, it’s not like I always go out and I’ll really limit my expenditure when I go out tomorrow.

I think that’s about it. Saying this would be a short entry from the beginning of it would now be a bluff, because I ended up writing 6 paragraphs. Tetz~!

iT's FoR ReaL...!!!

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Okay, I haven’t been doing any justice to my blog. As I type this entry to my blog, my mind is slowly decoding everything into pieces. What I’m trying to say is that since I take up the course Structure of English which mainly about the syntax of English, my brain would always break sentences into words then words into the type of words because I’m so afraid of making grammatical mistakes. But I think I’m allowed to make mistakes, as I’m still in my learning process.

I shouldn’t be blogging right now because I have tons of workload that need to be completed but here I am ranting and yapping about my life. Not that I’m unappreciative with my life, but I just want to share stories with my fellow readers.

As shown in the photo above, it is showing a locked door. This is what I want to tell you today. Well, the gist of the story is, I left the car key inside the car then locked it. So, we were locked out of the car. Yes, WE. Pokjak, Eija, Amir and I were locked outside the car. Adam, Eta, Kerey and Menyor were in the other car, Adam’s car. Before I get to the story, let me flashback what had happened earlier today.

Once we finished our first class for the day, PELT class with Madam Marina, I told Pokjak that I wanted to borrow his car to get to Section 7 to deliver the documents needed for my new car. Pokjak said that he wanted to join me because he wanted to go to the optical shop in Section 2 to get optician’s consultant regarding his visual aid, which he had broken few days ago, his pair of glasses of course. So, Pokjak and I walked back to our house, which was only 10 minutes away. I had been informed that Eija and Amir wanted to follow us, because they wanted to have lunch at Pizza Hut at Section 7.

Right after we arrived back at the bus stop near INTEC, there were Eija, Amir and the rest waiting for us. Eija and Amir got into our car, and the rest got into Adam’s. I was the one driving by the way, considering Pokjak was somewhat blind, without his visual aid. We arrived at Section 7, parked our car side by side in front of Pizza Hut. So I went out of the car and I had my house key in my left hand and car key in my right hand. I usually put my house key in my bag, so I opened the trunk of the car and reached for my bag. Without even looking which key I put in the bag I zipped it and closed the trunk then hand the other key in my hand to Pokjak because I wanted him to keep his car key. Pokjak suddenly asked me, “Why are you giving me your house key?” I was like “Oh my goodness…!!!” I had just realized that I accidentally left the key in the trunk. Silly me…!!!

We decided not to think about it and went to have our lunch instead. We had a great time at the place. Ate a lot of scrumptious food and laughed our asses off about “Ding Dong” onomatopoeic word. So once we had finished having our lunch, we were thinking hard how to get the key back. Adam had this wonderful idea to break the window. LOL. But of course we didn’t do that. Kerey said if we had a steel hanger, he could do the macho breaking-into-the-car act but I had another idea. Considering I was the reason why we were there in the first place so I had to come up with the idea that really worked.

Despite the fact that Adam tried to persuade Pokjak into breaking his window, he helped me find the car accessory shop to find the experts (Thanks Adam!), to help us open the locked door. To make things short, the expert managed to unlock the door within 10 minutes, he was having a hard time trying to unlock it.

So, once the door was unlocked I quickly get the key back and gave it to Pokjak. I was charged RM20 for that. We managed to deliver the documents at Proton, went to the optical shop in Section 2 and get back to iNTEC before the class started. Despite all the hustle and bustle we’s been through for the day, we still managed to pay full attention in Madam Noraini’s class. It was the most silent class I have ever been into.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I should be doing my Educational blog later and I need to start thinking of what I’m going to write in the next entry, See you guys later okay…!!! (^__^)

THe eND oF THe FiRST WeeK...!!!

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Okay, now I have finished the first week of my 2nd semester. Things had gone quite well, I would say. We had gotten into all classes, which were up to satisfactory level.
Right after I posted my blog entry last time, I went to Sociology in Education class. It was a 2-hour class. I was taken aback to see that the lecturer entered our class was actually Dr. Norshidah, our Deputy Dean of Student’s Affairs. At first, I thought she would be teaching us but when I looked at the organization chart board at the faculty there were two different Dr. Norshidah and Dr. Norsidah. I guess they were actually the same people then, considering that she got into our class, safe and sound.
She introduced us to the course. She asked who the class rep was and when I told her my name, she immediately remembered my name and always mentioned my name in class. I was kind of flattered. At one point in the class, she asked the class “What is the meaning of sociology?” and the class went silent. I was thinking to myself, I know that the term “-logy” means “the study of-” but I wasn’t really sure by the term “socio-” but it somehow sounded like “society”. While I was doing my thinking, Dr. Norshidah said “It doesn’t matter if you got the definition wrong.” After I heard that I immediately said it out loud, “The study of the society?” Yup, I used the not-so-sure intonation while answering her because I wasn’t sure if I got the right definition but she responded “That’s good Iz!” I didn’t know that was it but I fortuitously got it right. Lucky me…!!! (^__^)
So right we finished the class within one hour, and Dr. Norshidah instructed us to go to INTEC Lecture Hall to listen to a talk on unwanted pregnancy in teenagers. I slept throughout the whole talk so I can’t say anything about it here.

So yesterday I went to the first co-curriculum meeting for this semester. I wore all green except for my shoes because I couldn’t find a pair of green sport shoes. I joined Drama and the lecturer in charged was Sir Hj. Kamran, the Artistic Director of “Whoa! Willow!!”; the musical theater I was involved in 2010 during my ASASI time.
I guess I better get going now because I need to go shopping, shopping for the groceries. The boy are hungry. (^__^)

LiFe iN B.eD TeSL - PaRT 2

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Today was the third day of my life in B.Ed TESL, in the second part of my study in Teaching English as a Second Language. As far as the week goes, I have gone into all the classes except for the Sociology in Education class with Dr. Norsidah. We have been in the rest 5 classes. They are Princples & Practice in English Language Teaching, Structure of English, Literature in Malaysian Schools, Instructional Technology and Ethnic Relations. 

Principles & Practice in English Language Teaching or PELT is taught by Madam Marina. I can say that she is the reincarnation of Madam Roslinda, who loved to make fun of me in class, in a good way of course. I love the attention given by the lecturer and the classmates in class. She's easy-going and approachable. I think she's sort of someone you can laugh with when somebody make a joke or two. I'm looking forward to having the next class with her.

Structure of English, or SoE (pronounced as so-wee) was taught by Mr. Shah. As everyone knows it, I'm very fond of him. He likes to talk a lot and some people find it, well,  sleep-provoking. Mr.Shah is a really kind and approachable lecturer. I was so happy being in his class till I got the news today that this course will be taken over by a more experience lecturer, Madam Noraini. I went to see her earlier today and she had decided to have classes on Thursday and Friday to replace the classes that we couldn't go. I have heard a lot about her style in class, but I hope she won't be that strict so that I can be myself, being crazy. But if she can't then I have to put a barrier to my attitude.

Literature in Malaysian Schools or LiMS is taught by Miss Asmahan. Turis knows this lecturer more than we do because she's a family friend or somewhat related to her. I'm not quite sure which. I'm still unsure about her style in class. Sometimes she can be strict but at the same time she jokes around too. I think I still need more time to understand her.

Instructional Technology or IT is taught by Dr. Johan. People like to make fun of his surname "luaran" just because it means outside in the Malay language. I'm not participating in those conversations. Well, he's a Sabahan and you can really hear it from the way he pronounces everything. It somehow reminds me of home. Being the sole sabahan in my batch didn't really make me feel isolated but rather special. I wonder when am I gonna let him know that we come from the same state. In this course, I get to do a lot of things that relate to one of my hobbies, blogging. We were asked to create our very own educational blog with at least 14 posts. So, I've come up with another blog specially for the purpose of it. You can drop by here. He also introduced us to the forum function in i-Learn where we will gain 5% carry marks by participating in the forum discussions. I'm used to this because before Facebook was invented, I was a very hardcore user of CARI forum. This wouldn't be a problem. (^__^)

Last but not least, Ethnic Relations or ER. At first I was nervous to step in to this class because I didn't really want PM AJ to be my lecturer again. Even though he gave me an A- for TITAS, but I would really love if an enthusiastic and not racist lecturer to teach me Ethnic Relations. Fortunately, we got a new lecturer whose name was PM Dr. Hasan Bahrom. He was humorous and easy-going. I think I'm gonna enjoy being in this class.

Well, that's all I can say about the first week of B.Ed TESL Part 2 so far. Tomorrow I've got SoE class at 8.30am with Madam Noraini and SiE class with Dr.Norsidah. Hopefully everything will go smoothly as I wish. *Fingers crossed*