CoLLeGe ReaDiNG...!!!

Just finished College Reading paper. There's one more paper left which is TPI082 - Islamic Education Studies. But I'm thinking where would I find its reading material to skim and note to scan because the only note we have for IES is from the Power Point slides that we have from lectures, which we didn't pay much attention to and I don't think that's enough.

Well, let's worry about that later. I just wanted to express what I felt about College Reading paper that we had earlier. The paper, of course, needed a lot of reading. I didn't have a rough time answering it, thank goodness...!!! Luckily I read about writing pattern the night before the exam and I also read about distinguishing facts from opinion. Answering the paper was rather boring because I wrote the answers roughly in the question paper, and I had to transfer all answers in the answer booklet. I know when we underestimate an exam paper, saying it was easy, it will turn out otherwise. I just hope that the marking will be easier on us, I know Mdm Nazeera is a nice

Once we had finished our exam, I saw a bunch of 1C fellas stacking gathering outside of the Old Library. We went for a reunion at Section 3 McDonald's. I know it's quite early to call for a reunion but we've been missing each other and we haven't been hanging out with each other for a long time

When we arrived, half of 1C fellas were already there. Izzaty, Syafiqah, Hazreen, Nani, Lee, Tigha, James, Anas & I were the late comers. But Bombay & Megat were later because Megat needed to meet with a senior who's organizing an event in INTEC and he's inviting him to be a guest performer. We had much fun during our get-together. Eja & Hanis with their non-stop craziness, the rest with their own craziness as well. I mentioned about 1C would be a sweet memory especially to Lee & Tigha because they found each other there. I also teased Ezza non-stop today. It was fun to see her all blushing and everybody noticed she was like that till she was asked why did her face went all red like Hazreen's red baju kurung. Don't get mad Ezza, I just couldn't help it...!!!!

Right after the gathering, James, Megat, Anas and I went to PAS to jam! James had this crazy idea of wanting me to sing an altered version of the song Sempurna, specially dedicated to our fellow 1C. We had recorded the whole thing and I'm uploading it to Facebook as we

Okay, now let's worry about IES. Where to start???

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