MueT - SPeaKiNG...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

Yesterday, I went to SM All Saints, Likas to have my MUET Speaking examination. I was wearing light green stripy long-sleeved shirt, a pair of black slack pants and a lime green neck tie. I arrived there by 9.15 a.m. as I was a little bit late because I dropped my mom at her office earlier and Ethel arrived at the mamak restaurant that we've planned earlier than she supposed to so I don't want to keep her waiting.

After I parked my car, I went to look for Ethel. I just keep walking to the block of stores and suddenly I heard somebody called me out from behind. It was Ethel. She was wearing this white kebaya which has blue flowers on it. She looked pretty in it.

Then, she accompanied me to a restaurant there where I had Mihun Goreng Ayam and Teh Tarik. She told me that she had her breakfast earlier with her dad in another restaurant nearby. We were talking like crazy, talked about Larry's bad behavior. I can see that Ethel has this big fat vengeance on him. Well, he had been a really lousy leader, so to speak. Not that I'm trying to make him look bad but words spread around TESL ASASIans. Things have been bad with College Study Skills, the IJN thingy that they did wrong. I feel sorry for Ethel, Haziq, Ainin and their team mates because lots of mark had been deducted because of what had happened. No marks for their presentation and 15% had been deducted from their report mark. If I were Ethel, I would be furious myself.

Erica showed up when we were talking about our upcoming 2nd semester in ASASI TESL. Everybody is eager to go to Language and Drama class next semester. So do I because I am really ready to take away the Best Actor award from everybody. I know I have the talent to be a good performer. It's just that my time has not come yet. Erica was wearing this gray baju kurung with brown flowers on it. She was wearing a pair of hazel colored contact lenses. Few minutes later, Aaron arrived at the scene and he was wearing dark brown shirt, a pair of black slack pants and light brown neck tie.

When we finished our breakfast, it was almost to 11 a.m. and we decided to go into the school and we were told to go to the school library. We were quarantined in the room next to the library. There was this guy, who was looking at me like he wants to eat me. I just couldn't get it. If he was angry with me because I was chatting with the rest and I was using my high-volume-normal voice, he supposed to be doing the same with others because I was not the only one talking. I don't know what seemed to be his problem. He was this geeky Chinese guy who I really love to hate in real life. Let's just say, he was intimidated by my speaking skills. I just don't get him. (>_<)

We were grouped in 4. I was grouped with Aaron, Erica and one girl from ASASI LAW. I feel sorry for Ethel because she couldn't join us as she was group with another group. The waiting was hell, luckily the geeky Chinese guy was not around anymore so I could chat with my group mates with ease. It was annoying to see people keep on staring at you for no reason.

So, Ethel's group was done with their speaking. I saw them shaking their heads and they were making fake smiles. I began to feel nervous, because I assumed that they must have faced a very bad speaking session. I entered the room and I saw a middle-aged Chinese lady was sitting at the center of the room. She was wearing rounded shape pair of spectacles and was wearing dark purple Punjabi attire. She asked us to take our respective seats.

There had been some problems with Aaron's status of being there because he didn't print out the paper that he was supposed to bring together. So, I told the invigilator that it was not Aaron's fault that he didn't bring the paper together because according to Mr. Shah our name wasn't suppose to be in the MPM system. But it did and yes Aaron was suppose to bring the paper just in case.

Then, another invigilator entered the room. She is an Indian lady who was wearing dark purple Punjabi outfit as well. Is it the wearing-dark-purple-Punjabi-outfit day or what? Then, she began checking my IC. She suddenly went to see the other invigilator and murmured something to her. Then the Chinese lady told her:
"There's our candidate. Nobody left his IC here."
"Is something wrong?" I asked, curious.
"Nothing. I thought somebody left his IC here, because you don't look like in the IC here. You look different." she explained.
"Really? I must look better now compared to the picture in there." I replied with a small chuckle.
"Maybe you should get a new one, since this IC looks old." the Chinese lady spoke.
"Yup. I actually went to update my IC last week. So I'm practically waiting for it to be done then I'll get it."I said, with my cute smile.

I look at the question paper. The topic that I got for the our speaking session was Developing Responsibility. My point was through family. For Task A, I think I did great. I keep my eye contact with the invigilators and I always look them in the eye and convince them that what I said is the most true. I didn't know how did I pull it out but I managed to present my points within the very 2 minutes. Just my luck, I guess.

Then for Task B, I was the one who started the discussion and it was like a debate as Erica was agreeing with my point and supported it, while the girl from ASASI LAW was agreeing with Aaron and supported his point instead, which is developing responsibility through individual level. It was fun, because I didn't try to conquer the whole discussion to myself because everybody has everything to say. The time ended, and we were given 1 minute to make a conclusion. We were looking at each other, and then I opened my mouth and present my conclusion which I still stand on my point that family is the most important aspect in developing one's sense of responsibility.

After we got out, we didn't see Ethel anywhere. So I called her and she told me that she was already home. So Erica, Aaron and I went to another restaurant to have our lunch. We talked about our previous MUET Speaking session and laugh our asses off about the whole thing. I guess all of us were satisfied with the whole incident. What a relief! (^_^)

So, we're just gonna wait until 7th November. That's when we will be having our Listening, Writing and Reading Comprehension. I just hope everything will be going smoothly as our Speaking. There's nothing to do at home actually, since I have finished all 3 books of Percy Jackson that Azhann lend me.

I'm going to download lots and lots of movies so that my friends and I will be able to have some entertainment when we're back for our 2nd semester.

Until then, chiao...!!!

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Izzaty said...

eh u ngan ethel eh? gempak lah korang! wish all da best for our next battle on 7th of Nov! Gud luck ya! =]

Iz said...

err...kan i tulis ethel tak same dgn kitorg...i dgn erica & aaron...

aimisyafiqah said...

Iz! u have a secret admirer!
That Chinese guy.
It must be very bothersome to have someone who keeps staring at you for no reason

Iz said...

aimi, i would rather die than to have that geeky Chinese guy as an admirer...!!!