iSLaMiC eDuCaTioN STuDieS...!!!

I know I should have updated my blog from the past few days, but I haven't gotten a chance till now. Many things have happened since the past few days. Some are saddening and some are

As we finished the Islamic Education Studies (IES) paper, it was also the end of my time in ASASI TESL. I put down my holy fire of being the ASASIans President for 2 whole semesters. I would like to thank everybody who has been my backbone, supporting me all this while. I would also like to thank those who were not happy and those who didn't support and didn't like me being the President because facing people like you has made my leadership skills to be more better than ever. Thank you so much...!!!

Ok, since I put the title IES let's talk a little bit about IES paper I had on the final day of our final exam. The paper was indeed the hardest, most difficult, most intricate paper I had to answer during the whole 2 weeks of exam. I thought IL was the most difficult paper but heck, it was IES. I don't know about the rest, but it attacked me at my most vulnerable spot. Well, I can say that I am pretty good at any subject except those subjects that are somehow related to HISTORY...!!! I don't even know why but even being the remembrance couldn't help me with remembering history facts, and this time IES was all about the history of Islamic Education, 'pondok' school etc. I was a doom. I felt like I'm gonna fail this paper, but I'm still hoping that my carry marks for this

As I stepped out of the hall, I saw some people started to hug each other and crying here and there but it wasn't as emotional as I thought. Maybe deep down we all know that we're still gonna see each other again. Later that night, I went to Ole-ole Bowling with the crew and management of Whoa! Willow!! theater production. This was in fact the last time I'll be seeing our Part 8 seniors because even if I come back to UiTM to continue my study in TESL, they would have been graduated from the faculty. I find it a little bit sad to say goodbye but I believe that everything has its end and an end is the start of something new. Goodbye fellow

I went to Sunway Lagoon with Lee, Abe and Alem. Thanks Lee for inviting me as he got 4 free tickets to Sunway Lagoon and he chose to bring me along because Adam refused to join them. I had a really great time with them. Playing all the dangerous yet fun rides in the Dry Park was mere

I'll start to pack my things tomorrow. Heck, I'm gonna go back to Sabah in a few days.

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Eugeneqin said...

have a safe journey!!!

Iz said...

I'm not so excited of going home...huhuhuhuhuh