iT's FoR ReaL...!!!

Okay, I haven’t been doing any justice to my blog. As I type this entry to my blog, my mind is slowly decoding everything into pieces. What I’m trying to say is that since I take up the course Structure of English which mainly about the syntax of English, my brain would always break sentences into words then words into the type of words because I’m so afraid of making grammatical mistakes. But I think I’m allowed to make mistakes, as I’m still in my learning process.

I shouldn’t be blogging right now because I have tons of workload that need to be completed but here I am ranting and yapping about my life. Not that I’m unappreciative with my life, but I just want to share stories with my fellow readers.

As shown in the photo above, it is showing a locked door. This is what I want to tell you today. Well, the gist of the story is, I left the car key inside the car then locked it. So, we were locked out of the car. Yes, WE. Pokjak, Eija, Amir and I were locked outside the car. Adam, Eta, Kerey and Menyor were in the other car, Adam’s car. Before I get to the story, let me flashback what had happened earlier today.

Once we finished our first class for the day, PELT class with Madam Marina, I told Pokjak that I wanted to borrow his car to get to Section 7 to deliver the documents needed for my new car. Pokjak said that he wanted to join me because he wanted to go to the optical shop in Section 2 to get optician’s consultant regarding his visual aid, which he had broken few days ago, his pair of glasses of course. So, Pokjak and I walked back to our house, which was only 10 minutes away. I had been informed that Eija and Amir wanted to follow us, because they wanted to have lunch at Pizza Hut at Section 7.

Right after we arrived back at the bus stop near INTEC, there were Eija, Amir and the rest waiting for us. Eija and Amir got into our car, and the rest got into Adam’s. I was the one driving by the way, considering Pokjak was somewhat blind, without his visual aid. We arrived at Section 7, parked our car side by side in front of Pizza Hut. So I went out of the car and I had my house key in my left hand and car key in my right hand. I usually put my house key in my bag, so I opened the trunk of the car and reached for my bag. Without even looking which key I put in the bag I zipped it and closed the trunk then hand the other key in my hand to Pokjak because I wanted him to keep his car key. Pokjak suddenly asked me, “Why are you giving me your house key?” I was like “Oh my goodness…!!!” I had just realized that I accidentally left the key in the trunk. Silly me…!!!

We decided not to think about it and went to have our lunch instead. We had a great time at the place. Ate a lot of scrumptious food and laughed our asses off about “Ding Dong” onomatopoeic word. So once we had finished having our lunch, we were thinking hard how to get the key back. Adam had this wonderful idea to break the window. LOL. But of course we didn’t do that. Kerey said if we had a steel hanger, he could do the macho breaking-into-the-car act but I had another idea. Considering I was the reason why we were there in the first place so I had to come up with the idea that really worked.

Despite the fact that Adam tried to persuade Pokjak into breaking his window, he helped me find the car accessory shop to find the experts (Thanks Adam!), to help us open the locked door. To make things short, the expert managed to unlock the door within 10 minutes, he was having a hard time trying to unlock it.

So, once the door was unlocked I quickly get the key back and gave it to Pokjak. I was charged RM20 for that. We managed to deliver the documents at Proton, went to the optical shop in Section 2 and get back to iNTEC before the class started. Despite all the hustle and bustle we’s been through for the day, we still managed to pay full attention in Madam Noraini’s class. It was the most silent class I have ever been into.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I should be doing my Educational blog later and I need to start thinking of what I’m going to write in the next entry, See you guys later okay…!!! (^__^)

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