eYe DeFeCTs...!!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I have eyes like the picture above? I couldn't remember when was the last time I updated my blog. Well, with the Internet connection like hell I don't think I can update my blog as frequent as I used to.

Since I bought BlackBerry Storm2, I've been updating my status on Facebook non-stop till sometimes it's frustrating not being able to update my status using that device because Celcom has such a crappy service. Even I heard people are annoyed because I updated my status all the time. Well, I paid for the service baby so it would be such a waste if I don't use it. I don't even understand why do I still hold on to Celcom, still subscribing to its broadband service and everything.

I've disabled my emoticons. I haven't uninstalled the software yet, just in case if I want to use it again in the future. I don't know, maybe I'll be a boring blogger from now on. It's a handful to use that emoticon. Sometimes I would get my idea faded away while choosing for the right emoticon to use.

I actually wanted to write about my eye defects. Yes, plural people. Defects. Just so you know, I wear spectacles. I've been wearing glasses since I was 10. Since I finished high school, I've started to wear contact lenses.

I went to Giant in Section 13, the biggest Giant in Shah Alam. I went there with Anas and Pokjak right after we had lunch at Anjung Melur. My initial intention was to find an appropriate size of bag so that I can put my dirty laundry in it because I have to send them to the launders as all washing machines in Meranti broke down. I ended up buying a wire extension, a green mug and a green shopping bag which I used for putting my dirty laundry.

While I was walking around, I saw this one small corner where they set up an optical store. It says "free check-ups". I went there asking for the optician to check on my eyes. She said that my dazzle-sightedness (I'm not sure if this term exists) has increased tremendously to 150+. That explains why these past few days I've been feeling like all cars were giving me high beams whenever I drive at night. She also said my dazzle-sightedness may have increased because I wear contact lenses that only cater to my short-sightedness. She said that if I want to use contact lenses that cater to all my eye defects, I have to buy them for a price of RM100+ per pair and they only can be worn for only a month. Obviously, I don't have that kind of budget so I might as well just wear the current contact lens. She advised me to change to a new pair of glasses soon, because if I don't then my eye powers will continue to increase.

And just found that my blog is being viewed by Americans...!!! Owh my, I have never imagined this...!!! I found out about this through the new function in Blogger, where they help us to get viewers statistics. I wanna thank all of you who's been reading my blog till now. This gives me a new motivation to write more about my life as a TESL student...!!!

I'll write more, this I promise you...(^__^)

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aimisyafiqah said...

there are Americans that viewed ur blog?
WOW, I'm envious.
How do I check???

Iz said...

check at your blog control panel...fins the tab that says STATS...