SeCReT ReCiPe, PLaZa MaSaLaM & i-CiTY...!!!

Since yesterday was the last day I was in Shah Alam in Ramadhan, I felt like taking a vengeance on my boredom that I've been through since everybody went home. See, I've been alone in the room B208 since a few days ago and I only watched As The World Turns, a lot...!!!

So I went to Secret Recipe and there I was sitting alone, wretched. While waiting for the waiter to get my order, I pulled out my Blueberry and logged on to Facebook reading people's status updates. When he came, I ordered Prawn Macaroni and Cheese, Shepherd's Pie and Iced Lemon Tea. Then suddenly the waiter asked me if I wanted to order for the other patron or I'll wait for him/her to arrive. I felt like I was struck by a lightning. I felt pathetic for going there breaking fast alone, but breaking fast alone in my room in Meranti was not an option. The waiter apologized for his mistake when I told him that I'll be having my meal alone.

So I quickly finished my meal, and get my hot ass out of there. I didn't know what to do so I went up and stepped inside MPH Bookstore. Found some new books but unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy them so I just went out of there. I paid my parking and in the spur of the moment, I suddenly wanted to go to Plaza Masalam. I remembered Niessa told me to look for Blackberry Storm2 there. Instead, I found iPhone 4 there...!!! The price was almost to RM4k and I think that I should just forget on getting that phone for myself. So, I'm sticking with Blackberry Storm2, which is more cheap than iPhone 4.

I left Plaza Masalam with nowhere to go. I arrived at Meranti with no parking available at that moment. I couldn't park at the parking box because I'll get summon ticket after 8 am the next day. So to kill the time, I suddenly have the urge to go to i-City. I was surprised to find out that I need to pay RM10 to enter. I was reluctant to pay for it but I paid it anyway. It was kind of creepy at the parking lot but I managed to find the entrance anyway. It was nice to be there, but I don't think it worth my Rm10 for going there because there was nothing special. So, here are the pictures.

I immediately went back to Meranti and this time I've gotten a parking in front of there. So tomorrow I'll be going to Sepang sending my brother for his flight to go back to Sabah. I'll stay there for a couple of days and then it'll be my time to fly back to Sabah. Can't wait to go back and celebrate Raya there. Hope it'll be different this time.

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