I just don't understand why sometimes people can be so blind and be blinded by their own EGO...!!! When someone says that a person is emotional, he/she just couldn't see that he/she is doing the same

Saying others narrow-minded, what difference does it make you? Please stop this or I will make ALL of you stop Everybody is bound with their own opinion, it's what we call as Freedom of Speech and you call yourself open-minded by refusing to listen to others?

I know that everyone of you don't like what is happening in this country right now, but that's the truth and yes once again I say, truth

I know that it was not intended, but things are just going awry gradually and unbearably out of If you don't like the fact that this is happening in our country, then just leave. One more thing, sometimes people refuse to see what is in front of them. Like everybody has tried to explain why this and that happened in the first place, but still you're not satisfied with the answer given to you and you can't just stop to argue...!!! It's like you have a mirror in front of you, but you can't even see that what you are wearing sucks...!!!

I've had enough, this has got to stop. Enough is enough. I want everybody to stop arguing about whatever you are arguing about...!!!

Stop writing blog entries and Facebook status updates about you dissatisfaction towards others...!!! I just can't stand it...!!!

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