This is so stupid...!!! I've just got my Celcom Broadband unbarred after being barred for 2 days...!!!ivanjaya.netI was motifated (termotif in English) by this...!!! ivanjaya.netThe service by Celcom Broadband is like SHIT and they barred my account because I was only late for 2 days...!!! God damn it...!!!

The reason I was not paying RM98 to Celcom yet is because I'm still waiting for my Dad to give the money to me to pay the bill. Usually, Celcom wouldn't bar the account even I always overdue, because my Dad will always give me the money late. But to my surprise this time because of only 2 days late they barred me...!!!

Then, I have to log into my Maybank2u account and pay for the bill in advance because I can no longer wait for my Dad to give me the money I hope my Dad will give me the money back soon because I need to use that money for my well-being.

To Celcom, I hate you so much...!!! You're giving me the worst service ever but still you bar people's account because they're just late for 2 days. If you're giving the 1st class service, then I won't complain but if I'm in Meranti I can't even connect to HSDPA (3G). I can only connect to EDGE (2G) when I'm in

Now, I'm at INTEC that's why I can connect to 3G. Luckily, once I've paid my bill and I have told Celcom operator about it, and I am able to go online again...!!! Yeah...!!!

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ZeLL~LeaH said...

change to changing soon to digi as well...its always the smartest choice..miahahhaha

Iz said...

kris, my bro is using digi and it is not good as it's hard to get 3g even in an urban area like shah alam...beside, i'm a hardcore user which i download lots of movies and especially As The World Turns...