HaPPY BiRTHDaY...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

Since the semester break started, I've turned into a newly-evolved one nocturnal creature who happens to have insomniac problem. Currently, my best buddy is my green colored lappy which enables me to go online every single day.

I don't have anything to do here at home other than Facebooking. I think that is what almost all TESL ASASIans are doing in order to spend their spare time. I never thought that semester break would be this boring. It is more boring compared to SPM break.

Well, today I celebrated my younger brother's 12th birthday. Happy 12th Birthday Nabeel Azhar...!!! Basically, his birthday is tomorrow but since tomorrow is Monday and it's not suitable for celebration as it is school day, so we celebrated tonight instead. Well, I have no photo to publish as we just took the food away and eat them at home. My family practically have small appetite when it comes to food so they give me one whole Hawaiian Chicken Regular-sized Pizza and they ate the other 2 pizzas. It was fantastic and I'm really full now.

Last night, I went to my former school because I was invited to my former school library party. They had organized a little bit better party than I had organized last year. As far as I know, this party was organized by my former secretary Sharina which doesn't make the new chairperson as good.

We had barbecue there. We ate chicken wings, sausages, shrimps, squids, corns and some other stuffs. I'm sorry as I didn't take any photo as there were few juniors already busy taking photos. Besides, I was happy to see some of my old friends there. Ayu, Oda and Sharina were there. Madam Rosaini, Madam Ashikin, Madam Roslina, Madam Ipah and the Principal were the teachers present. All the juniors were pretty excited to see me. Well, who wouldn't? LOL

People basically told me that I've gain weight since the last time they saw me. Well, actually I'd just placed myself on a weight scale and my current weight is 65kg. It is lower than before, believe it or not! Well, I'm trying my best to lose weight a bit because I've exceeded my normal weight and I'm overweight  now. I think it's taking its toll on me now because when I go out and hang out with my friends, I can't walk for a long period of time. My heels will start to ache and the feeling will kill my mood to have fun.

After I got back from the party last night, I sat in front of my lappy and go online. I just cannot sleep after that. I think this is the problem with who turned into nocturnal being, insomnia became a habit.


4 comment(s):

Izzaty said...

Happy birthday Nabeel Azhar!! haha :p

Iz said...

hehehe...like my younger brother even reads this blog...huhuhu

aimisyafiqah said...

happy birthday 2 ur bro
btw, i also need to lose some weight
my friends been calling me 'tembam'

Iz said...

i say, thanks on the behalf of my bro...

i don't know why, but i think being a UiTM stud's made us gain weight...hahahhaa