MaJoR uPGRaDeS...!!!

Hey there fellow readers...!!! Long time haven't read my entry I guess.Yeah, life has been never better. There's no superlative word can describe how happy I am with my life right now. If you see me around, you'll catch me smiling alone. Well, I don't think I really have to put what actually happens right now into words because I know anyone who's reading this entry could possibly guess right now. Wanting to know the identity of the person who manages to brighten my day? Well, let's keep it anonymous for now okay?

I'm now enjoying my study leave. I think the week is literally to leave your study before going for the final exam. NOT...!!! I really need to get going and read my TITAS textbook, because that's the first paper. Luckily there are gaps between papers, except for HDoE and Linguistics because they are back to back paper for 2 consecutive days. So, I'll be studying more and more after this.

So, talking about major upgrades (as stated in the title above), I had finally terminated my Celcom Broadband which used to cost me RM98 and I have resubscribed to another Celcom Broadband which now cost me RM68. The reason of this sudden change is because I've been feeling quite burdened by the cost of paying the bills as I'm also using BlackBerry right now which cost me more and more. So, I've come up to a solution where I decreased the speed of my broadband which also decrease the monthly bills that I've had to pay so I can use the extra money which I saved from paying the bills to buy food, or even topup for my BB.

Since I'll not be using any cars for the next few months, I think I can use that time to save up. Yeah, I've returned the kancil back to my cousin because it was such a problematic car and the only car that I have right now is Proton Saga, which belongs to my brother (note that the car was bought under his name but using my COMPETENT DRIVING LICENSE) will be lent to his BELOVED girlfriend since she doesn't have a transportation to go work, so I'm told.

Now, I still don't know what to do during my semester break. I'll have one months plus and I'm not sure if I want to use that period of time to work or just enjoy the holiday. Money is always the issue for me, for my lifestyle to be exact.

I guess I better go because my tummy has played Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Gotta go and buy Nasi Lemak Jati. Gonna make full use of the Proton Saga, while I still have it.

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RajaEmma said...

try celcom broadband for student...rm50 per month n the speed just like rm68