FeeLiNG NoT So GooD...!!!

I've just woken up at 11.30 pm just now. ivanjaya.net I don't know why but I feel unwell.ivanjaya.net

It's not that I'm having a fever, or catching a cold or cough a lot, but I just feel fatigue. Maybe it's because when I went to the Dramatari Rawana in Philhamonik Hall in KLCC last night I didn't get any sleep because I just couldn't.

Since I'm still fresh, I think I'm gonna use the time to work on my College Writing 1A Assignment and my speech outline for my demostrative speech for Listening & Speaking.ivanjaya.net But luckily, my class starts at 10.30am tomorrow...!!! So, I can relax a bit and feel free to sleep till 9.30am tomorrow.ivanjaya.net

Oh yeah, I just wanted to say Happy 22nd's Birthday to my biological brother, Muhammad Fahmie Ehsan Rijap who had just turned one year older. I don't have anything to give u at the moment as the allowance is not in yet.ivanjaya.net

I think I need to start my work now so that I can sleep earlier.ivanjaya.net