No iDea...!!!

Sometimes, I thought to myself. Is it such a bad thing to be honest? I mean, when you're not being honest people will say you hypocrite and On the other hand, when you are being honest people will misunderstand and say that you should keep your mouth

What am I suppose to do then? Is it such a bad thing when you just want share your thought with your close friends? Sometimes I just thought being extrovert, having a loud voice and thick face (TESL students' criteria) were such bad ideas. But I know that I just can't not being myself.

I apologize if I ever hurt anyone's feeling, heck I know there are lots of people that I've hurt but what can I do about it if you don't tell me anything? Enough with the badmouth and talking behind my back. Just man/woman up and tell me in front of my face that you have a problem with what I said or I'm just stating the truth, what people might not say to you because you're so bad with handling the truth. Some friends told me that I should just be myself, the way I am right now because being myself is the reason why people love me, and hate me as well.

Yes, I do too talk about people behind their backs but I never influenced anyone to join my club or something. If I have a problem with some people, then it's my problem. If people don't like you, it's because people don't like YOU, not because I asked them not to like you. I'm just so tired of these drama in the drama thingy. It just makes things

By the way, Mr Shah has just canceled his replacement class with us. I just don't know when to replace the class or even to add more time for extra class because we're not done with the presentation yet. Luckily I've done my presentation yesterday with Bombay and Megat. Thanks everyone for not listening. Madam Nazeera is still nowhere to be found. I hope she'll be okay by the time she comes back because she lost her father 2 weeks ago. Class with Mr UD tommorow during lunch hour. Crap! I just remember that I have to memorize Surah Luqman for Islamic Education Studies tomorrow...!!! We'll have 3-hour straight class with Miss Sally on Friday 9.30 to 12.30! Yeah, we can't do our drama practice.

I was motifated (termotif in English) again today during lunch hour just now because Ezza gave me RM5, suddenly. Last time I remember she asked me if I want RM10, but I asked her "what for?" instead of taking it but today I took the money because she asked me to hold it, then I asked her "what do you want me to do with this?" and she said she just want to give it to me for no reason. So, I bought Kickapoo 500ml and Halls Lemon for myself while Excel 500ml for Bombay by using the RM5 that Ezza gave. Thank you Ezza...!!!

Well, I think I better go now. I have Drama (using Ning Baizura's tune) class in 5 minutes. See ya!

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bombay said...

hahaha.,.,.air free mmg sedap.,.,,.

iz, akoo taw sape yg ko ckp nie.,.,haha.,,

Iz said...

kalau ko tau bagus la...ternyata ko memang pembaca blog aku yang setia...huhuhuhuhu