i'M LoViN' iT...!!!

It's been awhile since I updated my blog. I've been busy with myself at home, resting.ivanjaya.net But trust me, it only took me a day to relax and rest because the next day I already felt bored to death!ivanjaya.net When I heard the phrase "I'm Lovin' It!" it reminds with the Grammar class I had with Mr. UD where he explained that this phrase is grammatically wrong.ivanjaya.net Gosh! How I miss my ASASI time in UiTM.

Well, life must go on. I just hope that I will pass my CGPA and MEdSI. Those are the only obstacles that keeping me away from taking degree in TESL. By the way, I bought MEdSI preparatory book today and it costs me RM22.90. Quite costly but I'm willing to spend my money because I don't want what happened in MUET repeat itself.ivanjaya.net

So, I went out with Quioum today. We hang out at Center Point and I hate seeing all the people there because they were trying so hard to look like "something" but they turned out so badly.ivanjaya.net Actually, I asked Quioum to keep me company and to help me to get a job because I'm so newbie about this and he has experience working part time before this. At first we went to Le Meridien hotel where we planned to ask if they have vacancy there. Too bad the office was closed because it was operating for half day only.ivanjaya.netSo, Quioum told me that he really would love to recommend me another place where he used to work at, and the pay is much higher than working in a hotel like Le Meridien.ivanjaya.net

So, he suggested for me to work at McDonald's. At first I felt reluctant, but when I think about the people I will meet at the airport, I feel excited. I like Caucasian people and I surely will meet a lot of their kind at the airport.ivanjaya.net Plus, he said that people who has more good proficiency in more languages will get higher salary. I think I have the advantage because I know 3 languages really well and I can speak them fluently. Those are Malay, English and Mandarin.ivanjaya.netAnother advantage of working at McD in airport is because the distance from my house to the airport is just like between Section 2 and the main campus. So if I walk to work everyday, I will lose weight!ivanjaya.net I fill out the form, submitted my IC and photo right there and then. I will just have to wait for them to look at my application and they'll call me.ivanjaya.net

Owh McD people, please take me. I just don't wanna stay at home anymore.ivanjaya.net

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Harith said...

Habisla makin membulat dengan sihat ko nanti hahah....
Kebanyakkan kawan2 aku yang keje Mcd semua besar2 haha..
dari badan halus boleh big wakaka..

Iz said...

takpe..aku boleh hari2 jalan kaki pegi keje...kurus la nanti...huhuhuh

th!ck said...

eyh, aq pon ex mcd worker gak taw sblm masok asasi dulu. AND I'M NOT FAT! hahaha, dont worry iz, i guarantee you'll love the experience there :). goodluck!

Iz said...

thanks so much thick...!!! this will be a new experience for me...!!!