TeLL Me WHY...!!!

Today's class was intensely interesting. A question that lead to an argument, which I felt like I was watching a debate. But I'm not gonna talk about it here, because it's really none of my business and I just think that the argument would never end if it

This time I want to talk about affection and I've been in this situation more than I can ever count. Well, I've been having crushes since I can remember, but the things that I have to go through are harder gradually. I've been in love many times as well, and having the experience made me more mature. Well, everybody tells me that I act too old for my age. I just don't know why.

To make story short, I just don't understand why some people act strange to me. ivanjaya.netWell, I've been meeting lots of people since I've been a UiTM student and my friends are getting more and more than I can So, I've encountered few people who at first giving me signals as if they are interested in me. I was not interested in the first place, but seeing them like that made me have the feeling of giving it a So, I started smiling back at them, talk to them nicely and getting to know But do you know what happened? They have this sudden change that I don't even Suddenly, it seemed like I was the one who was interested in them in the first place. Come on, I don't even have a slight feeling towards them but when I have come to the edge where I learn to accept them, they changed 360

Sometimes, I feel like I was the only one who has the feeling but what if your friends were thinking about the same thing but it turned out not as anticipated? Now that I am beginning to be interested, you back off?

That's why, once in a while I think being single is better than having someone as your partner. But being a peculiar human being (as mentioned by Miss Sally), I just can't deny the fact that I somehow need someone by my side.

But, I just don't understand these people. Now, you tell me why...???

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Iz said...

even though I was in chinese school for 7 years, but i don't get what are you trying to say here...TETZ~!