iT'S BeeN "BaNNeD"...!!!

Owh My God...!!! I've just realized that it's been a really long time ago the last time I write anything in this blog. Sorry guys, for those who have been meeting me and saying that I really need to get myself settle and back to

For all you know, I was busy with Whoa! Willow!! theater production. I was one of the crews, or should I say the Special Force Being in the production, it was a really good experience for me. Frankly speaking, at first I was feeling like to quit from the production, as the hard work that I needed to do. But I didn't proceed with my intention, as I couldn't just leave my friends who have been involved with the Heck, I was the reason why they joined the production in the first place!!!

When Izza first approached me and asked me to find people to be the crew, they were interested in joining and quickly sign up for it. But sadly only 1/3 of the people who signed up really attended all those days where we all made the stage and hand

I still remember the time where the guys and I went to Puncak Perdana Campus where we went to TEKA and took the steels needed to make the staircase. After that, I was the only guy left as everybody back out on us. Luckily James came back with us right after the mid sem Izzaty and I glued the fake money and cut the polystyrene the second time I came. Sorry for being absent for the whole of next week guys, I needed some break.

The next time I came, it was the night before the press conference in INTEC Hall. There, we got the chance to meet the casts for the first time...!!! It was awkward at first, but once we introduced ourselves to each other it was fine later. We exchanged smiles and glances. When I watch they rehearse for the first time, I envied them for being the I was thinking that I should be one of them, performing instead of being one of the crews. Some of the casts approached me and asked me why didn't I go for the audition as they said I can sing well (don't have to tell me that, I know! As far as I'm concern, the audition was held when I was not here yet, when I was not yet a UiTM student. I think it's okay, considering that I need to get as much experience I can get first before I can be one of the casts. I've been telling everybody that the next time they have theater thingy going on, don't forget to notify me.

During the whole 5 shows, I can feel the bonding between the crews and casts started to get closer. No more awkwardness when we see each other. Everybody was talking to each other like we've been friends since forever!!! I want to thanks everybody who was involved with this production, for giving me such good experience and memories...!!! I love you all...!!!

I also get to meet TESL ASASIans from Melaka campus. They were great and friendly. I like friendly people because they reminded me of myself, being talkative and unstoppably friendly. Guys, I really hope we would meet each other by the time we get into the Degree program, Bachelor in Education (TESL).

Speaking of which, I was in the state of devastation because of my MUET result. Yes, I'm grateful of my result though I only got Band 4 and I passed the requirement but it was painfully disappointing when you believe in yourself that you can do much much better but in the end things didn't turn out as

Well, my moment of grief has come to an end. Now I will focus more with my final exam, finishing the ASASI program with flying colors so that there will be no more regrets in the future. I know, the future is pretty much bright in front of me. Just wait...!!!

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exxa. said...

congrats iz.
i hope to see u in degree TESL after this.