iNTRoDuCTioN To GuiDaNCe & CouNSeLiNG...!!!

See this picture above? This is how I felt when I got out from Cendana hall, where the exam for GnC took place. Instead of feeling good after finished answering the paper, I think I'm the one who needs the counseling now. (-___-)"

I would say, I underestimated this course. What we have learned in the book was nothing like it was questioned in the exam earlier today. I just didn't get what the question actually wanted. Things like I have never learned before. Seeing a past year question the night before the exam made me feel like I have learned nothing while I was in the first semester of B.Ed TESL.

Most of the questions were application base question. Given the circumstances, I have never prepared myself from that kind of question before. I mean, for this course only. Frankly speaking, I felt stupid when I was writing down my answers on the paper. I slept a few times wishing miracles to happen, like some sort of "hidayah" would come and give me answers but to no avail. I looked at everyone around me, they seemed to have no problem writing answers. I even saw somebody asked for extra answer booklet, Motif...???

So, it turned out that most of us didn't really know what we were writing. I couldn't even explain what was Eclecticism. I wrote this on my paper, "Eclecticism is ...", literally. It reached to the extent where I couldn't even "goreng" anything because I was so fucked up. Yeah, I never use cursing words in my daily life but this affected my mind now. (-___-)"

So, I'm shutting myself down for today. Tomorrow, I'll be working hard revising HDoE and Linguistics (I hope...!!!). I wish Mdm Sharifah will have LOADS of mercy when she marks our paper later...


3 comment(s):

Fia said...

huhu.iz guess what?we all pun hentam keromo saja;)jom doakan yg terbaik

ballqiszbelle said...

iz, i knew what it felt like...hehe, i did it in my social psychology paper during asasi....dun worry much, u hv done it to your best! that's the most important thing....hehe... =))

Iz said...

Azia: hahaha...let's focus on our next paper shall we...???
Ball:i hope my carry marks will manage to cover for me to pass the subject.