THe eND oF THe FiRST WeeK...!!!

Okay, now I have finished the first week of my 2nd semester. Things had gone quite well, I would say. We had gotten into all classes, which were up to satisfactory level.
Right after I posted my blog entry last time, I went to Sociology in Education class. It was a 2-hour class. I was taken aback to see that the lecturer entered our class was actually Dr. Norshidah, our Deputy Dean of Student’s Affairs. At first, I thought she would be teaching us but when I looked at the organization chart board at the faculty there were two different Dr. Norshidah and Dr. Norsidah. I guess they were actually the same people then, considering that she got into our class, safe and sound.
She introduced us to the course. She asked who the class rep was and when I told her my name, she immediately remembered my name and always mentioned my name in class. I was kind of flattered. At one point in the class, she asked the class “What is the meaning of sociology?” and the class went silent. I was thinking to myself, I know that the term “-logy” means “the study of-” but I wasn’t really sure by the term “socio-” but it somehow sounded like “society”. While I was doing my thinking, Dr. Norshidah said “It doesn’t matter if you got the definition wrong.” After I heard that I immediately said it out loud, “The study of the society?” Yup, I used the not-so-sure intonation while answering her because I wasn’t sure if I got the right definition but she responded “That’s good Iz!” I didn’t know that was it but I fortuitously got it right. Lucky me…!!! (^__^)
So right we finished the class within one hour, and Dr. Norshidah instructed us to go to INTEC Lecture Hall to listen to a talk on unwanted pregnancy in teenagers. I slept throughout the whole talk so I can’t say anything about it here.

So yesterday I went to the first co-curriculum meeting for this semester. I wore all green except for my shoes because I couldn’t find a pair of green sport shoes. I joined Drama and the lecturer in charged was Sir Hj. Kamran, the Artistic Director of “Whoa! Willow!!”; the musical theater I was involved in 2010 during my ASASI time.
I guess I better get going now because I need to go shopping, shopping for the groceries. The boy are hungry. (^__^)

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