LoVeBiRDS LoVeSToRY...!!!

As requested by the owner of the body (dared actually by Ezza), I hereby dedicate this very special entry to these two lovebirds, Megat and Ezza...!!!

In the previous few posts, I had mentioned about people name M and E. Well, they were actually Megat and Ezza. I couldn't be happier when I see these two protege of mine finally found their way to each other. Although maybe there are people who are jealous, but let's just give this so in love couple a chance...!!!

It all started during the drama practices we had for our final drama entitled Tun Teja. At first, I never thought that there would be any sparks between the two of them because they barely talk to each other, in class and anywhere. Being their class rep for 2 whole semesters made me understand and realize that there must have been something going on with these two because everything

The one thing that made me realize about them werw their blogs. When I read Ezza's blog, I could see that she found Megat so cute by doing this and that. At first there was Bombay's name along any other entries, my name was there too. But our name began to gradually fade away and only Megat's name stayed in her blog. And finally his name was changed into some symbols like "^^".

Same goes to Megat. Since he's a newbie in blogging world, there was not much he could write about except what had been happening with his daily life. He wrote about how great it was chatting with Ezza. At first he included Ainin's name in his post as well (to cover up maybe), but her name began to fade away as well and left only Ezza's name which afterward been replaced with the word "someone"

I can say, these two were pretty good at hiding things from people. Nobody knows about them until they declare that they are now a sweet loving lovey dovey Most of our friends didn't realize there had been things going on between them because they have been texting non-stop, who will know if they ever text to each other, right? I also thought that Ezza already had someone special which made me think that they were just "teman tapi mesra", but it was more than that. It would be ashamed of me as the loyal die-hard-follower of both of their blogs if I couldn't put the pieces together and solve the puzzle they made in their So, I went straight to their faces and asked if they have something going on. Megat said 'You can ask her if you want answer' and also kept on saying 'I don't know anything' with his face all blushed! So, I went to Ezza and asked her for confirmation. She was the one who helped me by saying that 'We know how we feel about each other but we haven't declared anything YET' at that time. I was so happy to find out about it, like I've just solved a mystery

So, this is it. They have finally declared about their feelings toward each other. I wish that the two of them will always find the joy and happiness in the world of being in a relationship plus all the fights you're gonna

They both have to thank me because if it were not because of me, they wouldn't have anything now. I was the one who chose Megat to be in class 2B when Abe had to be transferred to 2A because of the clash of the schedule and I was also the one who chose Megat to be in my drama group. So guys, give me some credit here...!!!

Well, I hope both of you won't be mad at me for writing this entry. It's a contribution for both of you actually. I promise you I will never stop tease the both of you until I get bored...!!!

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`Ainin said...

very nice pic.pergh,mmg sehati sejiwa.warna baju pun sama ;P

ezzasygs said...

gmbr x boley go.
kesian yana kene crop. HAHA.

nice one iz.
really like ur writing.
i know u can be a good writer one day. :)
thanks so so much.
yeahh, the credit goes to you act.
as u dh susah2 interrogate i and megat just to get the confirmation.
and sume ney jd because of you.

syg u lebay laa!

the-only-Alyaa.Jamaludin said...

hahaha terbaikk la iz. :)
aku doakan korunk berkekalan. insyaAllah. :)))

Iz said...

hahahha...i sangat teruja dan excited (bukan same ke?) mase tulis entry ni...sangat tak sabar nak publish...writer??? first time dengar orang cakap kat i camtu, well thanks anyway...korang perasa tak yang muka ezza dengan megat dalam gambar ni cam nak same...??? orang kate couple yang muka nak same tu ade jodoh...uhuhuh..(sorry yana terpaksa crop muka u...huhuhuhh)

apple said...

nice one iz.u mmg takkan stop teasing bout couples kan.
keep on writing (=

ezzasygs said...

muka sama ke iz?
baju warna sama i nmpk la.
wah wah, ade jodoh?
mintak mintak. ahaha.
i pn doakan u cepat2 dpt gf pasni.
dh x sbr nk tease u! :PPP

Iz said...

ezza, nak tease i kene ade ilmu meng-tease tahap tertinggi...ntah bila la ye u nak tease i ni...huhuhuh...razwa, i tak tau la tapi memang i suka tease couple kot...wah, nampaknya sume orang mendoakan kebahagiaan korang ye mezza...huhuhuhuh

aimisyafiqah said...

HAHA. Iz nk bolot sume kedit ea?
Ezza n' Megat, hopefully everlasting!!!

ezzasygs said...

i rse sempat lg i nk tuntut ilmu tu.
by the time u da ade gf, i dh ready.
ilmu i dh cukup. HAHA.

to aimi, thanks a lot. :)

Iz said...

ok...nanti i bagi u tuition...kelas kiat 5 credit hours tau, so sehari kena balajar satu jam...nanti i bagi dia punya course outline...huhuhuh

ezzasygs said...

semangat ahh cikgu iz ney.
siap bg course outline.
i dh ready nk blaja neyh.

ballqiszbelle said...

Waah Ezza!!!! X sangka dalam diam ek kau........Congratz!

Btw, mmg sama la muka korang...ade jodoh ni....hehe...

Credit la kat iZ...hahaha....

Iz said...

thanks ball...huhuhuh...dorang memang cute and sweet couple kan...huhuh