CoLLeGe WRiTiNG...!!!

I woke up at 6.54am on the day I had College Writing 2 paper. This time, I had a good night sleep the night before even though I only slept at 3.00am. I slept well even though it was not as long as I wanted it to be. This was the first time I ever get enough after a long time during the whole 2nd semester of

I got ready and I went to the bus stop together with Acap, Hakim, Yen and Arshad. Acap, Hakim & Yen decided to have breakfast at Section 2 food court while Arshad & I decided to go wait for the bus. Waiting for the bus was painful because I had nothing to do to spare the time. Everybody was beginning to get crowded at the bus stop and when the bus arrived we got on the bus and it was so full like a can of

Arrived at INTEC at 8.24am, I quickly went to Cafe Gagak to get my light breakfast. Are 3 pieces of curry puff considered as light? I got full by just eating them, plus a cup of Iced

The exam started at 9.00am sharp this time. I looked at the question and I was like I know everybody seemed to like the final examination question so much, but I couldn't just pay much attention to it. I spent 30 minutes just to decide which question I should answer. This time, I had to be thorough because there was only 1 question needed to be answered it will cost me 30% of my marks. I just don't want to rush and be hasty about it because we had 3 whole hours to answer the paper. I found it really amazing where some people managed to finish the paper within 1 hour. I hope they weren't hastily wanted to finish the paper out of

I answered the 1st question, which required me to write about the responsibilities present in a movie. I somehow didn't have any idea on what should I write, so I just pick the only boring movie ever (and Inglorious Basterds is also a boring one) which was the movie "Did You Hear about the Morgans?". I just wrote about the responsibilities were shown through safety, relationship and parenthood. Cheesy, isn't it?

Something funny happened today. I went to the toilet and Mr.UD followed me because the previous person went to the toilet spent so much time out of the exam hall so he wanted to check the toilet if there was any notes whatsoever. He waited for me to finish my "business". I was I didn't know that he would wait for me till I got

I finished answering the paper at 11.50am. I went out and found Anas, Acap, Megat, Akmal, James, Arshad & Hafiz. I accompanied them to Mr.UD's office so they can check their carry marks. Most of them weren't happy with their marks, but I think they have improved compared with the previous semester. I'm happy for them.

There's one thing I'm pissed about after I had my lunch, but let's just keep it under the surface because a friend of a friend will surely read my blog entry and I just don't want any problems anymore, at least until I finish my ASASI.

There 2 more papers to go, I'll have to open my College Reading book as I still need to understand a few terms. I'm tired of anger today, so I'll pass.

See ya...!!!

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