LiTeRaTuRe iN eNGLiSH...!!!

It's a wrap...!!! That's the end of Part 1 of B.Ed TESL. We closed the curtain by finishing our very last paper, TSL420 a.k.a Literature in English. The paper was not that bad after all as this was the only course where I saw a lot of people finished their paper early, maybe because the paper was easy...???

Well, I don't think I can say the same about me. It was easier compared to other papers but nothing was easy as you go towards the end of Part 1. Yeah, I think we were spoiled by the circumstances. The circumstance where we honeymooned too much this semester.

So this is it. The holiday has already started and I postponed posting this entry because a really close friend of mine had just lost his beloved sister due to breast cancer. Our condolences is for him and his family. May Allah bless the soul of his sister and place her with those who are in the virtue. Amiin. Al-fatihah.

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