THe STaRT oF SoMeTHiNG NeW...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

OMG...!!! I've just realized that it's been a month now since the last time I updated my blog. Well, my life had been dull during the whole semester break. Nothing interesting happened to me. Basically I'd just eat, sleep, and Facebooking 24/7. Get how boring my break was...???

Everybody (or at least the ASASI students) knows that we have just started our 2nd semester of ASASI TESL. It's been three weeks now, since the first day of 2nd semester. I still remember on the first day where Mr Shah told us that our batch of ASASI TESL had been disappointing at some point as the Dean was not happy with our results. He also said that Lendu Campus, Melaka have better results than us, which is quite humiliating for us, the so called the best batch for being placed in Shah Alam Campus.

As far as everybody is concern, my pointer is 3.18. Yeah, I know people would say that for a linguistic course that I'm taking right now, that pointer is pretty low but learning English is not as easy. It's more than meets the eye. Comparing ourselves with other ASASIans; Science, Engineering & Law, we're kinda so far behind them. I was hoping that I would get 3.5 and above, but I'm still so grateful that I'm still in the safe zone.

For this semester, it's gonna be really fun and a great joyride. The classes had been reshuffled and half of the class of 2B, the class I'm in right now, are from my former class, 1C. Things are not gonna be the same, that's one thing for sure. 1C will always gonna be itself, but I see 2B as brand new start for me. Once again, I've been chosen as the class rep which Mr Shah had remark it as a "kontrak sampai mati!".

I'm honored as people still believe in me doing simply what I do best. For my whole life, I've never been not being a leader. I'd tried taking a hiatus during the last Minggu Mesra Siswa and let someone else be the "penghulu" for a change. I just can't sit still, every breath that I took was not easy as I see someone else was doing and taking my role. I believe that no matter how hard things are but if that's what we do best and we do it sincerely, we would always be happy about it. That's how I feel about being a leader.

I know that in the beginning, when I was first appointed as the TESL ASASIans President, the guys especially don't have faith in me. Thought that someone else would suit my position now. It's fine by me as we were still in the process of knowing each other. If I were to be them, I think I would do the same. Who would want a flamboyant, bubbly, overly talkative and crazy guy to lead them? Well, one thing that I'm grateful about myself is that I'm committed to the responsibilities that are placed on my shoulders. So, I hope everybody has different perspective  about how I do my work now.

As for the recent Aidiladha, I didn't go back home. I stayed in Meranti with few guys and luckily Kutiq was kind enough to invite us to his house. It was fun as I went to my friend's house because my last Aidilfitri was rather boring because I only went to my bro's gf's house. 

The Meranti "Left-overs"



The next day, Milin texted me and told me that she was bringing foods to Meranti for us. How thoughtful of her to still think about us. We enjoyed the food so much till there was nothing left. We were so full, and we saved our money. Hehehehe...Thank you so much, Milin...!!!

I was supposed to do my reading journal 1 assignment but instead I come here and write a blog entry. I guess I just needed a time off from everything for awhile and express everything here.

I really hope that this start of something new would give me a whole lot new experiences.


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