Wake-Up Call

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Here I am. 

Finally, after many months of being away I am back. Home. Whatever you would like to call it. I’ve been away. Not far, I’ve always been close. Opening my blog day by day but never really got the time to write an entry about it. There’s only one thing to be blamed here, it’s Twitter. 

I think I have written here somewhere saying that I’ve been abandoning my blog because I have someplace else to pour my heart out. I tweet, a lot. So that has been keeping me away from my blog. I don’t think I’m doing my blog any justice. So this semester I will try to keep up with writing entries in it. 

The new semester has started. So far this is the only semester that is packed in the first week. I’ve never experienced a semester where you get pretty busy in the first week of lecture. It’s like a wake-up call for me saying that as the semester progresses, it’ll not gonna get any easier or less hectic than the previous semesters.

Last semester, I got the best result compared to my entire achievement as a university student. Praises to Allah, I got in the Dean’s List last semester. I had been waiting for 3 semesters for this and I finally got it despite the fact that I was pretty playful last semester (or every semester?). I got 3.54 when I graduated from Asasi but there’s no Dean’s List in Asasi. Finally, I got 3.56 last semester which is my paramount achievement so far. 

My 3rd Semester Result (click to enlarge)

I’m so looking forward to attending the Dean’s List dinner this semester. I only see my course mates went to the dinner before this, but I’m gonna be part of it this time. Maybe I would volunteer myself to perform my singing in the dinner, who knows? 

I gotta go, I need to write an interpretation in “Reply to the question: How to Become a Poet” in Madam Lim Wai Fun’s Critical Appreciation of Poetry & Prose. My next entry would be overviews of the courses that I’m taking this semester but for the time being, goodbye! (^__^) 

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