WoRLD SCHoLaR'S CuP...!!!

Okay guys. So this is the only chance I’ve got after going away for a few days. And after this, I’ll be going away to my friend’s house again. So here goes.

I was away for a big event organized by my beloved faculty, the Faculty of Education. It was World Scholar’s Cup. WSC is a big event encompasses 4 main competitions in a group of 3 people. They are persuasive writing, debate, multiple choice questions and scholar’s bowl.

I was one of the liaison officers and I was supposed to chaperone a school from Singapore, but apparently they didn’t turn up. I was frustrated at first for not getting any team from United States of America, but it all turned around when I handled the Bolivia team for the Scholar’s Scavenge. My scavenge team is a combination of students from Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Korea. Why didn’t I feel frustrated anymore? Easy, because almost all of them spoke in American accent except for Zara from Repton Academy who came from the UK.

It was a 4-day event. All I can say is, the event was fun but stressful. The stress comes from the disorganization of the management. Having said that, I’m glad that the event is over at the same time it’s kind of overwhelming because leaving those guys and continue with normal life is somehow saddening. Well, life has to go on, right?

Well, this is the news from Buletin Utama. I was interviewed in the news, the one wearing the green t-shirt or you can go here for a better quality video. Before you leave my blog, please help me abuse the ads ok. Until next time! (^^,)


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