SaD BuT SaTiSFieD...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

I am practically lying on my stomach together with James beside me. He is reading Doraemon comic book right now. Somehow, the three of us (Hafiz, James and me), are too excited to go to sleep as tomorrow we will be going back to our hometown...!!! (Bombay is sleeping soundly on his bed. LOL)

Me & James

They both are going back to Kuching, Sarawak, or should I say only James alone is going back to Kuching because Hafiz will go back to a place he called as Bintangor. According to Hafiz, it'll take him a total of 5 hours of journey from Kuching to Bintangor, and there's no such thing as highway road throughout the whole journey.

Hafiz & Me

As everybody know it, we had come to an end of the 1st semester of Foundation of Teaching English as a Second Language, or should I say, ASASI TESL. I'm kind of sad but I'm satisfied as the same time. Things have been great so far. (^_^)

I mean, all these while things weren't going smoothly as they were planned but I'm happy because from my point of view I ended my 1st semester in a very good way. I thought I'd be all miserable and make all those long-faces again when people I care started to go back to their home but to no avail.

I am pretty sad because I will leave all those joyful moments I had with my room mates, class mates and my course mates. But it doesn't mean that I'll forget everything that we had gone through together. All those memories, regardless of being good or bad, will remain in my mind, my heart.

I'll miss what I had with the most exhilarating class of ASASI TESL batch of 2009, Group 1C. I think it was an fortunate event we were put together as class mates. Things we shared and gone through together can't be explained by word because it is beyond that. You can just tell how great we were from those pictures taken all the way through 1st semester. I'll miss them so much.

I just want to give my highest gratitude to fellow 1C class mates for being such supportive and cooperative class mates which made my work as class representative much more easier than other class reps. Thanks for all the respect you have given to me as I did my responsibilities.


Special thanks to my sweet and compassionate assistant, Hazreen (or the rest would call her Mommy), for being a really great help to me. I appreciate those deeds you did for me, taking keys every morning classes, taking care of the class when I was lying on hospital bed due to dengue fever, when I was lying on my green-sheeted  bed due to high-temperate fever. Thank you...!!!

Hazreen & Me

Thanks to the members of The Lucky 10 (Azhann, Yen, Fayfay, Megat, Anas, Bombay, Lee, James, Abe and Adam) for being able to accept me for who I am. You guys always make me feel comfortable and appreciated even I am different.

I was spending my precious time with my two best buddies, Azhann and Yen. We went to Domino's Pizza  to redeem one free regular-sized Aloha Chicken pizza. Right after that, we went to McDonald's at Section 3 to enjoy our pizza together with burgers and fries. Yen had Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Azhann had Quarter Pounder, and I had Big Mac.

While having our meal, we reminisced some memories since the first day we were here, in UiTM Shah Alam. Where we first met and everybody was annoyed and disgusted by me doing Beyonce dance moves which now turned into something that people can laugh off about. We still remember what was our so-wrong first impression toward each other. Azhann being viewed as rich spoiled  brat  and Yen being viewed as the guy who has the same height as mine.

Azhann & Me

Me & Yen

Those crisis we gone through together. Larry incident and Sasha incident. All of them still fresh in our mind, or at least my mind. Guys, thanks for making my day today. I want to thank the both of you for being such good friends. Thank you for always bearing with my flamboyant attitude, be good listeners, good story-tellers, good story-sharers, and for always be there when I needed you guys.

When we were back from McDonald's, I saw everybody was beginning to pack their things. Each and every one of us just can't seem to wait to go back to our hometown. When Mama arrived, she told me some tips on MUET Speaking test. Just don't try so hard to tell the invigilators that you are superb. If you are truly great, you don't have to show it as those experienced examiner can tell if you are good.

Before Azhann and Mama depart from Meranti, she asked Azhann to triple check and make sure everything have been in the Naza Ria MPV. He assured her that everything was in. I bid farewell to them. I hugged Azhann tightly and closely as we won't be seeing each other for a month and a week. I waved as Mama drove off.

I went upstairs to my room and I saw everybody was beginning to finished packing their things. I was startled as I haven't even packed anything yet. So I quickly went to my room, unzipped my luggage bag and starting to put my stuffs into it. I also put some of my stuff into a big box which I sent to my brother's house because there are too much for me to bring home along.

After I finished folding my clothes and putting them into my luggage bag, I checked around the room to make sure than everything is already packed. When I looked at the back of our door, I laughed my ass heart off to see Azhann left 2 pairs of stripy slack pants, a pair of LEE black jeans with a stylish belt around the belt hanger. Then, I texted Azhann and told him that he was being typical again, which to leave things behind when he goes back home. (^_^)

Azhann asked me to hold on to his stuffs until the 2nd semester starts. Means that I'll be bringing his stuffs all the way to Sabah. His pants will be somekind of tourist to Sabah. LOL

When I got out, I saw everyone had finished packing. Everybody has too many things with them. It's like they are going to move out from a house to another house or something. It occurred to me that seeing these were so interesting which made me grabbed my Sony Ericsson G705 and take pictures of packed things.







I just can' wait to reach KK do everything that I've been missing since I've been in Shah Alam.

I'm sad but I'm satisfied. Thanks for caring everyone...!!!


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assist class rep. said...

iz,its gr8 hvg u as a fren n leader 2 de class.onestly.btw, hav a safe jurney 2 sabah ba..! :]

Writer wanna be said...

Iz! Waaa.. Terharu i bace ur blog nie! yeah.. we had many memories together as a 1C family. sorry i still cldnt upload the video..! anyway, 1C family lives forever in my heart and mind! i'll create poem just 4 u guys k!