HiSToRY & DeVeLoPMeNT oF eDuCaTioN...!!!

Another paper has been taken care of...!!! I'm currently waiting for somebody to get out of the batroom because I'm waiting for my turn to take my shower.

Well, I can say that this paper was freaking hard as well, but not as disastrous as GnC. This paper required me to write a lot, I mean, A LOT of essays. I must tell you, I answered this paper without much enthusiasm. I don't know is it just me or both EDU courses, GnC and HDoE are effing hard as hell...!!! I mean, I did my revision but nothing seem to come to avail from my mind. I didn't managed to pour my idea right. (T__T)

Again I hope Mr. Rizal would be merciful enough to mark our paper with patience and virtue. I'm so stressed out right, it's the aftermath of both papers. I think I sucked, big time...!!!

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By the way, we have gotten our carry marks. I got 34 out of 50 marks. means that I only have to score 6 more marks to at least pass. Well, obviously I don't just want to pass the paper with the minimum marks, I would love to score Linguistics. That is the reason why this entry is a short one because I have to get back to my book and squeeze my brain for linguistics skills.

So, I have to go now. Wish me luck for tomorrow's Linguistics paper. Talk (write?) to you later...!!!

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