LiSTeNiNG & SPeaKiNG...!!!

Today, we had Listening & Speaking exam. I didn't actually sleep before the exam because I was chatting with Acap and Hakim. We didn't feel sleepy up until at 5 am. I slept for 2 hours or so when I woke up as I realized that the clock was 7.15am. I quickly got up because I'm sure I don't want to be late even for a minute because this is L&S, which we need to listen to people reading the

I arrived at INTEC at 8.30am. I went to the toilet and when I came back everybody was already inside the Old Library. I sat at the back this time, because the front row already been occupied. I sat down, look at the attendance sheet that I need to fill out. I haven't even got the chance to fill it out, then suddenly the examination started without any warning, and they started at 8.55am, not at

I flipped my paper to the first section, Part A. I skim through the page, and listen to the audio. Then, within 20 seconds the text was already finished. I was like I didn't even get a word they were saying because I was not fully prepared, and so does everybody. We were looking at each other with our flabbergasted faces. Still, throughout the whole listening process, I find it hard to detect the word that I need to write on the blanks. Luckily the texts were read for the 2nd

I found it kinda funny because people who were reading the audio texts were our lecturers. Miss Azy, Miss Mel, Mr UD and Miss Z were the lecturers that I can identified. There were a few more but I couldn't identify their

As the exam finished, I went back to Meranti to help few guys prepare for the BBQ that we had later that day. The event went smoothly even though it was raining cats and dogs earlier. Luckily there were a big shelter, so we were there during the rain. People started to come at 5pm. The event went decently smoothly even though there were some people who didn't manage to get the chicken because they were late, but they still managed to get food because there were plenty of food even after the

During the event, I went to see E (not the real name) and asked her what has been going on between her and M (not the real name). I had an interrogation with M earlier that day in Meranti when I asked him about E, and he went all blushing. He tried to hide his facial expression, but of course he couldn't hide them from the one who taught him all that, which is He kept on saying that I should be asking E about them, because he just said he doesn't know anything happening.Yeah, right...!!!

Then, during the event I had another interrogation session with E. E said that they haven't declared anything between them but they understand how they both are feeling toward each other. I didn't see this coming until I read their blogs and they always mentioned about each other in each posts. How obvious is that?

Well, M and E. I hope you guys will find whatever things that you are trying to find from one another. I'm happy for the both of you. I hope both of you wouldn't mind as I mentioned about you in this entry because I've been dared by E to put this on my blog. Yes, I did it...!!!

Okay, I got to go. Tomorrow, I'll be having College Writing 2 paper which will go for 3 hours instead of 2 hours.

Adios amigos...!!!

3 comment(s):

ezzasygs said...

kesian ouh org yg kene disoal siasat tuh.
sure die tgh malu gilaaa. :P

Iz said...

tu la tadi orang yang kene interrogate to dia text i cakap dia malu...ahhahahaha

Writer wanna be said...

Iz, duduk dpan time L&S pon xde effect okay.. haha.. Ye, smue mmg muke termotif time part A tuh. I xdpt tgkap gler2!!! Haram tol! Haha.I like the part when Miss Z mentioned stg about 'I like sleeping'! was really funny! sgt susah ye paper final nih compared to tests.. huhu..neway, we can only hope 4 the best!