a TaLe To ReMeMBeR...!!!

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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock! (onomatopoiea wordivanjaya.net)

I have never thought that the time will be flying as fast as this...!!! It's the end of my time in ASASI TESL, well at least close to it. We still have final examination to be taken care of. After that, we'll be free...!!!

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Basically, these are the schedule for our soon-to-be hellish hectic examination week. After we are done with this, we'll go back to our respective hometown. Mine will be none other than The Land Below The Wind, Sabah.ivanjaya.net

I'll miss everything during my whole year of ASASI. Going late to classes, hang out at the library, have lunch at Cafe Gagak, Cafe 'Belakang', Cafe Mahal Ausmat, and INTEC Shoppe and INTEC Gym. The memories I have there are priceless. I just hope that I will be given the opportunity come back here again to continue pursuing my degree in Bachelor in Education (Honors) TESL, or people would just call it B.Ed TESL for short. I wouldn't want to go elsewhere because my heart has been too attached to this university. Though the fact that UiTM is the most cheapest university too.ivanjaya.net

Now, I have completed all most of my assignments. But I still have a few more to be completed by the deadlines. They are:

  1. IES Report - Group work with Megat and Bombay due 1st March
  2. IES Hafazan - Individual task due 1st March
  3. Argumentative Essay - Individual task due 1st March
  4. IL Written Assignment - Pair Work with Adam due 3rd March
  5. Final Drama report - Group Work with all drama group due 4th March
  6. BPiE take home test due 8th March
These 6 assignments are still need to be done before those deadlines. Let's hope I can relax a bit after that.

By the way, we have just done with our final drama, 'A Tale to Remember' on 23rd and 24th February. It was held for 2 nights. All the drama have their own specialty. I like the Mahsuri Conspiracy storyline and Adam's character as Deramang. I like Ulik Mayang's dances and Che'ah's acting. I also like the fighting scene between Lee and James in and Todak and Hafiz's acting in Princess Hang Li Po. I like Ameer, Syazana and Neb's voice projection in Huminodun, Abe's acting in Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup and the fact that Sa'diyah slap people around with her shawl. Yes, I like them all because they have their own specialty.ivanjaya.net

Obviously, there would be a little bias in me. Of course I would like my play the most.ivanjaya.net Not because I think that we're the best, but because my group member had performed their very best and I am really proud of them. Imagine, they have transformed themselves from zero to hero.ivanjaya.net All of us, even myself were in null in acting knowledge and we strive together as a team and we managed to give what a memorable performance.ivanjaya.net Yes, being in a team together with 'Ainin, Turis, Izzaty, Megat, Bombay, Yan, Ezza, Yana, Tira, Syue, Farah, Nadia and Bella was a bumpy road. I wouldn't say I was 100% and all the time happy because even they themselves know that we had one bumpy road together. But I see it as a norm of life when you're in a group. I love all of you...!!!ivanjaya.net

Bella, thanks for being the narrator. Though you didn't manage to memorize the script but we manage to deliver the story even when you were holding the 'Book of Shadows'.ivanjaya.net

Nadia, even though you are always sick I would like to say thank you so much for being the most bitchy 'gedik' maid I've ever known. Sorry because you have stepped on the broken glass. Blame Turis and 'Ainin for that. Thanks for saying one of my trademarks, 'Tetz~!' during Tun Teja fainted.ivanjaya.net

Farah, thanks for being the best Dang Ratna and props master for preparing the props and all. Thanks for following all of my humble and not-so-good direction. Thanks for presenting what I wanted Dang Ratna to be. Thanks for not looking left and right every time you fell from Hang Tuah. Thanks for using one of my trademarks on stage. ivanjaya.net

Syue, thanks for being the costume manager and make-up artist for all of us. Thanks for choreographing 'Senyum Minang Manis' together with 'Ainin. I'm sorry I didn't use your make-up during the show because you were nowhere to be found before the show. Thanks for being the guard who captured Hang Tuah.ivanjaya.net

Tira, thanks for being the Pawang Tigha I've always wanted. Even it was hard for you to scream laugh-out-loud but you managed to do it during the real show. Even it was hard for you to bent down all this while, but you managed during the show...!!! I love it so much, and I believe you managed to give an impact to the audience as well.ivanjaya.net

Yana, thanks for writing such a beautiful script. Thanks for allowing me to put my crazy ideas in it. Thanks for allowing me add Mak Inang and Hang Tuah dance battle and removing scene 12 due to time constrain. Thanks for allowing me to ad-lib my lines. Thanks for creating the soliloquy as I wanted it to be.ivanjaya.net

Ezza, thanks for writing blog entries about all this. Thanks for putting emotion in your acting. Not much I can do about you because you can deliver your expression pretty well. Thanks for willing to be pulled by Bombay during the intro scene. Thanks for dancing 'Senyum Minang Manis' even though it was hard for you in the first place but you managed.ivanjaya.net

Yan, thanks for being the most jantan masculine Syahbandar in Malaysia. You were the only girl who didn't have any problems with voice projection. Thanks for not freaking out when you forgot your line and said 'there' instead. You managed to cover it up and made people laugh.ivanjaya.net

Bombay, thanks for being the best Bendahara Inderapura. Though you and Megat were nowhere to be found 5 minutes before the show. Thanks for wanting to dance 'Senyum Minang Manis' and made it a memorable moment. Thanks for finding all the background pictures though we couldn't use it. Thanks for following my lead when I ad-lib my lines during our scene together.ivanjaya.net

Megat, thanks for being able to show the bad in Hang Tuah, the antagonist. Thanks for breakdancing during the dance battle. Thanks for being able to accept all my directions to make you as bad as possible. Now, you know how to make more and more expression day by day. Thanks for not getting injured though you stepped on the broken glasses twice.ivanjaya.net

Izzaty, thanks for not backing out on being Mak Inang. If it were someone else, it wouldn't give an impact to the audience as it has. Even though you refuse to shuffle in the first place, but you enjoyed it in the end. Thanks for giving me the sound for Hang Tuah and Dang Ratna scene. Thanks for making my throne and twist-able prop.ivanjaya.net

Turis, thanks for being a good stage manager. Thanks for being the stranger, the servant and the demon. Thanks for breaking the Livita bottle. Thanks for the cues and hard work of making sure our drama was as smooth during the show.ivanjaya.net

Last but not least, 'Ainin. Thanks for crying during the soliloquy. It was really unexpected. Thanks for telling me what was wrong and right when I can't direct during my scene. Thanks for creating such a beautiful choreography together with Syue. Thanks for taking care of the group during my absence. Thanks for being able to get your emotion out.ivanjaya.net

I bid my highest gratitude to all of you. If I were to get others for our drama, I'm sure the result wouldn't be the same and the impact wouldn't be there. There is no one to replace all of you and all the characters are meant for each and everyone of you. I apologize for the hardship that I've given to all of you but I think it's worth the effort as we got really good feedback from the audience especially Adlan Ramly, the Whoa! Willow!! director.ivanjaya.net

Being the leader and director of this group somehow made me a better and more mature person. Thanks guys...!!!ivanjaya.net

CNY oR VaLeNTiNe'S...!!!

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First of all, I want to wish Gong Xi Fa Chai to all my Chinese friends out there, hope this year will bring you happiness and luxury...!!!


I hope I will get angpau from anyone but considering I'm in Shah Alam with the Merantians that are far from home, I don't think I will.ivanjaya.net

Today is also the Valentine's day. I know I shouldn't be talking about this but I think I have to. I don't like Valentine's day, not because it's against Islam (though I somehow against it because of my religion as well) but because I will see people having the people they love most around them, or vice versa.ivanjaya.net

It just reminds me how happy I was when I had someone I loved by my side. What I had with a girl name Iylia Nadhirah was beautiful. She was the one who made me happy, though with the ups and downs we had, where she cheated on me once. It was a joy year, the year 2005.ivanjaya.net

I just don't know why we ended up separated. As I remembered, she was the one who wanted the break-up, because her parents didn't approve of her being with me. I gave her the break-up, which turned out to be a disaster.ivanjaya.net We fought in class, in front of our friends, in front of everyone. It was bad, I was never her good guy anymore. We started to hate each other, throughout the whole of 2006. We were not in the same class starting from 2007 till we finished our SPM.ivanjaya.net

Before the day of our SPM started, I went to see her. I apologize to all the bad things I've done since the day of our break-up. She did the same and I never heard from her since then. Last time I found out from her twin brother (which doesn't even look identical to her) that they both are currently studying in UNISEL, here in Selangor.ivanjaya.net

I want to thank her for giving me one of the most beautiful memories I've had during my 18 going on 19 years of living. After our break-up, I've been trying to hook myself up to few people but to no avail. It's either I don't like them or they don't like me in return.ivanjaya.net

I just wanted to thank her for making me realize about myself right after our separation, but it was not clear until few encounters of the things I never imagined. She is the first and the last girl I have ever fallen in love with. ivanjaya.net

i HaTe iT...!!!

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I just don't understand why some people do something without even feeling a little bit of guilt.ivanjaya.net It's been the past few weeks when I started to notice that my things has been disturbed by people. I really hate it when people touch my things when I am not around.ivanjaya.net

Every time I get back to my room after my class has finished, my table will be in a mess. I just wonder what the hell did everybody in the room D305 has been doing when I was away, and leave my things to be messy.ivanjaya.net My books and things that I put on the floor will be like someone just bring in a dog and mess with my things. My green Gatsby Rubber will always get less and decreasing day by day. My Garnier Men face scrub has been used many times already, my toothpaste is decreasing fast.ivanjaya.net

Why I know this even some people wouldn't know if their things was disturbed? Because I'm an observant person. I will know how my things look like the last time I left them. When I saw it was different the next time I want to use them, I get annoyed.ivanjaya.net

Come on, people...!!! Let me get this straight, the reason why the Ministry of Higher Education gave us RM1960 every semester so that you can support your life with it. So, use your own allowance and buy your own God Damn things...!!!ivanjaya.net My parents didn't give me money every month so that you can use my things when I am not around. I really hate it when people take advantage on others, especially me...!!!ivanjaya.net

So get this some fucking sense in your head, I fucking hate it when others disturb and use my things without my permission. I can be pretty generous at times, but I just cannot tolerate thief...!!!ivanjaya.net Using my things behind my back, is considered as stealing...!!!ivanjaya.net

THaNK GooDNeSS...!!!

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I am feeling so grateful today because there are things that were supposed to go wrong, but in the end didn't turn out as I anticipated.ivanjaya.net

I have managed to avoid doing my hafazan today, as Ustazah Mashita had too much hafazan going on today as people from last week didn't turn up to class so Ustazah has to entertain them first. I am so grateful because they didn't come last week.ivanjaya.net

I promise to myself that I'll make full use of time given. I will try memorize the translation of the surah this time. This I promise me!!!ivanjaya.net

No iDea...!!!

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Sometimes, I thought to myself. Is it such a bad thing to be honest?ivanjaya.net I mean, when you're not being honest people will say you hypocrite and two-faced.ivanjaya.net On the other hand, when you are being honest people will misunderstand and say that you should keep your mouth shut.ivanjaya.net

What am I suppose to do then? ivanjaya.net Is it such a bad thing when you just want share your thought with your close friends? Sometimes I just thought being extrovert, having a loud voice and thick face (TESL students' criteria) were such bad ideas. But I know that I just can't not being myself.

I apologize if I ever hurt anyone's feeling, heck I know there are lots of people that I've hurt but what can I do about it if you don't tell me anything? Enough with the badmouth and talking behind my back. Just man/woman up and tell me in front of my face that you have a problem with what I said or did.ivanjaya.net I'm just stating the truth, what people might not say to you because you're so bad with handling the truth. Some friends told me that I should just be myself, the way I am right now because being myself is the reason why people love me, and hate me as well.

Yes, I do too talk about people behind their backs but I never influenced anyone to join my club or something. If I have a problem with some people, then it's my problem. If people don't like you, it's because people don't like YOU, not because I asked them not to like you. I'm just so tired of these drama in the drama thingy. It just makes things worse.ivanjaya.net

By the way, Mr Shah has just canceled his replacement class with us. I just don't know when to replace the class or even to add more time for extra class because we're not done with the presentation yet. Luckily I've done my presentation yesterday with Bombay and Megat. Thanks everyone for not listening. Madam Nazeera is still nowhere to be found. I hope she'll be okay by the time she comes back because she lost her father 2 weeks ago. Class with Mr UD tommorow during lunch hour. Crap! I just remember that I have to memorize Surah Luqman for Islamic Education Studies tomorrow...!!! We'll have 3-hour straight class with Miss Sally on Friday 9.30 to 12.30! Yeah, we can't do our drama practice.

I was motifated (termotif in English) again today during lunch hour just now because Ezza gave me RM5, suddenly. Last time I remember she asked me if I want RM10, but I asked her "what for?" instead of taking it but today I took the money because she asked me to hold it, then I asked her "what do you want me to do with this?" and she said she just want to give it to me for no reason. So, I bought Kickapoo 500ml and Halls Lemon for myself while Excel 500ml for Bombay by using the RM5 that Ezza gave. Thank you Ezza...!!!ivanjaya.net

Well, I think I better go now. I have Drama (using Ning Baizura's tune) class in 5 minutes. See ya!