BLooDY SLeePY...!!!

We had Amanat Dekan in the INTEC HALL yesterday. The event was boring as it was in the 1st semester.ivanjaya.netI listened to the speech given by our Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normah Abdullah, until the time where I just couldn't hold it much I slept during her speech was given partly and awoken by the noise the students made during the introduction of

I woke up only to realize Madam Vovi had been introduced.ivanjaya.netBash told me that she made that "rawk" sign again this semester. People said she would always make that sign in each Amanat Dekan. To my surprise, the lecturer that received the longest applaud by the students was Dr Hanim. She sure has lots of fans...!!!ivanjaya.netAfter the Amanat Dekan, they held a "mesyuarat agung" of a long name that I couldn't recall. Tatie, the production manager of Whoa! Willow!!, who is also a part 8 student, expressed her disappointment towards the faculty, on the financial support Well, during Whoa! Willow!!, it was fun but life was tough back then because we had to strive as we were not supported by our own

But before I went to Amanat Dekan, I went to the Old Library where they had blood donation campaign going on. I was interested in going there because I just wanted to know my blood type, that's all. It's not that I don't wanna donate my blood but I hadn't had my lunch then so once I got my blood type tested I took off.ivanjaya.netThe result was flabbergasting, as it says that my blood type is O. I find that weird because my Dad is type A and my Mom is type B, my sister is type AB so how can I be O all of a sudden?ivanjaya.netMy friends teased me saying that I'm an adopted child. It was funny, though. I told them if I am an adopted child then why do I look like my Dad so much? Even we have the same ASSet (if you know what I mean)

This is a mystery that's needed to be

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Rynn Cowbra said...

don't worry la, Iz. You're not anak pungut. sebab maybe your dad punye darah AO, n your mom BO. So, bile taem you, both of the O bertemu. Sbb tue you dapat O. your sis, darah die bertemu your dad's A dgn your mom's B. 0 Adelah recessive.

Biology form 5. hihi!