We have seated for our Grammar exam this morning. Basically, all went smoothly.

The questions are slightly easier than I foreshadowed. It was okay when I answered Part A, and then I proceeded to Part B. Once I was at Part C, things started to get difficult. I was beginning to feel uneasy plus with the too-cold air-conditioner. Even I had to give in to the condition because it made my eyes go Mr. UD was flabbergasted as he thought I went to see him to ask permission to go to the toilet, but instead I asked permission if I can get my eye-drop from my

Well anyway, Part C Text 4 was easier compared to Part C Text 5, as Text 4 I can easily find the mistakes without much difficulties. But when I went to Text 5, the world has just started to fall on me, the sky fall on me...!!! On the first reading, I only identified 3 mistakes...!!! I think I have mistakenly identified the correct sentence structure into the wrong ones. All the confidence that was building up in me of getting a excellent result for Grammar suddenly dropped...!!!

I quickly finished the paper and got out from the exam hall sharp at 11.20am. When the paper finished, I went to see Mr. UD so that I can get my carry marks. When I went there, Fifa, Aini and Fafa were there dying to know their carry marks from Mr.UD as well. Once Mr.UD settled their marks, it was my turn after that. At first, he congratulated me for getting 17.27/20 for my Test 2. It's the second highest for my class, which the highest was Farah with 17.34/20 (if I'm not mistaken). Congrats Farah...!!!

Not only that, Mr. UD revealed my carry marks and to my surprise I got 49.83% out of 60%. I was almost jumping in Mr. UD's office because I never thought I would get that kind of mark because compared to the 1st semester, I only got 39.6% out of 60%. All the confidence that I lost during the exam was coming back to me. I think that I could survive this course this semester. I'm so grateful...!!! Thank you so much, Mr. UD...!!!

I have just finished completing the lecturer's evaluation via i-Learn. Basically, I gave every lecturer the same really high evaluation because I think they deserved it, even though some might find they don'

Now, I have the momentum on confidence in me. InsyaALLAH, everything will go smoothly after this. I have faith in myself now. Now I can cross TSL082 - Introductory Literature and TSL042 - Grammar 2. Next, we have TSL032 which is Listening & Speaking 2. I will try my best to get an A for this course because last semester I didn't manage to get what I wanted for this course. Need to put extra effort to this

See ya...!!!

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