THe NeW LooK oF MY BLoG...!!!

Hi guys...!!!

It's been a really long time ago since I've written any entry for my beloved blog. I was really busy with life, especially all being TESL ASASIans students and lots of assignments needed to be finished. I'm still having unfinished assignments needed to be completed by the end of this week.
I still have College Writing Assignment 1A which is about finding 6 articles and summarize any 3 of the articles based on the title that we have chosen by ourselves. I'm writing about the title "Abuse Towards Youth" Next, I need to do a demonstrative speech right after the end of the mid sem break. I'm doing about how to fast fold your We're not supposed to to anything yet but we have to submit our speech outline within this week. I have just finished my College Reading assignment which is to write an alternate ending of the movie "Cast Away" that we watched last Wednesday. I've written a pretty interesting alternate ending for everybody to know.

Apparently, we'll be having a test on Basic Principles in Education, or I would say BPiE. Basically, I don't really know what is it gonna be asked in the paper later because there's not much we've learned in this course. I think I should open my notes and do some

Well, as far as everybody's concern, I've changed my blog's layout. I love this layout because it's less striking than the one that I had before. I really hope that all of you will enjoy this blog much better after this. Plus, I've added some cute and funny pictures as my

Okay, I think I better go now as more and more assignments are waiting for me to be completed. I won't be sleeping as my class will be in few hours time.

Until then, chiao...!!!

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who are you, anonymous person...???

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