GoSSiP TiMe...!!!

I'm currently listening to Alicia Keys featuring Beyonce song, Put It in a Love Song. I think this is a great song, a type of song that I would love to dance to. The beat is just so tempting. Feel like I wanna get up from the chair that I'm sitting on right now and pull out all those daring and sexy dance moves. Hah! I just can't wait to find the opportunity to do that someday, on stage preferably.

From the past few days, I've been hearing a lot of rumors. Rumors about people used to be in a relationship, rumors about how people aren't as innocent as they seem, rumors about how the people have changed 360 degrees, and so much more. Last week, I thought my gossiping skills have degraded but apparently my skills have never been better. I'm back people! The Iz you've known all this while has come back with brand new techniques to gossip, ethically.

I have a different way of gossiping, that's why I'm an expert in it. I only gossip about things that are 100% confirmed true. I won't be going around spreading rumors if it's not true because I would hate that very much if that were to happen to me. So, golden rule people. Don't do to others what you don't want others do to you. I love gossiping, I hate being in the realm of not knowing what's happening around me. That's why I would do anything to investigate about the truthfulness of the story that I've been told.

I heard that the people from the other campus (I don't wanna mention which one, but obviously not Shah Alam) have been pulling some extreme stunts. They always skip classes, asked people to cover for them, breaking in to people's room, going through people's stuffs without the owner's permission and apparently some of them don't seem to care what are others perspectives about them because they thought that it's not really vital.

I still don't know if any of these are true, but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. I don't want to judge them based on others' story about them. It's the matter of "he said, she said" actually. So, being the great gossiper as I am I won't report things that aren't true. I know some things are better left unsaid, but heck let's just do it shall we?

Somehow I miss Bombay when it comes to gossiping. He sure knows how to gossip well. There were loads of gossip we shared together during ASASI TESL. How I wish he would be here right now. I can just imagine his reaction about the whole thing.

Okay, I'm off for now. I have linguistics class with Madam Roslinda at 2.10pm. Gonna get the key, open the class and cool it off. Later...!!! (^__^)

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