SHoPPiNG FoR RaYa...!!!

I went out to Sunway Pyramid (again) together with Amir, Anas, Pokjak, Daus, Kerey, Eta and Nad. For the first time in my life, I didn't go there to watch movies, but to solely go shopping. Before that, we played bowling and I lost to everyone. Since raya is just around the corner, I need to get myself a few things because I haven't been shopping for raya celebration for the past few years. Yeah, somehow I usually shop when there was no celebration.

So, I bought myself a checkered green button down shirt that I've been looking for since the past few months, 2 pairs of Renoma boxer-brief and a pair of green crocs. Not that much and I bought them right away because they were on sale.

Original Price: RM79.90
After Discount: 63.90

Original Price: RM35.90
After Discount: 32.50

Original Price with no discount: RM29.90

After finished shopping, we went to Secret Recipe to break fast. I ate Meatball Spaghetti and it was mouthwatering. Everybody was silent while having their meal, unlike usually people will make noises even when they were eating. All I could hear was the sound of the battle between the ceramic plates and the stainless steel cutlery.

So I'll be going back to Sabah in a few days time. I'm really looking forward to celebrating this year's raya with my family. It's not that I'm having a different perspective on how my family celebrate our raya, but I'm just giving it the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I hope that I can make it to visit my maternal grandparents because the last time I heard from Mom that they couldn't recognize people around them and they had to wear diapers.

Owh yeah, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy 53rd Independence Day to every Malaysian citizen who is currently reading my blog. May the peace and harmony in our country will last long and we treasure every moment of it.

Alright peeps, I need to go now. Hope all of you will have a very happy and nice Ramadhan month and a worthwhile Raya celebration coming soon.

Till we meet again...!!!

4 comment(s):

Nyna said...

Do you really have to show your renoma??? -.-'
anyway, your facial expression with the red renoma is funny!! hahaha

Iz said...

yeah, it's still brand new and I wasn't wearing it so i guess it was okay to show everybody...sharing is caring what...??? hahahahha btw, i always make funny facial expression...huhuhuhuh XD

Nyna said...

hahaha in the library yesterday?? syidah and nurin were laughing at you when you were tryna sleep in the lib (jengjengjeng!!!) hahaha ;DD

Iz said...

I tried to sleep...??? No, i was actually trying to study my literature but i got bored so i tried sleeping instead..hahahhaha XD